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Heritage In Focus: Hijacking Troops for Pork

The Heritage Foundation has released a video that exposes how the Democrats are using the troops as leverage to squeeze more pork out of the emergency spending bill.

The Dems: Budget caps? We don't need no stinking budget caps.

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This is where I get my news... (Below threshold)

This is where I get my news first: The Heritage Foundation.

By the way Kim, nice to see you worried about spending all of a sudden.

The Dems blew it on this "d... (Below threshold)

The Dems blew it on this "defense" bill. They should have put in some "food to feed the poor" (which is similar to the pork they added), so that when the bill was defeated or vetoed the cry would be----- "those mean Repubs are taking food out of the poor's mouths"

Typical political games the Dems play at the expense of our military. This is support?

imagine that... Congress wa... (Below threshold)

imagine that... Congress wants money for American farmers and fishermen while the Bush War Machine hands billions more to Halliburton.

Typical Lib. BS response..w... (Below threshold)

Typical Lib. BS response..what a joke.but is there a lie in there somewhere?.. Lee.. Jp2.. tell me it's all a fabrication.

What Congress wants, it has... (Below threshold)

What Congress wants, it has the power to get.

Why not separate the issues, Lee? Vote on them separately. The Dems know what they are doing by putting these "good" causes to work as levers to try to force others to vote against them so that they can use that as political blackmail.

You'd fall for it for sure. Oh, those poor farmers. Oh, those poor sick children. Oh, those heartless bastards who don't care.

Scripted "interview" (who's... (Below threshold)

Scripted "interview" (who's he looking at??). THE worst way to present a case for ANYTHING. Propaganda 101: dissolve the 4th wall. Employment orientation videography is NOT the ticket.

bryanDirtbag--Huh?... (Below threshold)


Bush has a chance to lead t... (Below threshold)
Michael Evilcorn:

Bush has a chance to lead the charge on this outrage, but he will not. He mentioned the added pork in yesterday's speech, but don't expect him to do any more. He doesn't care. He could very effectively expose specific Congressmen and their stupid projects, but he will not. It will take years for the Republicans to get credibility back on the fiscal responsibility issue. Attacking the Democrats for spending comes across as silly.

Where have the conservatives gone?

This is one of the many exa... (Below threshold)

This is one of the many examples of why people do not believe dimmers support the troops. They use them only for political gain. Dimmers should be ashamed but it takes pride and self respect. ww

Most donkeys go HEE HAW HEE... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Most donkeys go HEE HAW HEE HAW the demacratic donkey gose OINK OINK OINK OINK






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