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Vote Different: Unofficial Obama Ad Slams Hillary

It's an internet ad that has gone viral fast. The ad is called Vote Different and it's a take off on Apple's famous Super Bowl ad called 1984. This ad wasn't even done by the Obama campaign but by an anonymous supporter. I'm very curious to see how the Hillary campaign reacts to this.


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Comments (18)

Notice what'son the hammer ... (Below threshold)

Notice what'son the hammer thrower's waist? She's got an IPod...

Homage to Apple, I suppose.... (Below threshold)

Homage to Apple, I suppose.

Hillary will call in an air... (Below threshold)

Hillary will call in an airstrike.......

A note from fellow parody v... (Below threshold)

A note from fellow parody video creator: The video creator might not even be an Obama supporter. It might have been chosen just because he is one of the Democratic front runners - and because his name begins with an O :-)

The Clinton war machine wil... (Below threshold)

The Clinton war machine will probably threaten YouTube to try to get it removed.

"Damn right Vast Right Wing... (Below threshold)

"Damn right Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!"

"Bill, BILL.... call the Justice Department.... call the IRS...."

"OH Shiiiiiiiit, that was so 1998 of me!"

"Everybody duck!"... (Below threshold)

"Everybody duck!"

If I made that video, I wou... (Below threshold)
Elroy Jetson:

If I made that video, I would be in no hurry to reveal myself as tempting as it might be.
I'll bet Michael Moore is jealous.

There's nothing libelous, i... (Below threshold)

There's nothing libelous, insulting, or vulgar in that video. It's clever and creative. The maker didn't even photoshop the hammer thrower into a black woman, which must have been tempting but would have been over the top.

I appreciate brilliance wherever I can find it.

Obama won't embrace the ad ... (Below threshold)

Obama won't embrace the ad because that would damage his campaign strategy of 'no strategy'. Right now, he's getting by on his 'geniality' and being 'articulate'. He isn't being challenged on his positions, and he hasn't been the subject of any attacks by his fellow Dems or even intense scutiny by the MSM. In short, by not going on the attack, he faces no retaliation.

The minute Obama starts overtly attacking his opponents' positions, people will no longer consider him 'genial'. The longer he can slide by on his 'feel good' speeches, and his lack of specifics on the issues, and the longer he can keep his ties to the corrupt Chicago political machine suppressed, the easier it will be for him to gain delegates.

Remember, the primaries are being set up so the perceived 'frontrunner' has the advantage, without having to spend a lot of time and money. If Obama can fool enough people with his 'strategy', he stands to gain a considerable number of delegates in a very short amount of time.

I think it's a great ad, ve... (Below threshold)

I think it's a great ad, very clever and effective. But I think it is an attack on the notion that Hilliary Clinton's nomination is a foregone conclusion as opposed to an attack on Clinton herself. Of course, I never was a Clinton fan, so it might have a different effect of those who superficially support her.

Curiously this ad has been ... (Below threshold)

Curiously this ad has been out for a couple of weeks (I can't remember where I saw it first) but now that it has made Drudge, everyone is talking about it.

A few years ago, Apple themselves updated this ad (which premiered during the 1984 Superbowl) and released a 20th anniversary edition that included digitally adding the IPod to the runner. So whoever made the ad used the updated 2004 veersion.

The ad also has pretty slick visual effects and great sound, which had to be completely generated from scratch by adding facsimilies of the ad's original sound FX over Hillary's audio. Not something a bored high school kid is likely to be able to do on his laptop.

Obama now has a lot of powerful supporters in Hollywood. My guess is that one of them (Geffen?) bought some time at a top-flight Hollywood digital FX studio and created this ad.

What does this say about ho... (Below threshold)

What does this say about how these folks feel about Dem voters? I'd say, not well.

This thing's been around si... (Below threshold)
John S:

This thing's been around since March 5th or so. Since we all like conspiracy theories, though, let me point out whoever made this had access to a clean copy of the ad without the network bug in the corner. This means it wasn't taped or Tivoed from the 2004 Super Bowl broadcast but made from a copy of the original digital master video. It's not exactly top-flight work, but it's clever. For example, the overlays of Hillary website video are nothing special -- relatively crude keys that any high school student could do in an afternoon if they could stay off the porn sites for a few hours. However, the sound track would be a much harder to do (unless, of course, you had access to the original master audio tracks). And cleaning up and modifying the video from Hillary's website took some skill and imagination.

But what I find interesting is Apple has made no attempt to have the video removed from YouTube. There's copyright infringement of the Super Bowl ad, blatant misappropriation of the Apple logo, but nothing but quiet approval by Apple Computer. Their silence is deafening.

Hmm, I wonder if the same p... (Below threshold)

Hmm, I wonder if the same people who blamed Bush Sr. for the Willie Horton ad (even though it, too, was done by an independent group) will blame Obama for this.

Ah c'mon folks, we all know... (Below threshold)

Ah c'mon folks, we all know this was the work of Karl Rove. Get real.

Can somebody say David Geff... (Below threshold)

Can somebody say David Geffen?

Actually Hilary laughed it ... (Below threshold)

Actually Hilary laughed it off.






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