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Neal Gabler: Fox News Isn't a Legitimate News Source

Neal Gabler gets his paycheck from Fox News but argued yesterday on the show Fox News Watch that the Democrats were completely right to cancel an August debate in Nevada co-hosted with Fox News because Fox is too conservative. Mark Finkelstein at NewsBusters has part of the transcript:

"I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me my Kool-Aid," claimed Gabler on this evening's "Fox News Watch." He then proceeded to do just that, claiming that Democrats pulled out of the Fox-sponsored presidential candidate debate in Nevada "for the same reason that Republicans would not go on Air America -- it doesn't make any political sense. Why in the world would you want to legitimize a network that spends hour after hour after hour after hour to, to."

You can watch the video here.

Mark ends his post with a very good question:

In depicting Fox News as a right-wing bash machine that feeds "Kool-Aid," and accusing his host of typifying the bias, Gabler wasn't merely describing the Dem view of Fox as illegitimate -- he was embracing it. How could a self-respecting person continue to work for such an outfit?

The question is why Fox News continues to employ someone who has no problem insulting it. No company I have ever worked for would keep me if I bashed it on national television.

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Why? Because it is true.</... (Below threshold)

Why? Because it is true.

The man's daft to compare F... (Below threshold)
the wolf:

The man's daft to compare Fox News to Air America.

Gabler has a loooong histor... (Below threshold)

Gabler has a loooong history of his far left wing nuttiest get the best of him.

He's the poster child that illustrates the theory some are so far left that even someone "on the left" looks conservative.

Brit Hume is saying that Va... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Brit Hume is saying that Valerie Wilson lied under oath; hope he hasn't opened himself and Fox News up to being sued for slander.

Gabler, Fox is like BarneyG... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Gabler, Fox is like BarneyG2000, Lee, Mantis and few others, to Wizbang. For those too stupid to recognize truth, Gabler is a bright star of lying liberalism in a sea of conservative truth. What makes Fox illegitimate to those of Gabler's ilk is that his is not the only opinion available on Fox New Watch. Neal regularly is made to look the fool by those with whom he shares that show with. This statement by Neal Gabler highlights how the left portrays information differing from their point of view, facts be damned.

If BarneyMoron says its tru... (Below threshold)

If BarneyMoron says its true ...it must be!

My post was to say Gabler i... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

My post was to say Gabler is to Fox.

Gabler's position is win-wi... (Below threshold)

Gabler's position is win-win for him. He can run his mouth on his position (win); if he gets canned, FNC is too conservative (another win).

Center/Right types are at a severe disadvantage given the MSM providing cover for the Gablers of the world, rather than calling them out as they do center/right positions.

If Gabler believes Fox news... (Below threshold)

If Gabler believes Fox news isn't a legitimate news source why would he-as a journalist-take money from them? That he does says a lot about his journalistic integrity-or lack of it.Fox should fire him immediately.

Gabler's position is win... (Below threshold)

Gabler's position is win-win for him. He can run his mouth on his position (win); if he gets canned, FNC is too conservative (another win).

In one sense, you are right, but to intellectually honest people, isn't Gabler's thesis self-defeating? The mere fact that he can say that, and not get canned, seems to me to be a pretty good piece of evidence that he's wrong.

Why would he take money fro... (Below threshold)

Why would he take money from them when he feels this way? It speaks volumes about Gabler for remaining.

And it speaks volumes about Fox for allowing him too. Guess Fox doesn't control what everyone says, like the lefties all claim, now doesn' it?

Looks like another situation where a liberal loses and Fox wins. Yeeeehaw!

It's great to be right.

We stopped watching 'Newswa... (Below threshold)

We stopped watching 'Newswatch' long ago because of the absurd and self-righteous comments Neal Babler made. It just became a waste of our time. He gives the impression that he alone knows what is news and what is not, what is true and what is not.

Stopped watching months ago... (Below threshold)

Stopped watching months ago when Neal quoted Keith Dobermann as a source of truth.

All you need do is watch Ga... (Below threshold)

All you need do is watch Gabler for 10 minutes and he makes the moonbats, Hugo and the president of Iran seem sane. I've been turning off the TV or switching stations everytime he show up for a year or more. I'll bet FOX viewers drop by 75% every time he comes on any show. Too Bad the sponsors can't track that.

Neal regularly is made to l... (Below threshold)

Neal regularly is made to look the fool by those with whom he shares that show with.

Actually he does not need their help to look the fool. He does quite well all by himself.

I won't listen to this fool... (Below threshold)
tom c:

I won't listen to this fool (Gabler) anymore than I would read the Kos blog. Neither represent serious political debate.

Lets see now, Neal Gabler w... (Below threshold)

Lets see now, Neal Gabler went to the Eric Altman school of left wing journalism. I have heard him (Gabler)say that the New York Slimes and The Washington Compost are right wing papers. Jeez, if the Slimes and the Washington Compost right wing papers, someone should tell Pinch Sulzberger and the Graham family that.

Possibly due to their attem... (Below threshold)

Possibly due to their attempt at being fair and balanced?

I can only note that Glenn ... (Below threshold)

I can only note that Glenn Beck is on CNN. Maybe CNN and Fox can arrange a trade.

Dang it Pub, ya beat me to ... (Below threshold)

Dang it Pub, ya beat me to it. Ditto.

I give credit to Fox for Ne... (Below threshold)

I give credit to Fox for News Watch. Very good show. (Now, about Red Eye and 1/2 News Show and Fox and Friends: have I spelled "diarrhea" correctly?) And Kim, Gabler shows up for work with no B.O., and opinionates without cussing. That's the job he was hired to do. It's Showbiz!

...In fact, he reminds me o... (Below threshold)

...In fact, he reminds me of Jeff Greenfield (Remember him?). They're both left-leaning TV fans/critics with a media tome under their belt(Damn, I'm good!)

And i guess he gets his new... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And i guess he gets his news from the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK as well as GMA,TODAY,and thec BE MORONS NEWS






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