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Hagel Not Running -- Yet

I am sure you were all on pins and needles waiting to hear whether or not Chuck Hagel is running for President. He made a statement today:

Senator Chuck Hagel, a Nebraska Republican and outspoken critic of the Iraq war, said he will wait until later this year to decide whether he will run for president during a speech at his alma mater Monday in Omaha, Neb.

"I want to keep my focus on helping find a responsible way out of this tragedy," Hagel said of the Iraq war.

I would frankly be more shocked if he were running. Bull Dog Pundit has my favorite take on it:
Well, the republic is doomed. Why do I say that? Because Chuck Hagel - the only man who could save this country from itself, and without whom we are surely doomed, has said he's not running for President....yet.

And of course, given the importance to the nation of this man who was our last best hope of rising from the ashes of our despair - he had to hold a press conference to keep us in suspense.

Some would say he's so arrogant and pompous that he just likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Some even call him a "meglomaniac."

And you may think that the words like those used by Hagel today, are trite and full of sound and fury signifying nothing....But I know better.

You see because unlike many of you I know that Chuck Hagel is so important, and so very necessary to have as President for we Americans to go back to the happier times we shared in this once-great country of ours - only a press conference would do.

Surely you people don't think something this important can be handled by a press release or by some lackey (but could anyone Chuck Hagel would send out really be a "lackey", I would prefer to think of him or her as "The Chosen One"), do you?

I mean, the man is basically telling us that unless we as a nation have a change of heart, we're going to be doomed and out on our own. Why? Because he's Chuck Hagel damn it and only he is entitled to tell us that we are on a path to destruction without him.

Bull Dog has much more on Hagel's announcement.

Update: Mary Katharine Ham covers the HuffPo angle, and she has a pretty cool headline.


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Comments (11)

If Hagel runs, I will make ... (Below threshold)

If Hagel runs, I will make it my personal mission in life to vote for the exact opposite of him.

Incoherent, Sgt. no body, who fancies himself a military expert.

Because of the fundraising ... (Below threshold)

Because of the fundraising timetable, it's really now or never for anyone who really wants to be president. There's no getting in later and expecting to win this year. LAW & ORDER star Fred Thompson is another possible candidate. But it is likely nearly impossible for any candidate to overcome Rudolph Giuliani who is the prohibitive favorite at this point. Unless a viable stop-Giuliani effort takes ground, Giuliani likely wins.

On the other side, Barack Obama does have a slight possible chance to best Hillary Clinton as opposition to her begins to jell together in Obama's favor.

My suspicion isn't that Hag... (Below threshold)

My suspicion isn't that Hagel is running to actually get the nomination. He just wants more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame; and it doesn't hurt to have a few million bucks in campaign 'contributions' stashed away for retirement.

As for Giuliani being the favorite...Not so fast!

Romney has a good start and the anti-Mormon rants by the Left are to his benefit.

Thompson has plenty of time to consider running. He doesn't have the problems of nationwide recognition that Romney has, nor the suspicion of the electorate of anyone from NYC like Giuliani has. He's known by those on the Left and the Right, is likeable, and he has been around long enough for the scandalmongers in the MSM to have gone through his trashcans a dozen times over.

There is someone on Law&Ord... (Below threshold)

There is someone on Law&Order who isn't a political idiot?

The Hillary-Obama battle is... (Below threshold)

The Hillary-Obama battle is far from over.

Obama's past associations with Chicago's corrupt pols has just scratched the surface. He's been getting a pass from the MSM, just like Hillary had been getting for the last couple of decades. Right now, Obama is the 'star' which those on the Left can't possibly bear any criticism, and will act to suppress it.

Yet, Hillary has plenty of time and plenty of money to drag Obama from state to state and debate to debate. Obama needs something to show for his 6 years of warming a seat in the Senate. The more Hillary can keep him dashing from fundraiser to fundraiser and debate to debate, the more his very very slim resume will be revealed.

I am actually hoping Chuck ... (Below threshold)

I am actually hoping Chuck runs for President. That would probably mean that he would not run for re-election to the Senate and we could get rid of another RINO.

Who really cares if Hagel r... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

Who really cares if Hagel runs.

President Obama is going to be in the White House in 2009.

"President Obama" is such a... (Below threshold)

"President Obama" is such an empty suit, he makes Gore, Kerry and Hillary look accomplished in comparison. And that is not easy.

President Obama - your very... (Below threshold)

President Obama - your very funny Civil. There is a reason why the Dimos have only won three Presidential elections since 1968. Nominating either Billary or Osama will continue that trend.
President Guiliani is more realistic.

Senator Hagel and Governor ... (Below threshold)
Michael Evilcorn:

Senator Hagel and Governor Tom Vilsack (Iowa) are both using the Anna Nicole Smith campaign strategy - based on how Anna become much more famous after death. They become much more famous for quitting the campaign than they were before. "What, who's that?"

Hagel is simply a narcissis... (Below threshold)

Hagel is simply a narcissist who discovered some time ago the path to adulation in the Washington press corps is paved with insulting Republicans.

If his own mother would vote for him, well, she could be forgiven. No one else, though - including his father and wife.






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