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Blood money

One of the most important lessons I learned about writing was "write what you know." There are some subjects I consider myself somewhat knowledgable about, and I discuss them. There are others where I am ignorant (by happenstance, circumstance, predisposition, or choice), and I usually leave them alone. Sports, for example.

Another is economics. I once read that if you ask a question of two economists, you'll get three answers. I always thought that number was a bit low.

So that's why I leave big economic issues to others for the most part. For example, I could never come up with anything remotely like this piece. Hell, I have a hard enough time reading it, never mind producing it.

But I do know a few fundamentals about economics. One such principle is "if you subsidize something, you get more of it."

Which is why stories like this one horrify me.

The one consolation I have is the thought (and it very well might be purely fantasy) that some day the gravy train will end, and then the Palestinians, without their free butter any more, will have to eat their guns.

It ought to be a rude awakening. And it couldn't happen to a nicer group of terrorist-supporting death cultists.

But it won't ever happen.

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One also needs to take into... (Below threshold)

One also needs to take into account the type of personalities you foster by handing a people everything they need to survive.

Nations are not built on international handouts. Those should be reserved for times of trouble rather being made policy. Just dumping cash and food in their laps will not spur them to run out and try to find work, it will spur them to...wait for the next shipment. It's the whole give a man a fish, teach a man to fish proverb in action.

If the state of Palestine is ever to be made, the government needs to be torn down. Industry needs to be restarted, peace needs to be made. None of the three will happen with the current "administration".

As an economist, I can safe... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

As an economist, I can safely say that, if you laid all the economists in the world end-to-end, you still couldn't reach a conclusion.

I watched a movie "One Day ... (Below threshold)

I watched a movie "One Day in September" yesterday. It made me very angry.
It's about the Palestinians killing the Israeli atheletes in Munich.
There were two things I didn't know about that (one entirely predictable).
They gave the bodies to the Libyans and there were adoring crowds, huge crowds, around the caskets when they got there. It was a gigantic celebration of the murder of 11 athletes. (Yeah, utterly predictable but still... people should notice stuff like that).

What got me absolutey furious was that the Germans had two terrorists in custody so they, the freaking Germans!!!!, supposedly helped stage the hijacking that they then used as a pretense to release the two terrorists. They didn't want any more terrorism in their country so they figured that was the best way to handle it.

I was pretty darn mad. Then, I saw the Discovery Times channel had a program called The True Assassins. I didn't watch it as I was about to beat my dog I was so furious, but from the commercial they're calling the Israelis the true assassins because they killed everybody involved in this plot, and yes, one of those they killed wasn't the terrorist they wanted.

That's right, some "terrorists" killed a bunch of Israelis at the Olympics and those damn Jews seemed to feel that deserved a response beyond, "Well, that wasn't nice".
I still want to punch somebody. It must really be horrible to be Jewish sometimes. They've spent the last couple thousand years watching the world yawn and even cheer when people start trying to exterminate them.

Unearned money is fundament... (Below threshold)

Unearned money is fundamentally corrupting. Allah is testing the faithful with 'manna from Heaven', this windfall of oil, to see if the Muslims deserve world domination, and they are failing the test. Has their faith built the effort to world dominance that the jihadis have? No, oil money has. They've got to solve that little problem before they can stand on their hind legs and challenge the Enlilghtenment.

OK, now I read the article ... (Below threshold)

OK, now I read the article and he has a similar point. It's news about Russia stopping uranium shipments. Politically, Russia and China held the key to controlling the mullahs, who are not crazy; Ahmadinejad is.

Economically, he's right about the unvibrant economy and the unhealthy focus.

Surely Allah has Arafat in ... (Below threshold)

Surely Allah has Arafat in torment. Think what could have been for the people called the Palestinians.






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