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Ahmadinejad To Visit New York Next Week

Drudge has the following posted with no link yet:

Iran President Ahmadinejad Plans Trip To New York City/UN next week; requests visas for more than 25 'security agents'... Iranians want to fly in private plane and leave a large group in the plane at JFK airport who will not pass through US customs... Developing
Forgive me for not commenting, but it just seems pretty obvious what the concern is.

Comments (18)

Too bad Rudy is not still t... (Below threshold)

Too bad Rudy is not still the mayor to give him the same greeting he gave Arafat.

No. No. And No. A ... (Below threshold)

No. No. And No.

A free visa for Dinnerjacket, as head of state.

The "security" guys can go thru the same bullshit I go thru when I return from the UK.

No. Exceptions. Period.

Let's just say that I know ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Let's just say that I know some people who know some people who know some people in Brooklyn that could make his short visit even shorter. Capice?

Oh, Dang. The mullahs have... (Below threshold)

Oh, Dang. The mullahs have figured out how to off him and blame us. The new mantra is accomodation with us. After all, the Sunni have Khan's bomb, the Shia, not yet.

It doesn't seem all that te... (Below threshold)

It doesn't seem all that terribly unreasonable to me. If I were him I'd certainly want a private army with me and he's probably got to stop other places on the way, too. He doesn't need everyone to get off the plane in New York because it really won't be all that dangerous for him in New York.

Private plane? From a coun... (Below threshold)

Private plane? From a country that's trying hard to develop a workable nuke, but doesn't have much in the way of long-distance delivery methods? Forgive my suspicions here - but I can just imagine the pilot peeling out of the approach path to the airport and going flat out for the middle of Manhattan at about 2000 feet, then the nuke in the luggage compartment goes off. Voila, he gets to meet his hidden Imam, and offs a bunch of unbelievers at the same time. If you thought 9/11 hammered our economy, try nuking downtown Manhattan.

Damn, I wish I didn't have such a vivid imagination at times.

I say Ahmadinejad and frien... (Below threshold)

I say Ahmadinejad and friends are welcome in America....the day our President & other Americans can walk freely in safety in Iran!

So where's the problem?... (Below threshold)

So where's the problem?

If I were a game show announcer I'd be yelling "come on down Ahmadinejihadist!"

Meanwhile as Ahmadinejihadist "plays the game" (i.e. incarcerated and questioned on his role in hostage taking in 1979) a reception party arrives at his plane consisting of Sheehan, Rosie, Gere, Code Pink etc to "talk things out." To "make nice."

Their ultimate mission is to reverse all the ill will allegedly perpetrated on the world by ChimpyMcHitler.

As soon as all the loonbat sheep are aboard slam the door shut and order it off U.S. soil and back to Iran under threat of immediate and total destruction.

Marc,Soon as their a... (Below threshold)

Soon as their aboard, fuck ordering it off US soil, just destroy it and say a engine malfunction during taxi to the runway. Just make sure Kennedy and the rubber stamp congress people are also aboard.

Man would that solve a lot of problems for the average American people.

There are certain rules and... (Below threshold)

There are certain rules and protocols involved with foreign dignitaries visiting the UN.

I expect these will be followed to the letter for the Ahmadinejad visit. He will be granted the customary courtesies and dispensations, and no more.

So what? This guy isn't nearly as important as he pretends to be. The power in Iran is still with the mullahs. If he says or does anything the mullahs don't like, he'll be gone faster than a crack whore's Food Stamps.

I live in NYC, and I say: N... (Below threshold)

I live in NYC, and I say: No.

Let him go to Brussels. Stay away from New York.

In fact, I think the UN, if it has to stay in the U.S., should be moved to Alaska. We'll find out how much of the foreigners hanging around the UN has to do with international relations and how much has to do with shopping at Barneys.

I appreciate Addison's poin... (Below threshold)

I appreciate Addison's point, but I wonder if "dignitaries" dignitary is an apt description of this loon.

This is a hobson's choice. If you allow him to come, you accord him respect to which he is not deserving. If you refuse to allow him in, you accord him further significance (and us further hatred) in his part of the world.

It would be nice if the plane just disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle though.

Let him fly in. When he hi... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Let him fly in. When he hits US territorial airspace, have four armed F-16s escort him in.

Purely as an honor guard, of course. To show our respect for the man.

Watcha got on that big plan... (Below threshold)

Watcha got on that big plane, Machmoud?

Could it be a nuclear BOMB?

Religion of Peace, blah, blah, blah.

actually, lorie, if you wou... (Below threshold)

actually, lorie, if you wouldn't mind, i would like you to spell out your paranoia for the public. just what is it, exactly, that you are concerned about?

Slingshot, when it comes to... (Below threshold)

Slingshot, when it comes to Iran it is closer to realism that paranoia. There are a ton of ways that this can be used to American advantage though...sometimes I think it is almost too bad we aren't as malicious and vicious as the government of Iran is.

Hitler is coming to visit..... (Below threshold)

Hitler is coming to visit...

Madness- too much jingoism ... (Below threshold)

Madness- too much jingoism on this page.

No people, Ahmadinejad is not going to fly a (nonexistent) nuke into downtown Manhattan. None of us like him, but he's still a political leader, and there is a lowest common denominator involved with all political leaders.






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