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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

White House political adviser Karl Rove uses his wireless e-mail device while accompanying President Bush, not pictured, in Long Beach, Miss., in this photo taken Thursday, March 1, 2007. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (111)

On his Palm, DarthRove repl... (Below threshold)

On his Palm, DarthRove replies to an urgent message: "Yes Mr. President two tacos and a bean burrito , and may the Force be with you Too Sir."

You're fired, you're fired,... (Below threshold)

You're fired, you're fired, you're firerd, you're fired...

"Smile, you've just been er... (Below threshold)
the Brain:

"Smile, you've just been erased."

Trash Joe Wilson - done<br ... (Below threshold)

Trash Joe Wilson - done
Fire some US attorneys - done
Cause Global warming - done

Hey! This Palm Pilot thing really does keep me organized.

1 9 0 0 W e t D r e... (Below threshold)

1 9 0 0 W e t D r e a m

Set phaser on stun, my ass.... (Below threshold)

Set phaser on stun, my ass.

Karl Rove seen here hatchin... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove seen here hatching his latest evil scheme of turning all traffic lights red, snarling traffic for miles in the nation's capital, just so he could cross the street.

Every time I hit enter anot... (Below threshold)

Every time I hit enter another attorney gets fired. Cool!

Dang, 'March of the Amphibi... (Below threshold)

Dang, 'March of the Amphibians' is on here somewhere.

NB, Val Plame on C-Span at 10:00 AM for Henry Waxman's committee. Today. Friday.

Just a press of the button ... (Below threshold)

Just a press of the button and it's "Welcome to the wonderful world of IEDs, Leaky Leahy!"


Alberto, just what part of "political appointee" and "serve at the pleasure of the administration" don't these candy-ass whining idiots not understand?


Dear Senate Judiciary Committee,
Considering you have no Constitutional authority to question the political appointee decisions of the Executive branch, you are cordially invited to kiss my pimpled white ass.

DNC photographer catches Ka... (Below threshold)

DNC photographer catches Karl Rove in the act using the Diebold Voting Machine Master Remote Controller.
Remote was set to "Ohio" (not seen in photograph).

Hmmmmm I need some new Anna... (Below threshold)

Hmmmmm I need some new Anna Nicole nudie pics.

8-0-0-8-5.....Heh-heh, Bill... (Below threshold)

8-0-0-8-5.....Heh-heh, Bill Clinton was right, it does spell "BOOBS".

Karl Rove releases methane ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Karl Rove releases methane while Dick Cheney's coal-powered SUV is refueled.

Bush is right, my melon doe... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Bush is right, my melon does look a lot bigger than the late, great Benny Parsons'...

Rove: (thinking) Aw, geez, ... (Below threshold)

Rove: (thinking) Aw, geez, that guy Lee keeps saying mean things about me on WizBang! (a single tear rolls down his cheek)

KSM-293875Hey Khal... (Below threshold)


Hey Khalid baby, do me another favor will ya.

Add Rosie to your list. I'll handle the rest.

After seeing him on YouTube... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

After seeing him on YouTube, Rove was surprized to find himself thinking John Edwards does look kind of cute.

sure..you can use me as a r... (Below threshold)

sure..you can use me as a reference...

" Scooter, No I cannot brin... (Below threshold)

" Scooter, No I cannot bring Brownies to prison for you"

I haven't gotten much work ... (Below threshold)
Big Al:

I haven't gotten much work done since Cheney showed me how to download this Michelle Malkin wallpaper...Oh, Yeah.

Ah, another missive from my... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Ah, another missive from my Zionist neo-con masters!

Why does Helen Thomas keep ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Why does Helen Thomas keep texting me love letters?

to Howard Dean:from ... (Below threshold)
tom c:

to Howard Dean:
from Karl:

Get well soon.

Why is Valerie calling me h... (Below threshold)

Why is Valerie calling me here?

Hey Schmucky, na na you can... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Hey Schmucky, na na you can't get me.

And with one click Harry Re... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

And with one click Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton were mysteriously discovered on the DC Madame's client list.

Tell Murtha to stop e-maili... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Tell Murtha to stop e-mailing me with new euphamisms for surrender.

"Okay , What should I have ... (Below threshold)
U. P. Man:

"Okay , What should I have my Rosie Robot say next."

"WUT R U WRNG?"... (Below threshold)


Karl Rove, flipping through... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove, flipping through the contacts on George's phone, laughs aloud, "Heh.. Schmuck Choomer".

Son of a bish! If George do... (Below threshold)

Son of a bish! If George doesn't quit changing my wallpaper to pictures of Helen Thomas, I swear I'll have the speech writers add the word 'nuclear' to every speech!

"Beam me up, Scottty. There... (Below threshold)

"Beam me up, Scottty. There's no intelligent life down here."

To: Ray NaginCC: Kat... (Below threshold)

To: Ray Nagin
CC: Kathleen Blanco

Hey, guys. Guess what? They're actually rebuilding over here. You guys oughta look into it.

Gorillaz? The Shins? Snow... (Below threshold)

Gorillaz? The Shins? Snow Patrol? What in the name of...ah...Waylon and Willie...#$%% kids messing with my playlists again.

Well, I guess I should take... (Below threshold)

Well, I guess I should take Gonzalez off speed dial.

'Rat-splat is much more fun... (Below threshold)
The Force:

'Rat-splat is much more fun than Frogger. I get to play the truck and Hillary Clinton is the 'rat I get to flatten. Run, Hillary, run!

Mind control message "boyco... (Below threshold)

Mind control message "boycott Fox News"......Set power to high "tinfoil penetrating laser on"........SEND

Wow, the White house really does have the power to make Democrats look weak and cowardly.

I have proof......proof being it worked.

Karl Rove's attempts at ent... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

Karl Rove's attempts at entering the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ were foiled, as every entry was changed to "Rove, rove rove rove. Rove rove 'Rove rove rove'."

John Malkovich was unavailable for comment

iPOD People... (Below threshold)

iPOD People

DNC HEADQUARTERS Web Sit... (Below threshold)

DNC HEADQUARTERS Web Site... Admin Access Granted...
"Arrrghh! Prepare to be boarded."

Dear Mr. Rove,Get ... (Below threshold)
Michael Q:

Dear Mr. Rove,

Get your election stealing, Plame lying, lawyer firing ass up to my senate hearing, Pronto! Rest assured we will deal in fairness.

Yours truly,
Pat Leahy

password?: F-R-O-G-M-A-R-C... (Below threshold)

password?: F-R-O-G-M-A-R-C-H

Beam Me Up, Scooter!... (Below threshold)

Beam Me Up, Scooter!

"Aw crap, my myspace got ha... (Below threshold)

"Aw crap, my myspace got hacked by penis-enlarging pill companies again!"

"Hey this Hangman game is great! I almost got the answer... L-___-B-B-Y... jeez, this is tough."

Goddamn it Bush pick up the... (Below threshold)

Goddamn it Bush pick up the phone so I can tell you what day it is.

"Hello, my name is Karl. An... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Hello, my name is Karl. And I'm a Crackberry addict."

"Execute Order 66"... (Below threshold)

"Execute Order 66"

I swear, if I ever find out... (Below threshold)

I swear, if I ever find out who invented this damn sudoku game, I'm gonna get his ass fired

'/0U'\/3 b33|\| p0\/\/|\|3D... (Below threshold)

'/0U'\/3 b33|\| p0\/\/|\|3D

Damn, this sudoku is hard.<... (Below threshold)

Damn, this sudoku is hard.

Autobot infiltrator supreme... (Below threshold)

Autobot infiltrator supreme Karlrovian™ send a message to his waiting troops and his leader, Optimus Prime™.

"Note to self: ask doctor a... (Below threshold)

"Note to self: ask doctor about expanding forehead at next appt."

Rove posts another comment ... (Below threshold)

Rove posts another comment at Wizbang to make Liberals appear to be complete dipshits and once again he signs it Lee.

Dang it! This remote will n... (Below threshold)

Dang it! This remote will never unlock my SUV. Look, Dummy, the window is down. I didn't know you were blonde.

At first Rove had inadverta... (Below threshold)

At first Rove had inadvertantly mistaken Tetris Sex for Tantra Sex, but he wasn't ever goin' back.

Dear Diary,I liked t... (Below threshold)

Dear Diary,
I liked the first term better.

Hmmm, the ringtone is Dire ... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

Hmmm, the ringtone is Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing." Who is...oh yeah, John Edwards.

"See that little faggot with the earring and the makeup
Yeah, buddy, that's his own hair
That little faggot got his own jet airplane
That little faggot, he's a millionaire...."

I wish my thumbs were small... (Below threshold)

I wish my thumbs were smaller or these keys were bigger. Helen, I love you...fire Valerie? I'm sooo confused.

Ahh, there, I knew I could ... (Below threshold)

Ahh, there, I knew I could get George Stephanoupolis to say "Democrat" instead of "Democratic."


click, click, click.<... (Below threshold)

click, click, click.

There's just GOT to be a way to cross-deck GoogleEarth to the Trident launch system!

RE: KSM TortureRos... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

RE: KSM Torture


Good job on the show today, but when I say rabid, I mean RABID dammit! Just look at the good work Chris Matthews has been doing for me lately!

I know you'll do better tomorrow. Right?



(Hugh, you're still not funny, but I'll give you credit for your second attempt at a caption contest. Someday I hope you can grow a sense of humor.)

"Hmmm, I wonder if I can do... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Hmmm, I wonder if I can download Nelly's "Hot in Here" ringtone on this thing..."

"I've got to send th... (Below threshold)

"I've got to send this to George! My photo is the Wizbang Caption Contest this week!"

(thinking) "Man that Sanjay... (Below threshold)

(thinking) "Man that Sanjaya has just got to stay."

He better slow down, he's g... (Below threshold)

He better slow down, he's getting ahead of his hair.

Blackberry Ops... (Below threshold)

Blackberry Ops

"Let's see...Weather Machin... (Below threshold)

"Let's see...Weather Machine remote master control 'on'. '2 feet of March snow in the northeast' set...we'll see how much 'politically-motivated' flood aid shows up this time. 'Engage' in 5-4- man I love this thing -2-1..."

Karl Rove uses his Pocket-E... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove uses his Pocket-Evil-Weather-Machine to send 2 feet of snow to the northeast as word comes in that Al Gore is planning a global warming speech there.

"These Gameboys are ... (Below threshold)

"These Gameboys are addictive."

Text to Sen. H Reid: "50-48... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Text to Sen. H Reid: "50-48. U lose. suk on dat biatch!"

From the New York Times...K... (Below threshold)

From the New York Times...Karl Rove next to a black SUV, on his black berry calling in the black helicopters

"OK, lessee...Texas plays t... (Below threshold)

"OK, lessee...Texas plays tonight at 7:25...Texas Tech lost to Boston College...Texas A&M beat Penn...and Texas A&M CC plays Wisconsin today at 2:55...wait a minute...who the heck is Texas A&M CC???"

Sweet....now my remote-cont... (Below threshold)

Sweet....now my remote-control SUV fleet can work its magic on the ozone layer....gotta get the skin cancer numbers up so we can push the new Healthcare bill through....

Do I make you horny?"... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Do I make you horny?"

"Cheney.. send your weather... (Below threshold)
Steven S:

"Cheney.. send your weather machine to the north east."

Karl Rove, founder of the V... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove, founder of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and father of global warming, patiently reads his BlackBerry while waiting for his fleet of SUVs to Burn through another tank of gas.

Damn it, the batteries must... (Below threshold)

Damn it, the batteries must be in backwards. This button is supposed to make my head smaller!

[Oh. It's my latest Terror... (Below threshold)

[Oh. It's my latest Terrorist Joke of the Day.]

"Why did the terrorist cross the road?"

"Because his bomb went off prematurely."

[Ha ha! Good one...]

"For the last time, Dr. Mea... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

"For the last time, Dr. Meacham... my name is not Exeter, and I don't have any spare parts for your damn interocitor!"

......and there goes Tehran... (Below threshold)

......and there goes Tehran!

......and there goes Teh... (Below threshold)

......and there goes Tehran!
Posted by: Brian

Not me

OK what to say...hmmm...Che... (Below threshold)

OK what to say...hmmm...Cheney's office asked Plame to send Joe Wilson to fire the attorneys...yeh...Tha's the ticket...

8675-Neo 9... (Below threshold)

8675-Neo 9

Wow! This newfangled intern... (Below threshold)

Wow! This newfangled internet thing is amazing! I can't believe all the porn on it! I gotta check this out!

<a href="http://americablog... (Below threshold)

this might be a good one for next week.

All your base are belong to... (Below threshold)

All your base are belong to me.

Turd Blossom

Turd Blossom,You'v... (Below threshold)

Turd Blossom,

You've been putting the "vast" in Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Suggest hitting the treadmill.


Never liked the nickname "T... (Below threshold)

Never liked the nickname "Turd Blossom".

Sorry. What would you rather I called you?

How about "Turd Bloom"?

Nooooo...Rove has ... (Below threshold)


Rove has been a CIA plant all along.

"Batteries to Power, Turbi... (Below threshold)

"Batteries to Power, Turbines to speed... Engage!!"

Chloe! I need a satellite u... (Below threshold)

Chloe! I need a satellite uplink and I need it NOW...

Ordinarily, Karl gets quite... (Below threshold)

Ordinarily, Karl gets quite a chuckle out of the Wizbang Caption Contest...

Crap ... every time I get t... (Below threshold)

Crap ... every time I get to this level on Tetris, someone sends me a damned email!

Karl Rove's Secret Weather ... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove's Secret Weather Machine includes a handy wireless remote.

Karl Rove searches fruitles... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove searches fruitlessly for the missing 'reply' button, explaining the Bush administration's continued failures to respond to foolish allegations.

"Let's see here......867-53... (Below threshold)

"Let's see here......867-5309......Hello!....Jenny?

To: Patrick Fitzgerald<br /... (Below threshold)

To: Patrick Fitzgerald
From: Karl Rove

Ha ha, can't catch me.


Love and kisses,

Karl Rove commuting on the ... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove commuting on the beltway on his motorized skateboard.

"Would you like to play a g... (Below threshold)

"Would you like to play a game?"
"How about Global Thermonuclear War."

N-U-C-U-L-A-R... Access ... (Below threshold)

N-U-C-U-L-A-R... Access Granted
"Lordy, I've got to tell Dubya to stop using those easy passwords."

Sell, Mortimer!!! SELL!!!!... (Below threshold)

Sell, Mortimer!!! SELL!!!!

"What happened to my W key?... (Below threshold)

"What happened to my W key?"

Ah Hah! Trapped him. I have... (Below threshold)
Charles V:

Ah Hah! Trapped him. I have the nut full house.

"What?! I've been hacked by... (Below threshold)

"What?! I've been hacked by Oliver Wendell Jones?"

Joe Wilson's SUV will explo... (Below threshold)

Joe Wilson's SUV will explode in 3 minutes, 18 seconds.

Karl always checks out his ... (Below threshold)

Karl always checks out his myspace page on the way to the White House.

So, lemme see if I've got t... (Below threshold)

So, lemme see if I've got this straight...I send you my account number, and you'll put $20 million dollars in there?

Karl knows that the fate of... (Below threshold)

Karl knows that the fate of the country lies in not breaking the chain...

Head Zeppelin... (Below threshold)

Head Zeppelin

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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