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The person behind the pro-Obama/anti-Hillary video

Fox News is reporting that an employee at Blue State Digital, a company that does website work for the Barack Obama campaign, created the spoofed "1984" anti Hillary video that has gone viral in the internet.

The Obama campaign is still insisting that it had no knowledge or anything to do with this video and says that the employee, Phil de Vellis, has been fired. Here's the statement from Blue State Digital:

Statement from Thomas Gensemer, Managing Director, Blue State Digital

This afternoon, an employee at our firm, Phillip de Vellis, received a call from Arianna Huffington of "The Huffington Post" regarding the "1984" video currently circulating online. Initially, de Vellis refused to respond to her requests. He has since acknowledged to Blue State Digital that he was the creator of the video.

Pursuant to company policy regarding outside political work or commentary on behalf of our clients or otherwise, Mr. de Vellis has been terminated from Blue State Digital effective immediately.

Blue State Digital is under contract with the Obama Campaign for technology pursuits including software development and hosting. Additionally, one of our founding partners is on leave from the company to work directly for the campaign at headquarters.

However, Blue State Digital is not currently engaged in any relationship with the Obama Campaign for creative or non-technical services.

Mr. de Vellis created this video on his own time. It was done without the knowledge of management, and was in no way tied to his work at the firm or our formal engagement [on technology pursuits] with the Obama campaign.

I have spoken with David Plouffe, Sen. Obama's campaign manager, to inform him of this action and am appreciative of his understanding and ongoing support of our work.

We wish Mr. de Vellis well in his future endeavors.


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Comments (23)

How did Huff n Puff find hi... (Below threshold)

How did Huff n Puff find him? & since when does satire merit the ax? Hell, the Breck Girl kept his Catholic-hating trannies on the payroll after outright bigotry & hate!

BO shd grab up this dude chop-chop to run his youtube Black (& articulate) Ops division, before Shrillary does.

I've never understood why t... (Below threshold)
Michael Evilcorn:

I've never understood why that ad was such a big news story. Is it because it was so well produced? Don't think so. There's all kinds of political crap on youtube. All kinds of high school kids can produce spots like that too.

I suppose the big deal is s... (Below threshold)

I suppose the big deal is someone on the left actually pointed out the emprise has no cloths. Now they can see it, thanks to this incredibly amazing stupendous original video clip. The liberals truly are the drones in the video... or perhaps sheep.

Hmm, so the media NOW gets ... (Below threshold)

Hmm, so the media NOW gets the difference between a CAMPAIGN and INDEPENDENT GROUPS.

Shame they couldn't grasp that back in 88.
...Funny, I didn't hear this nuance in relation to the Swift Boat Vets...

I question the timing!!!</p... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

I question the timing!!!

Osama Obama had nothing to ... (Below threshold)

Osama Obama had nothing to do with it and Algore the idiot didn't make an ass of Boxer in congress today. That is he set her up and she made an ass of herself. No, that isn't right, she has always been an ass, she just showed it to the world today.
It no longer matters what the democrat party says anytime, anywhere, I'm ashamed the are Americans, or are they? They side with the enemy 100% of the time so they may be something from outer space just living in the United States. The tin foil hats may be their only means of communications with those out to destroy the world.

Actually they act like a pre-school class when the teacher is out of the room, except the world is watching and laughing at them.

I'm not surprised he got fi... (Below threshold)

I'm not surprised he got fired. I don't think that the ad hurt Hillary and it couldn't hurt Obama unless people believed he was responsible for it or approved of it.

It was really *really* funny to people who already think that Hillary is scary beyond all reason.

It's Bush's Fault! Stop thi... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

It's Bush's Fault! Stop this depravity now! Bring our troops home from Ireland! Stop the war in Hawaii and Fresno! And most important, Ban all imports from Kasmakistyan!

de Vellis may now want to t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

de Vellis may now want to try his hand at a video showing long lines at gas stations as OPEC retaliates against the U.S. for electing an Islamic apostate to the presidency. Then pan back and show that it's Obama. If there's one thing that unites Muslims, it's their hate for apostates.

Phillip de Vellis will prob... (Below threshold)

Phillip de Vellis will probably be hired by some advertising company or perhaps the Edwards campaign to produce anti-Hillary, anti-Obama videos.

Does Kasmakistyan have Yell... (Below threshold)

Does Kasmakistyan have Yellow Cake?

Possibly not technically apostate, since he was a child. Apostasy is only possible in sane adult males. Then again, Obama is presumably a sane adult male. Sorry about the confusion, Mac.

With any luck, Fred Dalton ... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

With any luck, Fred Dalton Thompson will be looking for creative talent for his campaign shortly. Mr. de Vellis would be a very nice fit indeed with Thompson's no-nonsense style.

OT, but Tony Snow has state... (Below threshold)

OT, but Tony Snow has stated than transcripts mean nothing. OK, why was the point brought out in a previous post that lying to Congress, under oath or not, more or less had the same penalty. Well, a transcript is a complete accurate record of who said what and when. Is that why nobody wants any transcripts involved when they testify? Just like Alice in Wonderland, getting weird and weirder by all the talking heads. God I love this show, as I will probably be dead before the real truth comes out, but the sad part is my children and grandchildren will be paying the bill for all this BS.

Phil is not too far off. S... (Below threshold)

Phil is not too far off. Some journalists had suggested since the ad makes Obama and Hillary both look bad, then it MUST be the work of a GOP operative. And libs insist that all GOP operatives are in cohoots with Bush so....naturally the early concensus was......(c'mon, you know the answer)......
Bush (& of course Rove) was behind the whole thing. That's ALWAYS the answer until.....well, until the truth comes out....and it always does....and it's always the opposite of what the moonbats claim.

Well, a transcript is a ... (Below threshold)

Well, a transcript is a complete accurate record of who said what and when.

You are aware that the Congressional Record is not remotely an accurate transcript, right?

Although there are serious ... (Below threshold)

Although there are serious copyright issues involved with the continued airing of this brilliant ad, this modified ad will likely prove to be major factor in this race and weaken Hillary's standing among many younger voters. Likely, this election will turn on some brilliant ads by viewers on YOUTUBE and will decide the eventual winner.

Bill Clinton secretly admir... (Below threshold)
an insider:

Bill Clinton secretly admired the balls exhibited in this video. He's been quietly trying to dissuade Hitlery from making her run for his old job with little success.

Why should I believe Obama?... (Below threshold)

Why should I believe Obama? The guy has no track record and he's a good actor/liar. I thought I saw him in an episode on 24, but it was just another tall, good-looking black actor. But I didn't know Obama was going to bring 'The Revolution'.

If Obama is the candiate, I'll vote Republican.

MikeSC...I looked at... (Below threshold)

I looked at what you said for half a second, started to anser it out loud whilst sipping hot tea, then snorted at myself for answering a rhetorical question.
Into a full mug of hot tea.
I may have a minor burn under my mustache and in my right nostril.
I hope you're happy.

Riehl's World wonders at a ... (Below threshold)

Riehl's World wonders at a Geffen connection.

Who would want to stick it ... (Below threshold)

Who would want to stick it to both Obama and Hillary?

De Vellis explored his crea... (Below threshold)

De Vellis explored his creativity and expressed his freedom of speech at the same time.
I didn't see anything wrong with the Hillary 1984 video. In fact, it was kind of clever!. For me, he deserves more commendation than condemnation.

As I proposed before, in a ... (Below threshold)

As I proposed before, in a couple years, campaigning could be left to bloggers alone. The blogosphere almost pushed the Dean candidacy into the running in 2004, could it eventually be the entire emphasis behind a campaign.

What is frightening is that with technology growing like it is, you could have a Philip de Vellis creating a lifelike video of a candidate that is entirely fabricated.






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