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House Democrat Freshman Told to Stay Away from Stephen Colbert

First Fox News, now Stephen Colbert. Rahm Emanuel has told the Democrat freshman in the House to avoid Stephen Colbert's show:

Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), the Democratic Caucus chairman, has told new Democratic members of Congress to steer clear of Stephen Colbert, or at least his satirical Comedy Central program, "The Colbert Report."

"He said don't do it ... it's a risk and it's probably safer not to do it," said Rep. Steve Cohen. But the freshman lawmaker from Tennessee taped a segment that last week was featured in the 32nd installment of the "Better Know a District" series. Colbert asked Cohen whether he was a black woman. He isn't.

Eyes (but thankfully, not heads) roll in Emanuel's office when other freshmen stumble, such as the time Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) got into a debate about the merits of throwing kittens into a wood-chipper, or when Rep. Zack Space (D-Ohio) explained that he is not his predecessor, convicted felon Bob Ney (R).

Sheesh, the Democrats are afraid of everything and everyone. Why don't they just boycott every single show on television and be done with it. They've obviously determined it's too risky for them to answer any question that's more difficult than "what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?"


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Comments (30)

They've obviously deter... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

They've obviously determined it's too risky for them to answer any question that's more difficult than "what's your favorite flavor of ice cream

Wanna bet they would answer "Neopolitan"?

As predicted, the comedy co... (Below threshold)

As predicted, the comedy continues.

I hear kittens make a nice ... (Below threshold)

I hear kittens make a nice mulch.



I heard the kitten bit on t... (Below threshold)

I heard the kitten bit on the radio last night- (Yarmuth was freinde with the hosts and was doing a live interview) He more than held his own- not only did he "get" Cobert, he was quick witted enough to make it interesting. Too bad more cant keep up- no wonder Rahm is scared

Ice cream... um er ice crea... (Below threshold)

Ice cream... um er ice cream....?

I take the fifth!!!

Or is it the fourth... the third... hand me my blackberry I'll ask my staff.

Hmmmm...One's tast... (Below threshold)


One's taste in icecream can reveal much about their motivations, tastes, etc.

In most supermarkets, a casual glance at the icecream freezer suggests that, by volume, the most popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

So examining those flavors, what might preferring one flavor over the other say about us?


Vanilla: conventional wisdom suggests that vanilla is synonymous to boring, plain, or just plain dull. The bdsm/fetish subculture regards vanilla to be sexually boring, the opposite of fun and/or adventurous (for references, Google is your friend, as any link to this topic would obviously be NSFW).

Chocolate: The polar opposite of vanilla, chocolate is thought to represent love, lust, and passion, and it is the object of desire above all else for many women worldwide during the worst part of that monthly cycle thingy, and right after romantic breakups. It's also the flavor of New Orleans, according to Clueless Ray [Nagin].

Strawberry: some might say that enjoying strawberry means that a person tends to be quirky, different, and exciting. I don't know about all that, but as far as I'm concerned, anything colored Pink brings back fond memories of things associated with the Aerosmith song of the same title. Sigh...

So if a Democrat expresses a preference in ice cream flavors to Colbert, what does that mean about him or her? That he's a boring vanilla fan, she's a lust crazed chocolate addict, or his mind is stuck in the pink gutter?

And if he or she claims to like all three (neopolitan), does that mean the person is afraid of having a preference (wishy-washy) or is just so mercurial that they go with the flow, no matter what?

So many decisions.

Pratfalls, all.

Make a decision: you'll offend the constituent base; the MSM will begin claiming you're naive; and before you know it, you might even get a call from (gasp!) Lieberman.

Can't have that.

Don't play with Stephen, boys and girls. He's a meany.


Cognitive dissonance and po... (Below threshold)

Cognitive dissonance and political correctedness put liberal thinking into a box, and now Soros's Apprentices corrupt reason to fit the box into a Procrustean bed. It's just pitiful the state of thinking among so many of them with fundamentally good hearts.

The Democrats know that the... (Below threshold)

The Democrats know that they can expect huge wins in the next couple of election cycles and into the conceivable future. All the Democrats need to do is avoid making stupid mistakes or creating a made-for-cable media scandal. Representative Emanuel is smart to try to avoid all potential mistakes (Something the Republican cannot seem to grasp). All the Democrats have to do is allow the President Bush to keep on making one stupid blunder after another and could possible win not only the White House in 2008 but more than 60 Senate seats by 2010. .

All the Dems need to do is ... (Below threshold)

All the Dems need to do is to run and hide from the public except for their allies in the MSM who'll never ask hard questions, but will always give them favorable coverage.

What an actual political debate? Well, make an excuse that a sponsor is 'unfair', and pull out. Obscure the fact that nobody will see anything but your own carefully crafted messages.

avgourmet -- perhaps Emmanu... (Below threshold)

avgourmet -- perhaps Emmanuel's concern is that he knows that "quick witted" freshmen are not deep in the bench.

Superdestroyer is being a w... (Below threshold)

Superdestroyer is being a wee bit optimistic. Given that fact
that the Dimo's in Congress are blundering every single day and that the leading Dimo candiates for President are pretty much unelectable says otherwise.

Favorite flavor of ice crea... (Below threshold)

Favorite flavor of ice cream?


Let me speak with my advisors and I'll get back to you.

My advisors tell me my favo... (Below threshold)

My advisors tell me my favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry.

Or chocolate, whichever you prefer.

Maybe it's vanilla if you l... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's vanilla if you like that better. I like vanilla.

If you're more partial coffee ice cream I'll like that instead though.

Favorite ice cream?<p... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Favorite ice cream?

Hillary Clinton: "I'll leave that for others to decide."

Barack Obama "Chocolate chip cookie dough."

John Edwards "Um . . . do sprinkles count?"

Al Gore "Ice cream is melting at dangerous levels."

John McCain "I'll have whatever he is having"

George W. Bush "Neanderthal. That's the one with three flavors, right?"

Michael, Rahm Ema... (Below threshold)


Rahm Emanuel lead a congressional effort that routed the Republican in 2006 without the Democrats losing a single seat. I wish Republicans were as willing to to what it takes to win as Rahm Emanual seems to be instead of wasting all of their time in the majority trying to get as much pork spending for their districts.

Do you really think that the Republican have a chance to win in any state that was carried by Senator Kerry in 2004? Did you not see the Republicans routed in 2006 in such states as Iowa and Ohio that are needed for the Republicans to win in 2008.

Yes I do...one name...Rudy ... (Below threshold)

Yes I do...one name...Rudy Guiliani. Your worst nightmare.

superdestroyer has the basi... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

superdestroyer has the basic facts right, with the wrong conclusion drawn. There were no vulnerable Democrats up for re-election in 2006, so there wasn't much of a referendum on their party. The Republicans had made a lot of errors on the local political level, issues that had little to do with national politics, and got spanked hard for it.

And yes, Michael has it rig... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

And yes, Michael has it right. Rudy presents a severe threat to Democratic support in many major states.

Colbert may have trashed GW... (Below threshold)

Colbert may have trashed GWB at the Press Function last year, but he is an equal-opportunity head-knocker.

Didn't Bill Maher call the Dems a bunch of "pussies," twice, on Larry King?

They're so afraid of not being the leftardo PC wimps Emanuel has scripted for them that they're dodging everything. They still aren't ready for prime time.

More ice creams:Ru... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

More ice creams:

Rudy Guiliani "Rocky Road, b*tch"

Nancy Pelosi "do they make a latte ice cream?"

Dennis Kucinich "do they make a Fruit Loop ice cream?"

Joe Lieberman "chocolate/vanilla swirl"

Howard Dean "I like many flavors, but ice cream headaches make me SCREEAAAMMMM!!!"

John Kerry "French vanilla"

Dick Cheney "I shot the last man who asked me about ice cream"

Michael Moore "Yes."

Ann Coulter "I'd talk about my favorite ice cream, but they won't let me say **** ****** ******* ****"

Alberto Gonzalez "Mistakes were made in the ice cream"

Bill Clinton "I did not eat ice cream off that woman."

Superdestroyer being a typi... (Below threshold)

Superdestroyer being a typical lib has no sense of history. If
he did he might ponder the fact that the Dims have only won three presidential elections since 1968. The Pubs have won seven. Also
the two Dims elected were Southern governors. So if he thinks that
America is going to elect either a shrill, brittle liberal Senator or
a arrogant, green junior liberal Senator (the last Senator elected was in 1960), then I suggest he crack the history books and weep.
Don't take 2006 has future template. You are reading way to much into it.

Michael, I would s... (Below threshold)


I would suggest that you read history (and I am not a lib but I am, also, not a homer for the Republican). The Republicans used to be able to be competative in states like California or New York. Reagan carried them in 1980 and even in 1988 Bush I carried California. In 2008, the Republicans have no chance of winning in California. The same goes for many states like Washington, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc. There is basically no state north of Virginia that has a functional Republican party anymore.

The Republicans have basically won elections by getting enough of white voters to offset the advantage the Democrats have with blacks, hispanics, asians, gays, and jews. However, since the United States is becoming less white and more Hispanics, the Republicans need to get a greater percentage of the white middle class votes with every election cycle. Eventually, the Republicans will just not be able to get enough white votes to offset the growing black and hispanic votes. When that happens, it is game over for the Republicans.

Also, ask yourself if a liberal democrat would discuss voting in terms of racial blocks in public. They know that the trends help them but refuse to discuss it.

My Superdestroyer...you cer... (Below threshold)

My Superdestroyer...you certainly are a gloom and doomer. Why not end it all if everything is so bad. I unlike you do not have a crystal ball. Events shape things not pessimistic opinions.
We will just have to see what happens...won't we?

superrowboat smells like an... (Below threshold)

superrowboat smells like an old "sock" and I know who wears it.

Michael, The Repub... (Below threshold)


The Republicans had a chance to change things starting in 2001 but decide that pork programs and goofing off were more important than setting themselves up for long term success. Rahm Emanuel realized that the Republicans were not working for long term success and took advantage of them.

Ask yourself this, if the Republicans in Mass. or California were to hire you as a consultant to help win majority control in the state, what would you tell them. What strategy can the Republican use to win Congressional seats in Mass or in California. There is very little that can be done.

If you think it is doom and gloom now, think about what will happen when the Democrats are in charge of redistriciting in 2011. The can probably eliminate at least 30 "safe" Republican seats in Congress if they want to.

Who are the Dim. politician... (Below threshold)

Who are the Dim. politicians going to avoid next, Barney the Purple Dinosaur? Sesame Street?

How weak do you have to be to be a Dim. these days???

Fat, Dumb, (formerly) Happy... (Below threshold)

Fat, Dumb, (formerly) Happy- sounds like the diminishing ranks of repubs in Washington. They bellied up to the trough, forgot to fight and never missed an opprotunity to miss an opprotunity

90k in cash?- Hastert complains about congressional privledge
Destroying national archive documents?- Gonzoles gives Berger probation and a slap on the wrist
Judicial fillibusters- the famous group of 14
Go back further and there is even the power sharing when the senate was "split", forgetting about that VP tiebreaking vote. Anyone here think the Democratic leadership would extend the same offer?
The upcoming fight on redistricting? can anyone here imagine republicans running across the border to prevent a quorum like the dems in Texas?

Republicans talk all the time about fighting and not appeasing our enemies. They just can't seem to grasp that the Democrats are political enemies who will maximize and seize every chance. I don't fault Rahm for his tactics, I think they are very tightly focused. I also happen to think the Democratic mindset of beating the Republicans at the expense of our national fight is dispicable sometimes to the point of treasonous.

As for 2008, maybe Rudy has a chance- strong decisive leadership trumps a whole lot of baggage and I think there are a lot of silent Lieberman Dems who would run from the kos kids in the privacy of the booth but only if they had someone to run to. Political pendulums swing and now they are swinging left. The right has nobody to at least slow the momentum.

This post is getting long and I havent even mentioned the crappy message management from the White House and the President.

I'm afraid it is going to be a long journey in the wilderness.

John Irving...your post mad... (Below threshold)
Nogo postal:

John Irving...your post made me not just smile but chuckle...thank you...
c'mon you had to have worked at Baskin Robbins at some point in time to have this insight..

Pfft,If the Democrat... (Below threshold)

If the Democrats can't handle Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart, who are their rooting section, how can they handle anything.

Oops...I forgot, they can't.






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