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Defense Attorneys in Jose Padilla Trial want to ban the word terrorist

It's too inflammatory and prejudicial one of the defense attorneys said.

MIAMI (Reuters) - Defense lawyers want the word "terrorist" banned as too inflammatory in the U.S. trial of Jose Padilla and two other men charged with conspiring to aid Islamist extremists overseas.

The word conjures up visions of someone with a bomb belt blowing up himself and others in a crowded cafe, Jeanne Baker, an attorney representing co-defendant Adham Amin Hassoun, said during a hearing in the high-profile case on Friday.

"The word terrorist has nothing to do with this case," Baker said. "The word terrorist is used to label an enemy."

No, Ms. Baker, it is used to label someone who terrorizes other people. So, has this defense team been watching The View? Rosie doesn't like the term terrorist either because it robs the terrorists of their humanity. Cry my a river.

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..ah Kim..do you remember w... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

..ah Kim..do you remember when the arrest of this person was announced.."Dirty Bomb"..well our govt has backed away from this...
Where is your cry "Dirty Bomb"..dirty..ah bomb..
where is your cry"How can our Government back away from dirty bomb?" What if this person was a school bus driver..with a dirty bomb next to your child?..
How can you support Bush who backs away from this person as a known dirty bomber?..Why does Bush want to hand America over to the terrorists...
"I decide..You report."

I submit that all the cockr... (Below threshold)

I submit that all the cockroach leftist troll whores must type in plain in english from now on.

Me thinks no go is loco and... (Below threshold)
ok them:

Me thinks no go is loco and not an American. Probably a sheithead or sumpin'.

Steve of Norway: Totally ag... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Steve of Norway: Totally agree with your post.

I'd also add a prayer that they put down their bongs, renounce the use of patchouli, and get the psychiatric help they so obviously need.

I'd defer to the defense at... (Below threshold)

I'd defer to the defense attorney in this case. If he can get the word "terrorist" thrown out of the courtroom, more power to him.


get the psychiatric help th... (Below threshold)

get the psychiatric help they so obviously need.
Posted by: Old Coot at March 16, 2007 08:52 PM

Why Old Coot, If they did that it would interfere with their Uptopian Dream, By the way is striking similar to Lucifers plans of full evolution of man.

If we could get the word "p... (Below threshold)

If we could get the word "pennywitless" thrown off this blog, more power to us.

Right! Throw around the neb... (Below threshold)

Right! Throw around the nebulous term "terrorist", conviction over-turned; at retrial throw around the term "terrorist", conviction overturned again. Taxpayers get sick of incompetent neo-cons and label them "jinx". On second thought, good idea!

First of all, it isn't Jose... (Below threshold)

First of all, it isn't Jose Padilla, it's Abdullah
Muhajir (Servant of the Foreigner, if the trans
lations right) or Abdullah al Amriki, (Servant of the American) he started his career at the Wahhabi Dar ul Uloom Mosque in Pembroke Pines, where Adnan El Shukrijumah, future Atta associate, got his start. Leaving for Egypt the
following year, he was recruited by Abu Malki
al Sharabi, at the Hajj, later anothe figure,
Rashid Sai'd al Abi got him to Afghanistan by 2000, and Pakistan the following year. he subsequently traveled to the al Farouq camp near
Kandahar, (separate from the Tarnak farms targeted
in 1998) At this time, he came to the attention
of senior Al Queda figure Abu Zubeydah, who encouraged the crude 'dirty bomb' plan, that was
the goal of the trip to Chicago, where he was
nabbed before he colud follow true with his plans

Terrorist --OH such a BAD l... (Below threshold)

Terrorist --OH such a BAD label oooh my!!! kinda like Faggot oh oh.....another BAD label....

When friggan WORDS overshadow the ISSUE, then society is coming to the end.

Instead of Terrorist---maybe the term "evil chickenshit run from the battle field girlie-man"

Kim, How do YOU de... (Below threshold)


How do YOU define the term "terrorism"? How does the US government define the term?

Do you think that the term is clearly defined? Or do you think that it might possibly be somewhat subjective?

Here's a question for you:

Should a group of Sioux Indians who fought against the US government in the 1800s be considered "terrorists"? Why or why not?

Conversely, should American soldiers who attacked Indian villages be considered guilty of terrorism?

Why or why not?

In the Civil War, did either the North or the South commit acts of terrorism? Do you think that, from different sides of the conflict, there may have been different ideas of who was, and who was not, a "terrorist"?

The point is this: the use of the term "terrorist" is highly political, and is highly dependent upon one's standpoint/position. Our current use of the term is incredibly vague, unclear, and ambiguous. Don't you think that might create some possible problems?

Kudos to anyone who can respond to this without losing their minds.

Are they working in the bes... (Below threshold)

Are they working in the best interests of their client?

Ryan are you really that st... (Below threshold)

Ryan are you really that stupid? Aw hell of coarse he is. When it comes to dealing with these kind of sub-humans, all rules should be thrown out. Wonder how they would treat us. Don't give me that crap about "should we be like them"? If you want to contuine our way of life you damn right we should. Now all you whinning bleeding heart PC's can start slinging your shit now.

Hey jhow66,I'm not... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Hey jhow66,

I'm not sure exactly how your post relates to anything I wrote.

But I can see that you seem to disagree with me, although I'm not sure what you disagree with.

My point is the fact that the word "terrorist" is not something that is clearly defined. Even the US government has had difficulties defining the term. It's a term that is used by a lot of different people to refer to lots of other different people, BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT NOT EVERYONE IS USING THE SAME MEANING.

How do you define the word "terrorist"?

you wrote:

When it comes to dealing with these kind of sub-humans, all rules should be thrown out. Wonder how they would treat us.

WHO are you talking about? Who are "they"? Are you talking specifically about the defendant who is on trial that Kim is talking about in this post, or are you talking about a larger group of people?

(and remember that you and me have had decent dicussions in the past without resorting to name-calling and all that. so make an attempt to avoid that, if you can. but if you need to keep that shit up, i understand.)

jhow66, one more question. ... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

jhow66, one more question. What do you think about this phrase:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Does this phrase apply to all men, across the globe, or is it just for Americans?






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