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What is Next for Gathering of Eagles?

Bruce Kesler has an update on what is next for the Gathering of Eagles with an interview of Larry Bailey, the prime organizer behind the successful turnout of the Gathering Of Eagles in Washington, D.C. last Saturday.


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Carrion?... (Below threshold)


I hope people get that joke... (Below threshold)

I hope people get that joke, but probably not.

MAN! That was much ado abou... (Below threshold)

MAN! That was much ado about NOTHING! It's funny, the AEI nest of neocons slapping together these false front "patriot" groups: Gathering of Eagles with their incompetent webmaster who couldn't get his Gallery to work. And when he did, the BIG event was memorialized as a fat girl in a red shirt posing with old men in fatigues. And Victory Caucus/Democracy Project, same people. And beware of "right-wingers" touting "democracy". Perpetual war machine!

Does <a href="http://ecdpho... (Below threshold)

Does this help?

bryanD,The big dea... (Below threshold)


The big deal was that there was a sizable counterprotest, something that hasn't been organized to any degree on the right.

wow, if the democrats are a... (Below threshold)

wow, if the democrats are all like bryan d, we are worse off than we originally believed...

the poor USA, filled with the mindless...

'fat girl'?

so bitter, filled with vivid bigotry and help.

does that poster even know what the term 'neocon' actually means?

probably not.

ever wonder if the Kos Kids and DU's are paid to go to sites of reason, to spread their vicious hatred for others?

in fact, this was a dose of reality for the libs.

American Patriots on display...

heralder; that was why I wa... (Below threshold)

heralder; that was why I was lurking at the official GOE website off and on for a couple days after, WAITING to see at least a good crane shot of the crowd. When their gallery finally did go up, it was family picture time. Their videos were oddly lacking good panarama shots even. I'm not normally a head counter, but the "paint" threat seems to have been fabricated by this group to encourage a big turn-out. But no evidence of a big turn is photographed convincingly. Which is OK, but then the same mouths start bitching about MSM undercount.

"ever wonder if the Kos Kid... (Below threshold)

"ever wonder if the Kos Kids and DU's are paid to go to sites of reason, to spread their vicious hatred for others?"

But if ya banned him, he'd whine like a spoiled kid. The net gives people like him SUCH STRENGTH!. bryanD, nobody cares what you have to say.. go back to Kos.

hnav: "fat girl"? Oh, how u... (Below threshold)

hnav: "fat girl"? Oh, how un-PC of me! Then Rubenesque! And what's a neocon? http://www.newoxfordreview.org/article.jsp?did=1205-editorial ... As for Ran: I'm a Republican marine corps grunt, bitch!

Yep.. you are aren't you..<... (Below threshold)

Yep.. you are aren't you..

(Combat Company Clerk)..LMA... (Below threshold)

(Combat Company Clerk)..LMAO!

<a href="http://conprotanto... (Below threshold)

Vietnam Vets Face Down The Moonbats

The greatest irony of this "peace" march is that it was led by ANSWER Communists who promote an ideology which killed a hundred million people in the last century.

How did the most murderous ideology in history come to lead the "peace" movement?

If the clueless lefties really wanted peace, the first step is to visualize a peace march that is NOT led by the most murderous ideology in human history.

The author poses a good question.

And my question is why does the MSM ignore the front groups affiliations.

P.S. I hate hippies. Except that free love part, that was groovy in my younger days.

All right, and I admit once in awhile I buy a pint of "Ben & Jerry's" Chunky Monkey. Hey, I'm only human.

A Gathering of Eagles: The... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

A Gathering of Eagles: The Gayest Movie Ever Made with Rock Hudson:

Rock Hudson plays an Air Force Colonel who has just been re-assigned as a cold war B-52 commander who must shape up his men to pass a grueling inspection that the previous commander had failed, and had been fired for. He is also recently married, and as a tough commanding officer doing whatever he has to do to shape his men up, his wife sees a side to him (?!!!) that she hadn't seen before.


Ya know...you folks trash l... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Ya know...you folks trash lefty web places...but just wondering...if you folks were more action than talk..why were there not ten's of thousands there..
It is not as if you did not know about this...
Lorie..it is obvious yo are passionate in your beliefs...i respect that...
However....you give four specific places you went to..in the past year that was a visible presence..
At least the Gathering of eagles ...had the courage of their convictions...
Folks like you and Scrapiron...talk big here..
Do you have the simple courage of your conviction..to show up..alone..on a major intersection..or anywhere..to hold up a sign with your belief?...yeah you may be subject to abuse..but so what?
You folks cheer on those that "stand" for you...and you can't even do the same...
Like our President..who could have volunteered to go to Viet Nam..and choose not to..you folks..lack the basic courage to do what the Eagle Folks did...and what ten's of thousands moonbats do...
but that is ok..I have been afraid before..when I was three..i was afraid in my room with the light turned out...just keep telling yourself..."I am afraid" and I am grateful the my President calms my fears...

why were there not... (Below threshold)
why were there not ten's of thousands there..

There was ten's of thousands there.

Oh and nogo, Lorie posts with her photo (On Townhall) and she often mentions what city she lives in. There is nothing cowardly about that verses holding up a sign.

The other name you mentioned "Scrapiron" I do believe has mentioned he is a 20+ veteran. Those actions are still more brave than holding up a sign.

bryanDIf you are a... (Below threshold)


If you are a marine, my DSN is 460-5349.

You have identified yourself as a member of the military, and then stated -

And beware of "right-wingers" touting "democracy". Perpetual war machine!

What is your DSN?


bryanDplease name ... (Below threshold)


please name 2 free democratic nations that have gone to war with another freely elected democratic nation.

I'll give you a head start -

american civil war
war of 1812
Boer war

other then that, please explain the democratic war machine


Screejay: Once a marine, al... (Below threshold)

Screejay: Once a marine, always a marine! I served active 1979-1982 and never heard of DSN. Our service number was our SSN and to know that here, you'd have to die. I went to boot camp July 26,1979, MCRD San Diego. In recieving until mid- August(!). 79 days later, 10 days leave before reporting to ITS as 0331 at Camp Horno. Arrived at USNAS Keflavik, Iceland, Dec24, 1980, for 1 year Barracks Duty. Then rest of svc with C 1/7 based in San Mateo, CA. (Capt. Malachowski, co), and did the Okinawa circuit attached to 9th regiment, Camp Hansen (Kincho!) with requisite mountain warfare training at Pohang ROK. Highlight of course: Philippines (Angeles City and Olongopo). Once back, I was "short" and spent as much time as possible at Long Beach and on Seal Beach getting stoned. Got out just as piss tests policy got going. (phew!) Semper Fi! P.S. I shot a 217 at Edson Range and qualified 1st class on my m-60. Fastest run: 22 minutes. (I'm more of a sprinter!)

BryanD,Semper Fi</... (Below threshold)


Semper Fi

DSN is your military phone number.

As for duty in Asia - PILSUNG!

Me - 353FS, 333FS, 354FS, BALO 3/9 ACR, BALO 24 ID (TF 1-64, firebase Sword, Mogadishu) 25 FS, 355 FS, exchange RAF Valley RAFB Wales, 74FS, 75FS - world famous flying tigers. 1989 - current day.

My Grandfather was my hero - 2nd Battalion Marine Radiars, Silver Star, Okinawa, PH for multiple wounds in hand to hand fighting.

He told me that he fought so his son would never have to. But he was proud in 1990 when I said the same thing to him.

I guess you are right when you say Perpetual war machine!


nogo postal:Ya... (Below threshold)

nogo postal:

Ya know...you folks trash lefty web places...but just wondering...if you folks were more action than talk..why were there not ten's of thousands there..

Wasn't there by most accounts the same number on both sides? As they say, turn about is fair play. In 2003 NYC had an estimated 100,000 protesting in the streets. in Addition "Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California; rallies were held across the United States in smaller towns such as Gainesville, Georgia; Macomb, Illinois; and Juneau, Alaska, according to the anti-war group United for Peace and Justice."

Given your "all talk and no action" canard were were they this past weekend when barely a third were in the streets?

Like our President..who could have volunteered to go to Viet Nam..and choose not to..you folks..lack the basic courage to do what the Eagle Folks did...

Blatantly ignorant, or blatantly partisan? Actually I choose none of the above, you're a flat out liar.

"I am afraid"

I agree, of anything that resembles the truth.

Screejay, Oh crap! A Raider... (Below threshold)

Screejay, Oh crap! A Raider on The Rock full of Japs!!! And no sexy frauleins at all! My only body count was short-times per day! 4. Okay, 3!

screejay:I didn't notice yo... (Below threshold)

screejay:I didn't notice your challenge about democratic wars (withdrawn?), but except for Sparta, most of the internecine warfare in the old Achaean League were between various types of radically democratic states (with a temporary dictator as warlord). Also the Iroquois infighting from whence the Mohawk emerged strongest were democratic enough to be a symbol of self-government (the Iroquois costumes used by the Free Masons who dumped the tea in Boston Harbor. (Don't listen to the raisen farmer at NRO who stakes his reputation otherwise. Bad historian. Neocon alibi alchemist, and a poor one. As your top 3 list attests. Or did he pooh pooh those? Anyway, semper fidelis!)

BryanDagreeded, de... (Below threshold)


agreeded, democracies tend not to fight democracies.

My only body count was short-times per day! 4. Okay, 3!

MIANA SHIEN, Afghanistan (AP) -- The bodies of 76 suspected rebels were found in the mountains of southern Afghanistan, the Defense Ministry said Saturday, bringing to 178 the number of insurgents killed in one of the deadliest bombardments by U.S. and Afghan forces since the Taliban fell in 2001.

My bad.your words ... (Below threshold)

My bad.

your words BryanD -

My only body count was short-times per day! 4. Okay, 3!

As for the Spartans, Sierra Hotel.

Like I said in a different ... (Below threshold)

Like I said in a different thread earlier, I was in DC and the mall. Any one else here find themselves there at the right time? Nogo? Lee? Hugh? bryanD?






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