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Rosie Broken up over KSM's Treatment while in US Custody

Rosie is not a big fan of the War on Terror. She thinks radical Christianity is just as dangerous as radical Islam, so she just doesn't understand why our government is so hung up on fighting radical Islam.

She was again waxing idiotic today on The View, this time about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession, which she insisted the US government extracted only after he was mercilessly tortured. My prediction, fulfilled:

O'DONNELL: I think the man has been in custody of the American government, in secret CIA torture prisons in Guantanamo Bay, where torture is accepted and allowed, and he finally is the guy who admits to doing everything. They finally found the guy. It's not that guy bin Laden. It's this guy they've had since '93. And look, this is the picture they released of him. Doesn't, he look healthy?

I don't think anyone on The View had the nerve to tell her that the picture of him in the paper was taken the night he was arrested, in March of 2003. Or maybe they didn't know that either.

She insists that the US government "robbed" Khalid Sheikh Mohammed "of his humanity," and she's all broken up about it:

O'DONNELL: Because you don't think terrorists, you don't think terrorists- you think that robs them of their humanity. That name "terrorist" makes them not human any more? They don't-

But, in the big scheme of things, she doesn't think Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is a big deal anyway:

ROSIE O'DONNELL, "THE VIEW" HOST: "But I just think, this man for whatever he did or didn't do, he is not the be all, end all of terrorism in America. And our government has not found the answer in this one way [unintelligible]."

Ian at Hot Air slaps her down quite well:

KSM planned 9-11 from stem to stern, had a hand in Jose Padilla's planned dirty bomb attack, planned Operation Bojinka and more than two dozen other attacks worldwide. The man has buckets of innocent blood on his hands, and if he hadn't been caught he would have pulled some off and kept planning more. Just what does it take to be the "be all, end all of terrorism," Rosie?

A Christian?


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Comments (41)

Why do these people think t... (Below threshold)

Why do these people think that black is white and up is down? Does she know ANYTHING about Islam or Christianity. Me thinks not.

Rosie has been hanging upsi... (Below threshold)
tom c:

Rosie has been hanging upside down lately to combat depression. I think the toxic poisons have gone to her head, and she is more looney than ever.

My "view", it doesn't matter whether KSM is the end all to terrorism. I will take it out on him, and if another comes along, well, that's just gravy.

Aw, he's just a harmless wi... (Below threshold)

Aw, he's just a harmless widdle puddy tat!

Never mind that she'd be real high on his list of unbelievers to kill - she's not Islamic, doesn't dress properly, is apparently gay and decidedly not subservient to the male gender - it's Christians who're the real threat.

Sigh. Must be nice to be so insulated from reality.

The cool thing, is that if ... (Below threshold)

The cool thing, is that if what he says is true, then al Qaeda's mastermind has been neutralized. We should all be so lucky, but it might be so. However, it sounds like an awfully convenient truth. Surely the investigators checked out his story. I'd like to see that data.

What kind of idiot do you h... (Below threshold)

What kind of idiot do you have to be to not remember that is the picture of KSM that was on the front of every newspaper and on every network and news show a few years back? Geeeze, I bet most people who aren't even that political can remember that famous picture, and Rosie has no excuse because she IS very into politics and current events.

Geeze, is every lefty a complete moron?

Not long ago Rosie was defe... (Below threshold)

Not long ago Rosie was defending terrorists, saying (I kid you not) something about how we need to remember that terrorists are mothers and fathers.


Keep on talking Rosie. You are like the best unpaid PR campaign for the GOP.

She is out of control. You... (Below threshold)

She is out of control. You have to know someone is talking to her in the background. It won't be pretty when she does leave the show.

Me thinks she needs to be w... (Below threshold)

Me thinks she needs to be waterboarded several times until she can tell the truth. These terrorists have stated time and time again they want to kill us.

Biggest mistake made was several centuries ago during the crusades, they let some of the radical muslims live, and it's taken this long for them to regroup, arm, and start the BS all over again.

Just frigging nuke them all and be done with it.

George W. Bush: "W... (Below threshold)
George W. Bush: "We do not torture. There's an enemy that lurks and plots and plans and wants to hurt America again. And so, you bet we will aggressively pursue them. But we will do so under the law."

Rosie is a clown and KSM is a psychopathic killer who deserves whatever he gets. But it amazes me how all of you have convinced yourselves that we did use torture on KSM. Why? On the basis of a single MSM news report that appeared on ABC.

The government has never acknowledged using torture and Bush himself emphatically denies it. By continuing to promote the fiction that we did torture KSM you on the right (and most on the left) are impugning the integrity of our military and CIA.

I know that it's great sport to walk around puffing your chest out and boasting about how we've tortured KSM but that is a lie and it damages America in the war on terror. We are Americans and we have higher standards than the people we are at war with. We don't have to adopt their techniques and abandon our principles in order to defeat them. Whatever was done to KSM wasn't torture, Bush has said so, our and our people are trained to treat prisoners humanely.

If you're so interested in torture I suggest you get a job with the Baghdad police force. Those people know torture.

Oh my! At any minute some B... (Below threshold)

Oh my! At any minute some Baptist is sure to rush upon her and, yelling "God is great!" slowly slice her head off.

RScott,I don't car... (Below threshold)


I don't care who does it, Baptist, Lutheran, Muslim (oh yes they would) atheists, mormans, 7 day adventists, etc. Just hurry up and do it, and that would really help America. Who knows, maybe the GLBT would even help do it.


I agree with you, but for arguments sake, I don't know about you, but I am all for getting the info from these bastards who have the desire to kill anyone who is not of their religion. Waterboard them, give them drugs, 220 volts to their balls, I don't care.

My biggest question is why, after getting the info from him is he still alive. One bullet behind the ear would have saved the taxpayers money.

Well, I still think the big... (Below threshold)

Well, I still think the biggest concern should be that torture produces nonsense "confessions" in order to stop the immediate pain or danger and simply does not work as an "interrogation' technique. This likely explains the long laundry list of at least 28 or 29 plots that KSM claimed to have masterminded.

If the Bush Administration is not satisfied that torture does not work, then just torture KSM some more and I'm sure he'll confess to his role in the Abraham Lincoln assasination, the assasinations of both Bobby and John Kennedy, the plot against Julius Caesar, the Lindberg Kidnapping, and his role as the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby.

Paul,I do understand... (Below threshold)

I do understand what you are saying about torture, and yes a person will admit to all things under torture. However with the nice drugs available to our intelligence agency's, they don't have to do physical torture. The babbling juice will make them spill their brains real fast, and they don't even realize what info they are giving up.

Of course some bleeding hearts say that is torture, but it's like getting a shot for tentus, flu shot, etc.

But what ever treatment the captured terrorists receive to get info from them, you have to remember, these assholes want to kill all non believers. Well, you fight fire with fire, right. All is fair in love and war or so the saying says.

Another thing that pisses me off, our intelligence agents caught one of their computer experts, and by flipping him, was getting real good info, until a fucking Republican Congressman, to make himself more electable (fuck the American people who he is suppose to represent) bragged to MSM about it.

But due to the rubberstamp congress, nothing was ever done to him for betraying some secrets.

I love Rosie. So insightfu... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

I love Rosie. So insightful and clever with a unique take on reality. I hope Billary makes her White House Press spokesman when it becomes the president/emperor/grand racoon/exhaulted master cyliner.

I love Rosie. So insightfu... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

I love Rosie. So insightful and clever with a unique take on reality. I hope Billary makes her White House Press spokesman when it becomes the president/emperor/grand racoon/exhaulted master cyliner.

Thomas,Don't you mea... (Below threshold)

Don't you mean to take her as her lover? My pardon to the sensitive women reading this post.

However with the nice dr... (Below threshold)

However with the nice drugs available to our intelligence agency's, they don't have to do physical torture.

If they don't have to do physical torture, then why do they do it? And if their methods work so well, then why did Ibn al-Sheik al-Libi make up stories that they wanted to hear about links between Al-Qaeda and Iraq that turned out to be fabricated? And why did a detainee at Camp Delta say that he fabricated the evidence he provided because of even the threat of torture (pdf, page 3900)? And why were the Tipton Three (who were later released) beaten and tortured into signing false confessions? And why, oh why, did they kidnap Mohammed's kids if all they needed were fancy drugs to make him talk?

Does the cognitive dissonance in your head ever make you feel a little bit queezy?

This used to be the subject of 80s action movies, made to assure us that the enemy was a very bad guy, as evidenced by their torture to obtain obviously not believable sweeping confessions to any and every thing. We could sit in a movie theatre and feel all self righteous, and not feel guilty when we cheer in the final act, when they are beaten up and blown to smithereens.

That's you, the cliche of the insane evil overlord. Constructing your reality to suit your ideology, and torturing people into parroting it back to you. You've become the very monsters you purport to fight against.

Just as a nit, not a recomm... (Below threshold)

Just as a nit, not a recommendation...

Torture doesn't work for *confessions*. Just about anyone can be made to confess to just about anything. There are places in the world (Iraq not very long ago, but hopefully far less today) when a confession got by torture was used to "prove" guilt.

The intelligence that the US is most interested in is actionable intelligence. The idea that this man was anything but prouder than punch that he did all these things is just silly. Terrorists always rush to claim atrocities as their own. If this man experienced any agressive interrogation (or drugs, or other psychological manipulation) it was to find out information that could be acted on, which would be verified by showing up at a location and actually finding what he said was there.

TJ, I have a racoon that vi... (Below threshold)

TJ, I have a racoon that visits me nearly every night on the back porch. He says his name is George, George Coony. He informed me that coon-kind has nothing to do with the pig, and would appreciate it if they were left out of it.

Synova,I agree 100% ... (Below threshold)

I agree 100% with you on that. And I'm sure our intelligence agency's did verify what he said. And I still think he should have a bullet behind the ear instead of some trial where the lefties can complain about.

Biggest problem with the lefties is that they refuse to realize we are in a war like we have never seen/had before. On the other hand, the righties can't understand or refuse to believe that mistakes have been made.

This dingbat starred in the... (Below threshold)
Mike g in Corvallis:

This dingbat starred in the movie Exit to Eden. Is it any wonder she'd take the side of terrorists, given the atrocity that she herself committed?

"until a fucking Republican... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"until a fucking Republican Congressman, to make himself more electable (fuck the American people who he is suppose to represent) bragged to MSM about it."

Who is this fucken Republican you speak of ?

I don't care what they do t... (Below threshold)

I don't care what they do to get information out of these dirtbags, and I'd prefer that it not be made known. And I don't put a lot of stock in the allegations the detainees make regarding what is done to them.

We are at war with people who think nothing of beheading completely innocent bystanders on camera and broadcasting the film worldwide, or indicriminately bombing public innocents trying to buy food in a market.

This is a messy business. The details are not fit for public consumption.

Obviously she's copacetic w... (Below threshold)

Obviously she's copacetic with the Sharia law view of a gay lifestyle.

Posted to digg.com... (Below threshold)
Paul H.Well, I st... (Below threshold)

Paul H.
Well, I still think the biggest concern should be that torture produces nonsense "confessions" in order to stop the immediate pain or danger and simply does not work as an "interrogation' technique.

Information gathered under duress can certainly be of questionable validity... which is why it would be foolish for the intelligence community to take it at face value.

This information does, however, serve a very useful purpose. It provides a starting point for further investigation. That is, in narrows down the search field from essentially everything to significantly smaller, specific set.

For instance, let's assume that I believe a suspect has information pertaining to the location of a IED assembly facility. All I currently have is that it's in Baghdad.. which is an impossibly huge search area. With the proper 'motivation', the suspect gives us information about a certain location. The information may or may not be valid, but it narrows down the places to search and may provide a starting point for further investigation. If the suspect did have the information, I have some degree of confidence that it was extracted.

Whether torture is produces 'useful' information, depends entirely on what information is sought.

I'd wager that the confessions of KSM were some true and some false. I'd also wager that the false claims were more about ego than anything else.

I am for tortureing that fa... (Below threshold)

I am for tortureing that fatass queer called Rosie until she agrees to get lost.

Rosie tortures the rest of ... (Below threshold)

Rosie tortures the rest of the world anytime she opens her mouth. Why does she not get called on that? Oh, the humanity...

What sickens me about the... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

What sickens me about the Democrats and their media is that they know full well there exists this thing called "The Al Qaeda Handbook" similar to there own aka "Talking Points". They were trained no doubt with the aid and advice from liberal attorneys like a Ramsey Clark type to claim to have been tortured , beaten , humiliated and denied their civil rights etc. They know this and still put on the shameless act of being outraged and blaming the United States and a Republican President but never one of there beloved Rats. I don't know how they get away with commiting Treason on National TV time after time and undermining a sitting President in a time of war. The whole pack of frauds should have been tried and riddles with lead years ago. Dissent ? Oversight? Freedon of speach my ass, Democrats are a straight up "B" actors putting on the worst drama flick known to man. It really a horror show of how criminal frauds who will betray their Country in pursuit of power because they think they are smarter than they rest of us. Notice the endless praise they give themselves and the Schmucky head bobbing in the background. That alone is a sign of frauds believing their own bullshit. Enough is enough.

Allen:Big... (Below threshold)


Biggest mistake made was several centuries ago during the crusades, they let some of the radical muslims live, and it's taken this long for them to regroup, arm, and start the BS all over again.

Your grasp on history is rather slippery. Christians were extremely radical at the time of the crusades...hence the crusades.

Just frigging nuke them all and be done with it.



Regarding torture and false confessions:

This argument is pointless. For what benefit would we seek confessions? As stupid as you may think the U.S. is, there is no desire to let the actual perpetrator of a crime off by seeking a confession from a different individual.

If torture is used, it's used to gather actionable information that can be used to prevent further crimes. It seems many opponents of the loud music, sleep deprivation, waterboarding type of torture are picturing us putting someone in an ironmaiden and asking that they say one word.
Anyone would confess under those circumstances, but you cannot offer detailed information about individuals and plots if you don't have it.

The idea is not to put someone under so much immediate pain and pressure that they snap, it's to slowly wear them down so they are no longer able to conceal knowledge.

Hear, hear, the Heralder. ... (Below threshold)

Hear, hear, the Heralder. Is waterboarding torture? It clearly produces actionable intelligence with no more lasting damage than a baptism.

In going along with the "ad... (Below threshold)

In going along with the "adopt a foreign baby" meme in Hwood, maybe Rosie can adopt KSM and keep him in her home. That'd be fun to watch. . .

Kim,I would certai... (Below threshold)


I would certainly classify waterboarding as torture. Though the issue becomes confused when people equate giving someone the feeling that they are drowing with, say, putting someone on a rack and slowly stretching them until their muscles, tendons, ligaments and even skin begin to separate from their body.

Both technically are torture, but they are certainly not equal.

Also, one reveals actionabl... (Below threshold)

Also, one reveals actionable intelligence with greater effeciency. One must distinguish curiosity from anger.

We should not torture. We s... (Below threshold)
mr dude:

We should not torture. We should give all the terrorists a big group hug and sit around a campfire and sing "Kumbahyah"!!!!!

Maybe Bill Maher could tell them jokes while Al Gore blames Bush for "terrorist warming."

Stupid. Fat. Bitch.... (Below threshold)

Stupid. Fat. Bitch.

Giving Rosie more attention... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Giving Rosie more attention is pretty much cheap fringe-baiting. She's about as representative of the majority of the left in this country as your typical trolls and die-hard Kosites. . . it's much easier to be a loudmouth than a reasoned pundit, but the reasonable ones tend to represent the quiet majority of their side much more.

In other words, there are more mantis types out there than BarneyGs (just for example), it's just that the Barneys get the attention.

As for waterboarding and torture, there is a distinct difference in effectiveness. What most people think of and correctly define as "torture" involves the sadistic infliction of potentially lasting harm, much as many totalitarian regimes practices, and it is correct to say it does not produce accurate information, it generates confessions. . . which of course is what such regimes are after. However, waterboarding, and similar disorienting interrogation techniques, produce disorientation, which makes it much more difficult to remember a cover story or invent one, and therefore makes information gained much more reliable. This is important, as our goal is very much to determine accurate and actionable intelligence, not to inflict punishment. However, it requires a trained professional to perform any such intensive interrogation technique, and can cause great stress to the interrogator as well, as such are typically not sadists and often have personal trauma from the nature of their work.

Anybody who's bothered to b... (Below threshold)

Anybody who's bothered to become informed about what's really happening at Gitmo (information that's never honestly reported by the likes of the NYT and CBS News) understands that Rosie knows nothing whereof she speaks. By spouting off so loudly and so often, she is merely broadcasting her ignorance of the facts, and demonstrating her stupidity by doing so.

Carry on, Rosie, carry on ....

Rosie O'Donnell is a loud m... (Below threshold)

Rosie O'Donnell is a loud mouthed idiot and Barbara Walters got her on The View because she is a big mouth. It helps the ratings. A pox on them all!!

They ought to loop that bey... (Below threshold)

They ought to loop that beyatch and play it 24/7. Torture?

Rosie is torture for the re... (Below threshold)

Rosie is torture for the rest of the American populace. Under her theories she should be out lawed and banned and put out of our misery. On a side note, my son was channel surfing and ended up on The View for some reason. It was probably all the yelling that caught his attention. After a few short seconds he was disgusted enough to say to me "Mom, you need to find her parents and slap them." He is eight.






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