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Favorite Opinion Columnist List

John Hawkins, who now writes a column at Townhall.com, has issued a list of his 35 favorite opinion columnists for the first quarter of 2007. He provides links to all, so this is a good one to bookmark. He will be linking any bloggers who post their own lists.

Comments (4)

Mark Steyn is #1 columnist ... (Below threshold)

Mark Steyn is #1 columnist for me, too. A highlight each Sunday is reading his column in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Someone not on John's list who I recently discovered is Alicia Colon (NY SUN, I believe).

Ann Coulter #2? He lost me ... (Below threshold)

Ann Coulter #2? He lost me right there. Michael Barone at #26? Crazy.

Maybe it's just because he'... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Maybe it's just because he's local guy, but Michael Medved should be on there.

Ann Coulter at number 2, hu... (Below threshold)

Ann Coulter at number 2, huh? What a hateful idiot. But at least Ann Coulter is up front with what she believes, unlike many of you conservatives, who denounce nothing that she says, silently backing her all the way in your own cowardly way.






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