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Israel recalls naked, drunk ambassador

Tsuriel Raphael

This is just too funny...

Israel's ambassador to El Salvador (Tsuriel Raphael) has been recalled following an incident a few weeks ago when, according to Foreign Ministry officials, he was found naked, drunk, bound and gagged in his yard.

Foreign Ministry officials said Monday, after details of the incident appeared in Ma'ariv, that he was recalled because this type of behavior was "unbecoming" an Israeli diplomat. The officials said that in this type situation it was clear that the diplomat could no longer represent Israel effectively in El Salvador.

According to the report in Ma'ariv, police in El Salvador found the ambassador wearing accessories indicating sado-masochistic acts. Although drunk, the paper reported, the diplomat identified himself as the Israeli ambassador. Foreign ministry officials said he was discovered by police who were responsible for the embassy.

I don't know about you, but my first thought was the Gimp scene from Pulp Fiction...

Comments (10)

Whenever chicks ask John Bo... (Below threshold)

Whenever chicks ask John Bolton about kinky stuff, THE 'STACHE SAYS NO, bitch.

I didn't know there were an... (Below threshold)

I didn't know there were any jewish Kennedys.

Rodney Dill: Excellent comm... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Rodney Dill: Excellent comment.

Does Israel send ambassador... (Below threshold)

Does Israel send ambassadors to San Fran?

Not good. Downright bad fo... (Below threshold)

Not good. Downright bad for your diplomatic career.

That said, he has a delightful sense of humor compared to his Palestinian counterparts.

...like who hasn't been fou... (Below threshold)

...like who hasn't been found naked, drunk, bound and gagged in his yard with sex toys strewn about....

There's nothing like naked,... (Below threshold)

There's nothing like naked, drunk, bound and gagged ambassarors to bring out the comedians on Wizbang.

Guys, we can't criticaize t... (Below threshold)

Guys, we can't criticaize this.

We're all zionist tools, remember?

Hakol B'seder... (Below threshold)

Hakol B'seder

and i thought it an employa... (Below threshold)

and i thought it an employable quality to be open minded






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