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Source: Gov Blanco to Withdraw From Louisiana Gov. Race


Ding Dong the bitch is dead.

The rumor has been floating, but I got a phone call from about as good a source as you'll get in this state.

Gov. Kathleen Blanco, the bungling incompetent worthless excuse for a governor has decided that losing by 30 points in the election is too much to face, so she's bailing out.

It will be confirmed soon enough.

Update: Lest you think I'm happy, I'm not. I was looking forward to her public humiliation on election day. And that's what it would have been. Not a thumping, not a landslide but electoral humiliation. Sadly, I'll never get that satisfaction.

John Breaux will probably try to take her place but (unless the Dem party finds a sympathetic judge) he is legally no longer a resident of the state.

Bobby Jindal is a 20 point favorite over anyone the Dems can find.

Update 2: But no, I'm not bitter. ;-)

Update 3 Confirmed!

UPDATE FOUR!!!! THAT WAS FAST! The LA Rep party is ALREADY running anti Breaux commercials. Just 5 minutes after Blanco announced she was out... they already had the commercial cut and ready to run during the SAME newscast. WOW..


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Comments (30)

"It will be confirmed s... (Below threshold)

"It will be confirmed soon enough."

Nothing can be soon enough in her case.

Mitch Landrieu? ... (Below threshold)

Mitch Landrieu?

>Mitch Landrieu?I ... (Below threshold)

>Mitch Landrieu?

I dunno. He lost in New Orleans which is his base. I can't see him winning the rest of the state either...

For a Dem to win (well, except Breaux) they need to carry N.O and another hunk of the state. Blanco had N.O. and Acadiana for example.

Mitch couldn't win in N.O. and he has no other base outside N.O. The more I think about it the less of a chance I think he has.

Congratulations!Sh... (Below threshold)


She is one of the dimmer bulbs on the tree . . .

"Ding Dong the bitch is dea... (Below threshold)

"Ding Dong the bitch is dead."

Wizbang stay classy.

(very creative, btw)

Somehow, the people knew. W... (Below threshold)

Somehow, the people knew. Who would have thunk that with all the help from the media she got. Hurricanes are your responsibility -- You are on your own, for the first 72 hours, regardless of who is in charge of the state. Been there, doing that.

Darn! I wanted to see her g... (Below threshold)

Darn! I wanted to see her get clobbered by Jindal.

Foster Campbell announced yesterday also.
Breaux will manipulate his way around the residency requirements - this is Louisiana!

>Wizbang stay classy.... (Below threshold)

>Wizbang stay classy.

Lemme tell ya something.... If there was a statue of her in town, I'd pull it down with my pickup truck and beat on it with my shoe.

Since chief executive natio... (Below threshold)

Since chief executive nationally often come from the ranks of gouverneurs, how about Jindal for Prez in about 20??.

I don't see why you're so m... (Below threshold)

I don't see why you're so mad at her.

It's not like she ever did anything...

John Breaux will probabl... (Below threshold)

John Breaux will probably try to take her place but (unless the Dem party finds a sympathetic judge) he is legally no longer a resident of the state.

Remember the charge during 2000 that Cheney was a resident of Texas, not Wyoming? These residency challenges never seem to work.

Jindal was polling well last time but didn't win. Fred Barnes explains why:

Why did Jindal lose after leading his Democratic opponent, Kathleen Blanco, in statewide polls in the weeks before the election? In a word, race. What occurred was the "Wilder effect," named after the black Virginia governor elected in 1989. Wilder, a Democrat, polled well, then won narrowly. Many white voters, it turned out, said they intended to vote for a black candidate when they really didn't. Questioned by pollsters, they were leery of being seen as racially prejudiced.

"Lemme tell ya something...... (Below threshold)

"Lemme tell ya something.... If there was a statue of her in town, I'd pull it down with my pickup truck and beat on it with my shoe."

Oh if only I could spend a Friday night with the Paul family.

Good. Now she's free to be ... (Below threshold)

Good. Now she's free to be a Supreme Court nominee in the Hillary! administration.

jp2I don't live ther... (Below threshold)

I don't live there, as Paul does, but I do know many FEMA contractors that work in the area, interact with locals (the ones who are actually can be there) and their ( the locals) comments are consistent. They are beside themselves with anger. The MSM has attempted to focus much of that anger on the President.
However, the Governor had little support beyond the national media...another example, albeit harsh for all involved, that "all politics is local".

The Louisiana Executive's response to this hurricane was tragic, to put it mildly.

But it was all Bush's fault... (Below threshold)

But it was all Bush's fault, even tho Blanco and Ragin' Nagin were as incompetent and ineffectual as a local politician can be.


"The Louisiana Executive's ... (Below threshold)

"The Louisiana Executive's response to this hurricane was tragic, to put it mildly."


Stop the presses.

Thank God she'll be gone! W... (Below threshold)

Thank God she'll be gone! Worst Governor ever; made me long for the days of Edwin Edwards

I hope Jindal can beat Breaux

I'm very disappointed she didn't stay in the race, Jindal would have beaten her by 20+ points

Bobby Jindal is the smartest guy I've EVER seen and VERY conservative

He'd make a fine President in 12-16 years or so

Wouldn't that be great - my representative becoming President!

Go Bobby, go!

ashame, Auntie Blanco is a ... (Below threshold)

ashame, Auntie Blanco is a borned leader.



Jindal lost mainly because ... (Below threshold)

Jindal lost mainly because of voter fraud in New Orleans, although his margins in many rural areas probably suffered because of his skin color.

Barnes is FOS about the "Wilder effect." Wilder polled ahead of his results because of Republicans "coming home" to Marshall Coleman (a pro-choice "moderate Republican") in the late stages of the race. Wilder had previously won a statewide race for Lt. Governor, so was strong enough to win despite that late trend.

Incidentally, at the time the supposed phenomenon of white voters telling pollsters they would vote for the black candidate but then voting for the white opponent instead was known as "The Bradley Effect." It was so-named because of the California Gubernatorial election where Deukmejian came from behind to defeat Tom Bradley, the black Mayor of LA.

Whether there is such an "effect" or not has never been established. Bradley himself is the only black candidate for a major office who LOST after leading significantly in the late polls. Wilder and Dinkins won, just by smaller margins. Polls are frequently wrong on margins - one notable instance was the 1996 Presidential election, where polls had Clinton ahead by as much as 18%, but he won by only 7% and a 49% total.

Actually, you're both wrong... (Below threshold)

Actually, you're both wrong. That's not why Jindal lost. With a week to go he was 10 points ahead...

Wait, I'm not going to type it all, I have google.... This guys got it EXACTLY right at the time.

I know, I worked for the campaign.

------Begin Cut-------

Blanco Bests Bobby
A Cajun GOP post-mortem.

A week ago today, polls showed Republican candidate Bobby Jindal at least ten points ahead of Democratic challenger Kathleen Blanco going into the homestretch of the Louisiana governor's race. Yet on Saturday, Blanco beat the GOP wunderkind by four-percentage points, leaving the state's Republicans stunned and depressed. What happened?

"Jindal ran a perfect campaign for five weeks," said John Maginnis, the state's leading political journalist. "But it's a six-week campaign."

Most observers agree that Jindal's collapse in the final week had to do with the health-care issue. When outgoing Republican Gov. Mike Foster appointed Jindal head of the state's Department of Health and Hospitals in 1995, Jindal brought the agency out of bankruptcy, and turned a $400 million deficit into a surplus by slashing the budget. Campaigning for governor, Jindal cited this experience as an example of how his management expertise solved a major governing crisis.

But Blanco turned it against him in the campaign homestretch by accusing Jindal of balancing the Medicaid budget on the backs of the poor, who rely on Louisiana's public-hospital system for health care. A devastating negative television ad the Blanco campaign ran in the final days featured a wheelchair-bound doctor who used to work in the state's public health system accusing Jindal of ruining it.

"The doctor's last line was, 'By the way, I'm a staunch Republican,'" says Maginnis. "It was a powerful ad, and Jindal didn't respond."
-----End Cut-----

Read the whole thing, the guy nails it. see also

In addition to everything else, she's a lying sack of shit. Jindal saved The Department of Health and Hospitals and Blanco ran ads lying about it and saying he was going to take healthcare away from old people.

Just like her bitch friend Mary Landrieu ran her lying ads in the final days of the campaign about a "Super Secret Bush Sugar Deal" ads and won her election.

Jim it was Landriu's first election that was the Dem voter fraud election.

Paul:Lemme tell y... (Below threshold)

Lemme tell ya something.... If there was a statue of her in town, I'd pull it down with my pickup truck and beat on it with my shoe.

Now that's funny.

Paul, I agree with Mike. Th... (Below threshold)

Paul, I agree with Mike. The statue and shoe beating was funny. I also do not believe you are a moron anymore. Glad to see her go. Hope someone competent steps in. Hurricane season comes every year. ww

Maybe governors should be r... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Maybe governors should be required to put up statues, just as an incentive not to screw up that badly.

>I also do not believe you ... (Below threshold)

>I also do not believe you are a moron anymore.

You got 2 things right in 2 days.

As another Louisiana reside... (Below threshold)

As another Louisiana resident, I'd like to see the state treasurer, Kennedy, run.

He seems pretty decisive and pretty conservative, for a Dem, to me. He has done a lot of radio interviews regarding what to do with the state's tax revenues, especially the one-time tobacco money, the current $1B surplus (due mainly to high oil prices), and the recent Gulf of Mexico royalty sharing law.

He has been pretty decisive on what he thinks should be done with the money - and it doesn't seem at all wasteful, but instead he advocates long-term investments. Others in state gov't want to spend these one-time $'s on recurring expenses (e.g. salaries, medicaid, et.al.), but Kennedy wants to invest some of it so the state will have future revenues and spend the remaining on one-time capital projects (e.g. roads & bridges). Makes way too much sense to me for a pol to have come up with these ideas.

Paul, I am trying so hard. ... (Below threshold)

Paul, I am trying so hard. By the way, Melinda Doolittle did really good last night. ww

Its just another manic mond... (Below threshold)

Its just another manic monday! Wish it was sunday..cause thats My fun day..I dont have to run day?
Just another manic monday!

>As another Louisiana resid... (Below threshold)

>As another Louisiana resident, I'd like to see the state treasurer, Kennedy, run.

The word on the street -if you choose to believe it or not- is that Kennedy will switch to the R party and go after Landrieu in the 08 Senate race.....

I'll belive it when I see it BUT it is plausable.

I think he'd probably beat her. Her stock has not gone up post Katrina and arguably has gone down. Kennedy is popular in both parties.

>By the way, Melinda Doolit... (Below threshold)

>By the way, Melinda Doolittle did really good last night.

Latisha let me down. I think (last night) Jordin pulled into second. I still see a battle of black females. ... But the girl with the tight haircut is in trouble. There is a finite amount of votes for black female belters... And she's got 3 people in front of her.... I think she's safe this week but she better pick up her game. FAST.

HEH... WW if you're still a... (Below threshold)

HEH... WW if you're still around, I told ya she was in trouble. I thought she had it this week but I knew she was on the bubble.






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