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Cry me a rio grande

Hey, there's another illegal alien sob story in the Boston Globe? Must be Tuesday. (Wizbang bonus points for the first geek to cite the reference there.)

Apparently, rounding up people who are in this country ILLEGALLY and working at jobs ILLEGALLY is just plain mean and heartless and racist. It takes CRIMINALS away from their families (often illegal aliens themselves), and puts hardships on families.

I'd like to see a special program to reunite these loved ones, to bring these shattered and scattered families back together -- in their country of citizenship. We'd start it with some government seed money, then go around and hit up all these "immigrant activists" and "immigrants rights groups" to put their money where their mouths are.

Opponents of enforcing immigration laws have one stock phrase they trot out on a regular basis, whenever appeals to soft hearts (and soft heads), greed, and guilt fail. They bring up the pragmatic point:

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Certainly we can't if we don't start right now.

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

I'm willing to give it a try.

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Maybe not, but we can send back a good chunk of them.

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Maybe if we'd started when there were only one million, we could have, but you useless clots wouldn't let us try.

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Probably not, but we should still make the effort. "Man's reach should exceed his grasp, else what's a Heaven for?"

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

The perfect is the enemy of the good. Even if we can only deport 2-3 million of them, that's still a hell of an improvement.

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

And if we don't at least try, in a few years they'll be twice that many.

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

So? We make an example out of a bunch, "pour encourager les autres." Maybe that'll slow down those who haven't made it here yet.

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Are you sure? I don't think it's been tried in a very long time, and it seemed to work out all right then.

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Just because you've surrendered doesn't mean we all have.

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Then kindly shut up and stand aside while the rest of us put that to the test.

Comments (54)

6 generations ago my patern... (Below threshold)

6 generations ago my paternal forebear got into this land undocumented. Do I have to go back to Sweden?

Many of the current undocumented folks in my county go back to Mexico for a few months every year. If they can get back there, and then back here on their own, one would think giving them a one way ticket wouldn't be so hard. But what would keep them from coming back again? They aren't offering me any trade secrets in the clinic, but I'd guess the current efforts at our border aren't worrying them much.

Teach as many English words... (Below threshold)

Teach as many English words to a Latina as you learn Spanish ones, work to improve conditions elsewhere; we'll no longer have trouble with illegal immigration when the USA is no longer a desirable place to which to immigrate. Be glad.

While it's arguable as to t... (Below threshold)

While it's arguable as to the difficulty of the logistics of deporting them all, you can remove their motivation for being here, in which case they'll 'deport' themselves.

The solution is to crack down hard on the businesses that provide them motivation for illegally entering the country (i.e. employ them). Create an environment such that no one will hire them for risk of the consequences AND the likelihood of being caught. Once you've accomplished the removal of the motivation, they'll leave on their own. Finally, we can then talk about how to get allow some of them back into the country legally, through the proper channels.

As long as the number is de... (Below threshold)

As long as the number is declining, I can settle for that.

I mean there will never be a onetime fix anyway. We'll need the mechanisms, if we ever get them, in place to deter illegal immigration forever anyway.

Exactly, like saying there ... (Below threshold)

Exactly, like saying there are 12 million people who speed and you can't catch them all. So why try?

Illegal immigration at the ... (Below threshold)

Illegal immigration at the level that has been excepted in the past 20 years is bringing our nation down to ruin. It is a death by a million cuts. In Texas and other southwest states, the county hospitals are becoming ineffective, public school systems are collapsing, infectious diseases are back on the rise such as TB and Bubonic Plague (no kidding). What our government is doing and chose to do in the past is ignore the situation for the short term benefit of voters and business donations to their campaigns. I love the Mexican people, they are mostly kind and family oriented, but if I used illegal SS cards and such, I would be processed as a felon and given a jail sentence. A crime is a crime. To me the government is saying to me that the rule of law does not matter anymore. That is a very bad message to get out. ww

With just a cursory glance ... (Below threshold)

With just a cursory glance at your Wiki link, this popped out at me right away, "Eisenhower became increasingly concerned that profits from illegal labor led to corruption."

Buchanan, at Real Clear Politics, put it in a nutshell late last year:

These companies [that hire illegals] are triple cheats. They cheat competitors by hiring illegal labor. They cheat the government of taxes. They cheat the community by passing on to citizens the costs in higher taxes of schools and social services for the illegals.

Those open-border advocates don't really seem to think things through. Once their heart strings are tugged, all other rational thought flies out the window.

But then, we've been saying this all along, haven't we? Floods of illegals are slowly turning our country into the very thing they're escaping.

It's thermodynamics, Oyster... (Below threshold)

It's thermodynamics, Oyster. Work to improve conditions elsewhere. It's really the only way to hang on to what we've already got.

You don't really want to li... (Below threshold)

You don't really want to live in a gated community, do you?

Cousin?=====... (Below threshold)


I used to feel the same way... (Below threshold)

I used to feel the same way as epador does-previous immigrants arrived at the border without papers so why worry about these? Then I saw half a million Mexicans marching through LA waving Mexican flags-despite being told not to by the march organizers! That changed things for me.Now I want to build a fence-complete with barbed wire and machine guns.For all practical purposes Mexico is colonizing American Southwest.I happen to believe that the US government should stop this-even if the government of Mexico objects.If the present American government won't do it it should be replaced by a government that will.Period.

Pardon me kim but Mexico is... (Below threshold)

Pardon me kim but Mexico is a sovereign nation.Baked into that fact is the assumption that it is capable of governing itself.Since Mexico also is a democracy it follows that what is happening is to a significant degree Mexican government policy.That policy appears to be the reconquista of the SW part of the US.Pardon me again but if the US government can't stop that it is completely worthless.At the very least it should stop expecting me to follow the endless stupid laws and regulations that don't seem to apply to Mexican illegal aliens.

6 generations ago my pat... (Below threshold)

6 generations ago my paternal forebear got into this land undocumented. Do I have to go back to Sweden?

And son of a gun, you can write in English!

And I'll bet he didn't demand that his ballots be provided in Swedish and that he be provided Swwedish-speaking teachers and that his school didn't need policemen roaming the halls!

Are you suggesting that crime is acceptable when you get away with it?

Why is it a company's job t... (Below threshold)

Why is it a company's job to do the government's job of securing the border? If I hire someone in the U.S., even as a day laborer, I do NOT expect to spent even a single extra penny verifying that he's someone my gov't wants to be here. That's their job, and the reason they don't do it is because nobody demands it of them.

Gringo= A true American her... (Below threshold)

Gringo= A true American hero. Not my job. I see nothing. "Ask what your country can do for you, not what you can do for your country."

Your comment says it all. We found one of the problems. ww

We should have the same imm... (Below threshold)

We should have the same immigration standards as Mexico, kim.

Probably wouldn't need to, ... (Below threshold)

Probably wouldn't need to, VB, if we enforced our own.

"There are at least 12 mill... (Below threshold)

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Maybe not, but 50% is a definite possibility.

It's interesting reading th... (Below threshold)

It's interesting reading the Bush voters here decrying Bush's open border policy. Cognitive dissonance?

Bryan,Guess, we're... (Below threshold)


Guess, we're not Bushbots after all.

Not at all, bryanD ... reme... (Below threshold)

Not at all, bryanD ... remember, we're not like lefty thinkbots, we don't follow a party line in lockstep fashion ... we can disagree with some of Bush's policies without working ourselves into a raging lather.

We think for ourselves. This is evidence of that.

Liberals can be such a bunc... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Liberals can be such a bunch of pathetic idiots they will go and compair the planned border fence to the berlin wall and they bring up these sob stories WELL SORRY BUT WHEN YOUR IN THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALY THEN YOU SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH AND BE SENT BACK

Heralder, someone who is ag... (Below threshold)

Heralder, someone who is against Bush's open borders policy yet votes for him anyway, is either quibbling over HOW MANY illegals to let in, or is indeed a Bushbot. One doesn't HAVE to put a checkmark in the presidential field on election day.

geek points reference="...I... (Below threshold)

geek points reference="...It must be BELGIUM."

bryanD is so simpleminded a... (Below threshold)

bryanD is so simpleminded as to think that a voting decision can only be a one issue one.

If this is Tuesday.=... (Below threshold)

If this is Tuesday.

Bryan,So you have ... (Below threshold)


So you have to be 100% in agreement with a candidate in order to vote for him? Interesting.

Some of us prefer to vote for our presidential candidates rather than leave it to others to decide, so leaving the box blank is not a palatable option for most.

I'm honestly not sure where the Democrats stand on this, would they have handled this better?

Maybe Tootoo's day?=... (Below threshold)

Maybe Tootoo's day?

bryanD, it's pretty simple.... (Below threshold)

bryanD, it's pretty simple. SOME republicans may not be good on the issue of immigration - but 99.9% of democrats are completely WRONG on the issue. In other words, the GOP isn't always perfect, but still, democrats are NEVER the answer.

Try to get that straight.

Oh, great! A cue card explo... (Below threshold)

Oh, great! A cue card explosion from Kim! "Meth and The Single Girl"

I don't understand the issu... (Below threshold)

I don't understand the issue regarding employers' difficulty in insuring that those they hire are citizens. I founded a high-tech company and the law required that I verify citizenship by 2 of a list of documents. Could they be fakes? Sure, but the law with serious (stated) penalty forces an employer to make the good faith effort and to keep copies of the supplied docs. Employers must be flouting the law without consequence.

We eally ought to adopt the... (Below threshold)

We eally ought to adopt the same border policy Mexico has with Guatemala.

bryanD reaches into his bag... (Below threshold)

bryanD reaches into his bag of tricks, and finds the most potent one; the Ad Hominem.

If "gringo" owns a conpany ... (Below threshold)

If "gringo" owns a conpany that hires these people you can bet that he is braking the law bigtime. How? Wonder if he pays in cash? Wonder if he takes out SS and taxes. Wonder if he offers health ins.? Wonder if he pays the miniumn wage? Wonder if he pays overtime? Hmmmm.

All you need to do to stop the flow of illegals is to shoot a few of them as they cross over. End of flow.

Geek points redeemable here... (Below threshold)

Geek points redeemable here.

Reference is to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the musical episode "Once More With Feeling." Buffy reacts to news that her sister is in danger: "Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday."

bryanD:heralder, ... (Below threshold)

heralder, someone who is against Bush's open borders policy yet votes for him anyway

You must vote for the candidate. You don't get to vote for the issue. Since I've yet to find a candidate that agrees with my positions 100%, voting is a matter of choosing the least wrong option.

Re: gringo
The government currently requires you to bear the expense of collecting payroll taxes for all employees. It's not a lot of *addtional* work. The problem is that Social Security cards, as they currently exist, are an extremely poor form of identification. If the government would simply improve the method of tax payer identification so that the process was simple and secure, it wouldn't create any significant additional work for businesses.

The 60 second solution..
When a SS number is created, assign a 256-bit key to the number that's embedded in the card and stored securely on a gov't server. When an employer needs to verify that employee's SS number the card is scanned. The SS number and the 'key' are transmitted for verification. The government's SS system returns simply pass or fail.

There are obvious ways to cheat the system but something along those lines would solve the majority of the problem of the business owner verifying that status of the employee.

"There are at least 12 m... (Below threshold)

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Wanna bet?

"There are at least 12 m... (Below threshold)

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

Maybe you can deport most of them, but at what expense and for what benefit?

we would need the iron fist... (Below threshold)

we would need the iron fist of stalin to deport 100,000 let alone 12,000,000

"There are at least 12 mill... (Below threshold)

"There are at least 12 million illegal aliens. You can't deport them all."

It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop, you will eventually get there.

Jeff wins the Geek Points. ... (Below threshold)

Jeff wins the Geek Points. Would you like them delivered in pobble beads, ningis, or pu?


Try bailing out your kitche... (Below threshold)

Try bailing out your kitchen sink with a thimble with the water running full blast and you'll understand why we won't "eventually get there" without preventative measures in place first.

If we could have rounded up... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

If we could have rounded up and deported "illegal aliens" back in the day we would not be talking about Alberto and Senator Pete..

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales admitted yesterday it's "just not clear" if his Mexican-immigrant grandparents settled in the U.S. legally. The nation's top cop - who is the first Hispanic attorney general - has become a pointman for the White House on divisive immigration reforms President Bush is pushing.

"Three of my grandparents were born in Mexico. They came to Texas," Gonzales told CNN.

Pressed by Wolf Blitzer, Gonzales conceded he didn't know if they sneaked across the border like millions of illegals at issue in the current debate.

"It's unclear. It's unclear," Gonzales said. "And I've looked at this issue, I've talked to my parents about it, and it's just not clear."

Gonzales has often cited his grandparents' Mexican heritage and his dirt-poor upbringing in Texas in a big family headed by his migrant worker parents.

"My grandparents were Mexican immigrants. I remember visiting them as a very young boy - there was no telephone in their house, no television, no running hot water," Gonzales said during a naturalization ceremony for new citizens in December.

Gonzales is the latest in a series of Washington politicians to talk about their immigrant heritage.

Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) recently recalled how his illegal Italian-immigrant mother was arrested by the feds in 1943.

Alberto Gonzales...another ... (Below threshold)
Nogo postal:

Alberto Gonzales...another "sob story"...gotta go my students are coming back in..(note this is from my personal laptop..not any official school computer)

Talk about self deportation... (Below threshold)
Dr. Dog:

Talk about self deportation. How about we try the following:

[] Walk into an Emergency Room and end up ringing a $4k medical bill. No problem. Send the bill to the Mexican Treasury.
[] You file for WIC, EIC, etc and we find out you are illegal. No problem. Send the bill to the Mexican Treasury.
[] You get a job here illegally and displace an American worker. We total up the job creation loss. No problem. Send the bill to the Mexican Treasury.
[] We have to deploy the National Guard to the border. No problem. Send the bill to the Mexican Treasury.
[] We have to spend $$ in immigration court trying to deport your citizens' sorry ass. No problem. Send the bill to the Mexican Treasury.

I call it the American 'No Problem' Plan. Oh, you don't want to pay the bill? No problem. We deduct it from the foreign aid we give you. Don't like that plan. Simple solution -- put your own military on your side of the border and stop it, and have your embassies start deporting your citizens. The illegals are ultimately YOUR problem not OURS. We are just asking you to get up off your a$#% and do something about it.

The simple truth today is, ... (Below threshold)

The simple truth today is, both parties don't want to enforce the law, therefore we have the current situation. The Dem's want the "cheap votes" and the GOP wants the cheap labor (for their constituent/business owners).

Today in the USA, if you have a Latino sur-name, you can get away with violating several laws - identity, social security fraud, lack of income tax withholdings, lack of driver license/insurance, etc. Do all Americans know of how they get away with it? Latinos have very strong pressure groups like La Raze, MALDEF, LULAC, etc. that constantly pressure politicians to accommodate their law-breaking, for the sake of cheap labor/cheap votes. And there are enough stupid, spineless Americans in the media, in government who fall over themselves to allow this rampant law breaking for fear of being called a bigot or "anti Hispanic". (btw, "Hispanic" is a made up politically correct term, these people are mostly Mestizo or Mexican-Indians).

We have probably around 20 million in the country today and at least two-thirds if not a higher percentage of Americans want this illegal invasion stopped. Will it? With today's soft, "feminized" young people (thank you public education), who are afraid to make "value judgments" on anyone like "hey, illegal is illegal", I wouldn't hold my breath. My advice: learn Spanish and get a Muslim prayer rug. Our nation's sovereignty is fading on the altar of "globalism" which is nothing more than one world, socialist government. North American Union here we come, amigo!

If we could have rounded... (Below threshold)

If we could have rounded up and deported "illegal aliens" back in the day we would not be talking about Alberto and Senator Pete..

Or they just would have eventually come here through legal means. Who knows and who cares. The fact is there are 12 million individuals in this country whose first act was to violate its laws. If they get caught, I have no problem seeing them deported. It should be done more effectively and more often.

A simple fast cheap check t... (Below threshold)

A simple fast cheap check that a potential employee's SSN is valid will quickly weed out a lot of problems. If an employer does not do this very simple check they are committing a crime and should be fined and possibly jailed. There is no excuse not to make this simple check. Same thing goes for renting apartments or getting credit cards or other services.

Without government money or a job or a credit card or an apartment the illegals will have to leave or they will starve and freeze. They have a country already and this is not it. They need to return to their country ASAP with as much persuasion as necessary. Otherwise parts of this country will continue to become theirs, not ours.

It's no different then allowing illegal squatters to sit in your house/building until they claim it for themselves. (no wonder the lazy socialist hippies support illegals, they use the same M.O.)

If we really need more labor (I doubt considering all the concern regarding jobs and wages the last 8 years?) then we can do this legally with a visa process that ensures we are not getting illiterate criminals.

They got here over time in ... (Below threshold)

They got here over time in little groups...we can send them back over time in little groups. Big groups if we keep doing raids like the Leather factory.

Or we could deport them all... (Below threshold)

Or we could deport them all and risk a serious financial crisis -- if not civil war -- in a large third world nation that's right next to us. Which would suck.

Yeah, I'm a tree hugging liberal with sympathy for illegal aliens, but I also think the debate should shift to what a better option is besides keeping them here. Right now we're in a damned if we do, damned if we don't situation. We're damned if we keep the illegals here, but we could be even more screwed if we ship them back home and destabilize Mexico. So what are some better options?

A "better" option would be ... (Below threshold)

A "better" option would be to simply, quietly enforce the law - both at the border and the workplace. That way we wouldn't have to actually deport them, they would self-deport over a few years when they couldn't find work so easily. The illegal population would slowly reduce to managable proportions.

They mostly all have fake ID's, social security numbers, driver licenses, etc. - it's a HUGE counterfeit racket in the Southwest. You don't hear that reported because the media is made up of mostly soft, wimpy liberals who are afraid they will be called bigots for picking on poor "Hispanics".

Will we actually do this? I hightly doubt it. Both parties have sold the American people down the river, they have sold out our nation and our soveriengty. For those of you who think that would be "mean", remember every nation on earth has borders and immigration laws that they enforce, especially Mexico, who enforces their immigration laws VERY STRICTLY.

TAS,Destablilize M... (Below threshold)
Dr. Dog:


Destablilize Mexico. Look as long as they can export their economic problems why should they change? Till you force the Mexican governemnt to fix their problems by shipping the people back in droves nothing will change.

Remember something else, 4 Billion people are worse off then low end Mexicans. Do you think those people qualify to come here as well? And do you think the US can handle 4 Billion prople in its borders?

It's like saying, "There ar... (Below threshold)

It's like saying, "There are umpteen burglars out there so it's futile to lock your doors or turn on your burglar alarm." If you do take such measures the chance of being burglarized plummets.

Illegal Aliens are burglars and trespassers.

LOL, if you actually spent ... (Below threshold)

LOL, if you actually spent time in Mexico and knew Mexico you would know the slow return of 6-8 MM Mexicans over a couple of years, many with some basic skills, would not destabilize Mexico. The reason the current government does not want them back is many would probably not vote for PAN.

I've lived there and worked there in the past (no small feat with their work visa restrictions) and can say it would not be harmful. The biggest threats to Mexician stability are the narcos dollars/weapons, losing jobs to Asia, and increases in corn prices.

If you talk with the Mexicans in the USA (in spanish) you will find they have no respect for the USA or gringos, they just want the money and eventual political power. They're a bunch of socialists who are invading our country with an eye their kids and grandkids will take over and change the laws. Wait until the want reparations for the taking of the southwest USA in the 1800's.






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