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Rosie and the Terrorist


If you don't already know what the image above references, read Kim's post on the latest stupid statement from Rosie O'Donnell. I can't help but wonder what Barbara Walters thinks of her controversial View host. Is that really the direction she wanted to go with the show? Terrorist sympathizing and Christian bashing makes headlines, and maybe it even helps ratings, but is that really what The View wants people associating with the show?

John Hawkins found the image above at MySpace.


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Comments (54)

Excellent! Now I've got to ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Excellent! Now I've got to find a mop to cleanup my keyboard.

Old Coot, that was TMI.... (Below threshold)

Old Coot, that was TMI.

Ha! That was of Allahpundi... (Below threshold)

Ha! That was of Allahpundit circa 2003 quality! Thanks for posting.

Man it's a toss up which of... (Below threshold)

Man it's a toss up which of the two wins the award for being ugly. There is no toss up which is the most stupid, that award goes to the bitch. (didn't mean to insult women, just her)

Is there any proof they threw the baby away and kept the after birth and named it Rosie?

I think I have figured out ... (Below threshold)

I think I have figured out why the mooselums make their women (cattle) cover up--THEY LOOK LIKE THAT THING THEY CALL A ROSIE!

Wow, its like they are audi... (Below threshold)

Wow, its like they are auditioning for who would be the scariest Halloween costume for next year!


THANKS LORIE !hehe... (Below threshold)



typical liberalism on displ... (Below threshold)

typical liberalism on display



For the love of God!! Please don't ever, Ever put Rosie's picture at the top of your blog, ever again!!!

You know what it feels like to simultaneously barf and have a heart attack??!! Scarred for life now!...

Even though we laugh, it is... (Below threshold)

Even though we laugh, it is not really far from the truth. In fact, it's almost sickeningly accurate.

Just the zillionth and one reason to never be a democrat or ever ever vote for one.

Fortunately, most of us pol... (Below threshold)

Fortunately, most of us politically savvy Americans don't formulate our political views based upon what entertainers like Rosie, Rush, Coulter, or Michael Moore say, RIGHT?

Ann Coulter says something stupid, and the left freaks out. Then someone like Rosie says something, and the right freaks out. Does pop media pundits/personalities dictate our politics? I sure as hell hope not.

Point: Rosie is a former comedian who makes her living by creating controversy and headlines. She is not a politcal analyst, and certainly does not have the most nuanced political views of all time. She is an entertainer, just like Rush, Coulter, Colber, O'Reilly, Moore, etc.

It's humorous and sad how much pop TV personalities can make both sides of the political spectrum freak out pretty much on command.

There is no comparison betw... (Below threshold)

There is no comparison between Rosie O'Donnell and Ann Coulter.

I doubt Rosie O'Donnell is educated whatsoever and she's an actress and comedian with a long history of mental illness.

Ann had an Ivy League education, graduated from Michigan Law School, made Law Review, clerked for the federal appeals court, was a constitutional attorney, clerked for the senate fidicuiary committee etc. etc. Go read her impressive resume on her blog.

Let's not compare apples to oranges. People may not like the way Ann says things, but no one can question her credentials. No one can question her patriotism either.

Ann is brilliant and she's extremely accurate. Rosie is an idiot who has no idea what she's talking about as none of the liberals do.

So let's not compare the two.

Jo:Ann Coulter mak... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


Ann Coulter makes a living by making statements which create headlines, Rosie O'Donnell does the same kind of thing. Coulter may indeed be well educated, but she is still more of an entertainer in my opinion.

I understand that Coulter has a nice resume. But I have also read her writing, and have not been impressed by either her logic, or her rhetoric.

Credentials are a nice resume are nice and all, but they really don't have much to do with the actual arguments that people make. Coulter is simplistic, one-sided, and highly partisan.

She is just another polemicist who makes a living by getting people worked up. Beyond the cute little political slams and the caustic statements, her arguments tend to lack depth. Sure, they get people upset and they sell lots of books, but none of that really does much to actually inform people.

Folks like Coulter are a part of the problem, or at least, a symptom of the problem these days. The same goes for Michael Moore.

Rosie, well, she's just a comedian who spouts her opinion because she has a pulpit.

I dont listen to any of them. They're media personalities, that's all.

Jo:Better yet, why... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


Better yet, why not tell me why you are so impressed with Coulter. What about her makes you feel that she is someone who should be listened to? What arguments do you find particularly persuasive or, as you say, "accurate"???

OMG! Best laugh I've had i... (Below threshold)

OMG! Best laugh I've had in a long time!

Lorie, Rosie puts The View ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, Rosie puts The View in the news, and she certainly beats the formerly obese black woman she replaced as measured in entertainment value. Would you rather have a current events rant or the latest hip hop gossip? Me too. And it's funny how Ann Coltish and Nosey O'Donnell are each sides' stalking horse. The lesbian versus the fag hag. Speaking of which: 1)Malkin meets former gay porn star, 2)then dissappears and leaves her beloved blog to gay porn star's Milfriends to fill up with whatever. 3)can we get an APB? 4)Is "Hot Air" a Front? Videography practice for some new line? The ribald readings under the heading (excuse)"Amanda Marcotte" struck me as odd at the time, but see (1) above.

Rosie....... I mean Ryan..S... (Below threshold)

Rosie....... I mean Ryan..So what you're saying is, Ann and Rosie are the same caliber?..in terms of intelligence?.. and if Rosie was in the Left twin bed, and Ann was in the right twin bed... you'd sleep on the floor?.. hmmmm

ran:what i'm sayin... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


what i'm saying is that i dont turn to either rosie o'donnell, or ann coulter, when it comes to politics.

i would say that they are of similar caliber when it comes to their intentions. both are in the entertainment business, IMO.

are you a coulter fan? if so, why?

I wonder which one has more... (Below threshold)

I wonder which one has more backhair?

I thought that was ron jere... (Below threshold)

I thought that was ron jeremy ( :

im sure the view appreciates the ratings w/ no conscious. rosie is good for the veiw, but thats all. seems that whenever the gop is in the news, she takes just the opposite side, like default.

If guns kill people, spoons... (Below threshold)
Michael Evilcorn:

If guns kill people, spoons make Rosie O'Donnell fat.

Rosie should stick to fight... (Below threshold)

Rosie should stick to fighting with Trump. At least it's entertaining. I'm not a fan of Trump either and watching them fight is odd. I don't care who wins that war I just hope there are a lot of casualties.

BTW, Lorie, a big pic of Rosie was just not what I needed to see first thing. That was just....well, wrong to do to us. ;-)

Somebody could make a fortu... (Below threshold)

Somebody could make a fortune if there was a way to bottle Rosie's face up and sell it as a cure for premature ejaculation.

Good remark about Trump. Ma... (Below threshold)

Good remark about Trump. Makes me believe stronger than ever that i'm right about Trump. If he tried to pay his debt's there isn't enough money in his corporation to pay a penny on the dollar owed. Some big banks are going to take some losses larger than even they can stand. They just keep feeding him money because if he goes down they go with him. You might say he has them over a barrel and is sticking it to them.

Ah, I forgot about the spec... (Below threshold)

Ah, I forgot about the special brand of racism, sexism and assorted bigotry BD brought to the table. IF only it could have lasted longer.

I never could sit through the View, even before Rosie. When I was in hospital a while back I had a roommate that kept it and Jerry Springer on at full volume. Unable to leave, I had my family bring me ear plugs, and later my shooter's muffs. I think I learned what one of the circles of hell would be like that week.

Maybe Rosie confused KSM fo... (Below threshold)

Maybe Rosie confused KSM for John Belushi. They look like twins in this photo.

Anyone who actually watches... (Below threshold)

Anyone who actually watches that fat dyke has no life.

It's so nice to see a post ... (Below threshold)

It's so nice to see a post that brings out the kinder and gentler side of the Wizbang crew!

When I first saw the pics, ... (Below threshold)

When I first saw the pics, I thought "Separated At Birth."

Again, there is no comparis... (Below threshold)

Again, there is no comparison between Ann & Rosie. Rosie has no idea what she's talking about, and Ann has a long history of working in law making, particularly constitutional law, policy making in Washington and the judiciary. She's not an entertainer, she's a pundit and analyst. She may say something shocking now and then but her regular analysis is brilliant.

Rosie is an entertainer, with some idiotic opinions. And most of the time she's not really a decent entertainer.

Ann is right, that's why the left hates her so much. Rosie is an idiot and that's why the right makes fun of her.

Jo:Ok, Ok. I unde... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


Ok, Ok. I understand that you like Coulter. What analysis of Coulter's do you find the most convincing, or as you put it, "brilliant"? If you point me to it, I'll read it.

I'm not concerned, at all, with Coulter's credentials. I am more interested in looking at what she actually argues in determining what I think about her. And yes, I have read some of her work. I have not, however, seen any analysis that I would call brilliant.

She seems to engage more in hyperbole and mud-slinging than any kind of actualy political analysis. But maybe I'm just reading the wrong things of hers.

But I'm not trying to stop you from reading her. I'd just be interested to see why you agree with her, and what you find the most compelling.

Yes, here she is, the darli... (Below threshold)

Yes, here she is, the darling of the far (and getting farther all the time) right...

From MMFA:

"Coulter first came to national prominence as a legal correspondent and pundit for MSNBC, which fired her for insulting a Vietnam veteran. The conservative National Review dropped her column after she responded to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, by stating that America should "invade their [terrorists'] countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." In an interview with The New York Observer, Coulter stated that "[m]y only regret with [Oklahoma City bomber] Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building." USA Today also removed Coulter as a columnist covering the 2004 Democratic National Convention after she referred to the gathering as the "Spawn of Satan convention."

She has become a highly visible pundit on the cable news circuit, noted for her particularly coarse and inflammatory invective directed at Democrats and progressives."

Ann enjoys her current level of prominence(?) among the uber-right because her bilious spew makes the rest of the fringe dwellers seem tame by comparison.

Wouldn't you love to be the... (Below threshold)
Ragnar Danneskjold:

Wouldn't you love to be the shrink that analyzes Rosie?

This is clearly one disturbed woman(?!). What is she so lacking in her life that she finds it necessary to bring such ugly attention to herself, to hate her country, to hate her countrymen that are willing to defend her rights, to mock the good and decent and to defend the deplorable.

I wasn't one bit surprised when reports came out that that she announced being treated FOR YEARS for clinical depression. The woman(?!) is a fruit basket of pyschological maladies ingesting serious drugs and in another (saner) time would be happily residing in an insane assylum.

Instead she's hailed on the public airwaves.

What a world.

"Somebody could make a fort... (Below threshold)

"Somebody could make a fortune if there was a way to bottle Rosie's face up and sell it as a cure for premature ejaculation."

Posted by: Jumpinjoe....HILARIOUS!! But I would go the Temporary Tattoo route. Stamina just an eye-shift away!

I would offer Ann Coulter's... (Below threshold)

I would offer Ann Coulter's High Crimes and Misdemenaors as some very good writing. Not brilliant; she is prone to repeat some arguments several times over the course of the book. But better than many and certainly better than I could come up with. And her analysis of the lasting stain that Clinton was then inflicting on the country remains true to this day.
Her forte is rhetorical overkill, inflammatory invective, yea verily even unto the point thermite incindiary. So what? It is better quality and about the same corrosive pH as you get from Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Al Gore, and Howard Dean. And that is before we get to the second tier democrat luminaries like Sheila Jackson Lee, Maurice Hinchley, Portnoy (Pete) Stark, and that raging loon from Seattle Jim (I had to look him up on google) McDermott.
What is most interesting is everyone in and out of the enemedia realize Ann is tossing bombs. But the LSM and leftards at least feign to regard that cast of clowns above as serious and sober (Kennedy, hic) statesmen.
Otherwise, KSM is proof positive that camels have sex with goats.

PS: Bottling Rosie would be... (Below threshold)

PS: Bottling Rosie would be a great kindness for inmates at our prisons. Homosexual rape would be a thing of the past. One shot of that would kill a hard-on for twenty-five to life.

Comparing Rosie and Coulter... (Below threshold)

Comparing Rosie and Coulter is just ridiculous. Rosie represents no one but herself when she makes he idiotic comments. Coulter is a darling of the right, and is invited to speak at right wing conferences. Mitt Romney eagerly sought her support, and intorduced her at the conference where she called Edwards a fag. Rosie is a clown. Republican politricians embrace Coulter, until she makes another one of her asshole remarks, then they pretend they don't knbow her for a few weeks until it all dies down. I haven't heard of anyone on the left embracing Rosie, or endorsing her remarks.

I'll tell you the differenc... (Below threshold)

I'll tell you the difference between Rosie and Ann. Ann bases her opinions on facts - Rosie ignores them. We all have opinions, but their validity is based in whether they were derived from fact or fiction.

Now before one of you jerks goes diggin for an instance where Ann got a fact or two wrong, no one's perfect. Go digging for an instance when Rosie has HER facts wrong and you'll find them in abundance. That's the point I'm trying to make.

So a number of people here ... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

So a number of people here have stepped up and stated, rather clearly, that they support Coulter.

And they also have a problem with comparing Coulter to O'Donell, which I can understand.

I tend to lump Coulter, Rush, Hannity, Moore, and Franken into the "entertainer" catagory, but that's just me.

All of you Coulter fans: are Ann Coulter's views fairly accepted and representative of a large segment of the American Right???

Why does Coulter have such a strong following and appeal?

"So a number of people h... (Below threshold)

"So a number of people here have stepped up and stated, rather clearly, that they support Coulter."

There's your problem, ryan -- assuming these commenters who support Coulter are "people". Many aren't -- they're enough like animals to be considered as such.

Rosie seems to "lose it" often, and she lost it here as well -- but her anger at Republicans and the adminstration is justified.

ROSIE O'DONNELL, "THE VIEW" HOST: "But I just think, this man for whatever he did or didn't do, he is not the be all, end all of terrorism in America. And our government has not found the answer in this one way [unintelligible]."

I haven't checked, but I suspect the last word was unintelligible due to thunderous applause from the audience. Only the animals are angry at Rosie over this, as if America cares what the animals think...

Anyone seen Ann "That's Not a Pickle in My Pocket" Coulter lately?

me neither...

Coulter tosses out the word... (Below threshold)

Coulter tosses out the word 'faggot' and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed helped plan the death of thousands of Americans.

Nice to know the left has perspective on who the real enemy is.

Lee:There's you... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


There's your problem, ryan -- assuming these commenters who support Coulter are "people". Many aren't -- they're enough like animals to be considered as such.

I wouldn't call treating these people as human beings who deserve equal respect, even if I disagree with them, a problem, pal.

Your problem, Lee, is that you fall into the overreactive trap of criticizing conservatives, while engaging in many of the same behaviors that you claim to be against.

I assume that you disagree with Coulter's rhetoric...but here you are engaging in the same kind of thing by calling people you don't like animals. Is that really productive??? Is that what "liberals" are all about? Is that the new direction where liberals want to take this country?

Is "dehumanizing" the opposition one of the current progressive platforms, Lee?

"Is "dehumanizing" the o... (Below threshold)

"Is "dehumanizing" the opposition one of the current progressive platforms, Lee?"

Their appreciation for the likes of Coulter makes them animals, in my view, and treating them as she (Coulter) treats others is not only appropriate... but necessary to getting the message heard. Their hairy, pointy ears like the sound of dehumanizing speech.

And it's only "dehumanizing" when you assume they are human to begin with, and their love for Coulter makes them one, if not many more, steps removed...

Many conservtives don't agree with Coulter and her tactics -- my comments are directed at those who do - and I do so without hesitation or regret.

Many conservtives don't ... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Many conservtives don't agree with Coulter and her tactics -- my comments are directed at those who do - and I do so without hesitation or regret.

Well, then I guess you're holding up your end of the polemic bargain, Lee. Nice job.

I can't see how that's much different, let alone better, than what Coulter does.

While I completely disagree with most of what Coulter goes around saying, I don't make the mistake of assuming that everyone who reads her, supports her, or listens to her is somehow sub-human and undeserving of respect. How does that do any good?

Way to be narrow minded without "regret or hesitation" Lee. Sounds a little like old GW when he refuses to sway from his chosen path without apology or concession.

Stay the course, if you must, Lee.

Thanks for your permission,... (Below threshold)

Thanks for your permission, ryan. I just couldn't have gone forward without it...

"How does that do any good?"

Holding up mirrors in front of people sometimes works wonders, if you're human enough to see what's in the mirror (as you yourself seem to understand).

Perhaps we can both agree that it may not work in all cases, such as your efforts towards me, but what the hell. It's fun nonethless... eh?

My ears need a shave now...

just for fun Donald trump s... (Below threshold)

just for fun Donald trump should rebut Rosie.

Trump: "Bush is probably the worst president in the history of the United States"

Don't call Ann the darling ... (Below threshold)

Don't call Ann the darling of the right, unless you are ready to call Michael Moore the darling of the left. When Ann is allowed to sit next to an ex president in the VIP seats at our convention, then we'll talk "darling of the right."

Until then, it's the democrats who embrace the treasonous people who called for more of our troops to be called so we can learn out "lesson." And called the guys who kill our soldiers "Minutemen."

No one can claim Ann isn't a patriot. But treaasonous liars get special treatment amongst the democrats. Because evil loves company, I guess. Yes, that's right. The darling of the left, Michael Moore.

Rosie got two very simple w... (Below threshold)

Rosie got two very simple well known things wrong, that most people as into politics as she is should know.

We haven't had KSM since "1993" and that picture is the one they took upon his capture.

Geeze, even most liberal idiots could get those two things right.

Yo Lee,Look man, d... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Yo Lee,

Look man, don't misread me here. I'm basically saying that I'm pretty tired of the Michael Moore vs. Ann Coulter style of political debate that we have going on in the USA these days.

Ultimately, I choose none of the above when it comes to picking sides. To me, they're making money while our politics go to shit.

Holding up mirrors in front of people sometimes works wonders, if you're human enough to see what's in the mirror (as you yourself seem to understand).

Agreed, but it's a delicate task, IMO.

Perhaps we can both agree that it may not work in all cases, such as your efforts towards me, but what the hell. It's fun nonethless... eh?

It can be fun, and it can also actually be pretty productive. Sometimes it can be both. It all depends on how you go about it. I've tried and failed numerous times when attempting to get people to consider their postitions and arguments. You never know.

My ears need a shave now...

Hehe. While you're doing that, maybe I should dismount from this high horse that I've been on today...

Jo:Don't call A... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


Don't call Ann the darling of the right, unless you are ready to call Michael Moore the darling of the left. When Ann is allowed to sit next to an ex president in the VIP seats at our convention, then we'll talk "darling of the right."

Coulter and Moore are two sides of the same coin, Jo. They both do basically the same thing, from two different political vantage points. And they both make a living doing it, which is an important consideration.

You think Michael Moore or Ann Coulter, who have staked their careers on this mud-slinging nonsense, really want to resolve any of our political problems?

They may be fun to listen to or watch on the tube, but in my opinion they don't get us ANYWHERE. They just tell people what they want to hear, basically.

I generally disregard them both equally.

Again, Jo, I am interested to hear more about which of Coulter's arguments you find particularly "brilliant." I'm still waiting for that.

Ann has a limited CABLE aud... (Below threshold)

Ann has a limited CABLE audience with even less folks that hear her speeches or buy her books.

Rosie has a NATIONAL AUDIENCE five (FIVE!) days a week, has NAME RECOGNITION from her own talk show, her movies, her red carpet prancing and her "look at me" homosexuality.

By far, the fat one is better known amongst the general public than the skinny one.

maybe we can get rosie to g... (Below threshold)

maybe we can get rosie to give Ann Coulter a few of her meals.

This thread belonged in the... (Below threshold)

This thread belonged in the Pop section, where it would have likely spawned nary a comment... ... bring back the video of Rosie hanging upside down please!

Rosie is almost non-existen... (Below threshold)
steve ellis:

Rosie is almost non-existent... She needs so much help.

What about our country? What about our folks?
Why focus our energy on a fool or an enemy. Rosie has some sheep listening to her at various moments, but... why aren't we focused on moving our country in some positive, REAL direction ... getting rid of all of these egos ... This listlessness is why we experienced 9/11. GET BUSH OUT and get someone in the white house that wants to do something rather than preen his "False Religious Image" and waste our collective time and resourses.






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