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Rude Rosie

Honestly, I cannot understand why Elisabeth Hasselbeck stays on The View. If I were treated as shabbily, and rudely, as she is treated by Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Behar I can't imagine showing up for more every day. She must be making some pretty big bucks. Newsbusters has a transcript of one of the worst performances by Rosie yet. Bush Derangement Syndrome? I think just plain "deranged" fits just fine.

Update: For those wondering what I am talking about when I said "showing up for more every day," just take a look at a transcript from yesterday's View.

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I don't understand why anyo... (Below threshold)

I don't understand why anyone actually watches The View.

Cute as Elisabeth is, I'd r... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Cute as Elisabeth is, I'd recommend Laura Ingrahm take her place. Laura's one hot, whipsmart conservative chick who would give Rosie so many daily verbal smackdowns she'd go do another "The Flintstones" movie sequel just to get a reprieve from Laura.

And Rosie:
Rosie said: "I grew up watching sit-ins on television....

Oh, you did not. You're only 3 years older than I am and I don't remember diddly squat about protests. And I grew up next to friggin' UC Berkelely. So shut the hell up...

Peter F, I listen to Laura ... (Below threshold)

Peter F, I listen to Laura Ingraham's radio program. The comedy bits and sound effects actually WORK, by the way! And she is pretty swift. Unfortunately, as a C-SPAN junkie, I've seen her get run over several times in panel free-for-alls. Big cheese at Girl's School? So was Rosie, and she has gravity on her side. Laura would find a way to quit. Ego. Elisabeth is not so dykey and happy to collect $$$, as hetero women all are.

Not that I know Laura's a d... (Below threshold)

Not that I know Laura's a dyke, but she has some kind of new Catholic convert nun thing going on. But she's cool.

Peter, exactly. I'm the sa... (Below threshold)

Peter, exactly. I'm the same age as the psycho Rosie and I don't recall any of that.

I'm so tired of the libbies and their childhood "recollections" that never took place.


People still pay attention ... (Below threshold)

People still pay attention to Rosie O'Donnell?

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an ... (Below threshold)

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an idiot. I actually heard her tell her cohosts that if a woman steals semen from a sperm bank to impregnate herself that the donor of that sperm should be 50% responsible for supporting that child. She deserves to get beat up on.

If I had to go aroun... (Below threshold)

If I had to go around life looking Rosie the Cow I'd be bitter too.

I do applologize to any cows who may have been offended by my prior sentence..

Maybe Elizabeth ca... (Below threshold)

Maybe Elizabeth can bring her a ham as a peace offering.

Well Frank, I can't say I'v... (Below threshold)

Well Frank, I can't say I've ever quite understood the ability of *anyone* to give away (or sell) their pro-creative genetic material without a second thought to their progeny, but that's just me. Apparently lots of people can do that. If "dad" is responsible financially or not, he *did* make the choice to pro-create and no matter how uninterested he is he does, in fact, have a child in the world.

But male non-choice is generally a liberal feminist sort of thing and women certainly do "steal sperm" and deliberately get pregnant and then demand that the father support the child. He has no opportunity after conception to decide that having a child is a bad idea and it makes no legal difference if he was deliberately lied to or decieved about her use of birth control or even if she tampered with the condoms. Now, since this is apparently what liberal feminists tend to think is *fair* I'd want to see Ms. Hasselbeck's statement in context before making any assumption about what she might have meant by it.

I don't understand why a... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

I don't understand why anyone actually watches The View.

I dont understand why people TV at all. All it is is a bunch of commercial ads with creative "filler" in between, IMO.

Yehbut, the Dresden Files a... (Below threshold)

Yehbut, the Dresden Files are pretty good and every so often they'll show all the Steven Segal movies on Spike.

"Maybe Elizabeth can bring ... (Below threshold)

"Maybe Elizabeth can bring her a ham as a peace offering".....uuhhhh, better make it the whole hog, with mashed taters, biscuits, punkin pie, and a razor to shave her upper lip before she eats.

Big cheese at Girl... (Below threshold)
Big cheese at Girl's School? So was Rosie, and she has gravity on her side.

Heh. Pretty funny, bryanD.

Rosie has turned into a cam... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Rosie has turned into a camera whore. She will say and do absolutely anything, as long as it gets the camera to point towards her. Sad, really.

Nosie Rosie this woman is p... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Nosie Rosie this woman is plain delerious and wacky she lives in a wealthy community and supports gun control bet gets a gun for her adopted childs bodyguard, Dad gum bunch of kooks

Hasn't anybody noticed? Eli... (Below threshold)

Hasn't anybody noticed? Elisabeth is preggers!!!

People still pay attenti... (Below threshold)

People still pay attention to Rosie O'Donnell?

Back in the day, people payed good money to see the Elephant Man. She's the walking freak show of today!!






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