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Lily Allen Thinks You're "All Backward"


British popstar Lily Allen, who scored a record deal based on her MySpace fame, is part of the latest wave of an invasion of young female Britpop imports being hailed as the next big things by critics. Allen's Wikipedia entry indicates that shes probably as famous for her tabloid spats and insults as for her music, and her initial foray in the US market is off to a rocky start. According to MTV:

MTV caught up with the singer, who's currently touring the States, at the SXSW festival in Texas - and she had a few choice words to say about it. "It's all very weird here," she told us. "They're all backward in Texas but not as much as they are in Arkansas and Wyoming where I'm going soon." Eek.

She added, "I can't really speak for the American population - I'm so far away from anything they are and stand for."

lilyallen01.jpg lilyallen02.jpg

Lily would be wise to heed the advice of the inimitable Dean Vernon Wormer (Animal House) who said, "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life." She's two thirds of the way there already...

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Heh, I've always quoted tha... (Below threshold)

Heh, I've always quoted that as 'naked, angry, and stupid'.

Let's see now, a drunk, pre... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Let's see now, a drunk, prefabricated British rock star voluntarily starts destroying their "career" in Texas . Hmmm, does the name Sid Vicious seem familiar to anyone else, too?

Lily who?Just anot... (Below threshold)

Lily who?

Just another chain smoking euro trash twat on vacation in America.

Can't wait for her to go home to Eurabia.

Are you really calling her ... (Below threshold)

Are you really calling her fat? Sheesh, I hope you don't have daughters.

I always thought that it wa... (Below threshold)

I always thought that it was bad manners to criticize one's host in their own house...

And strangely, all us backw... (Below threshold)

And strangely, all us backwards yokels here in Texas didn't pull out our guns and shoot her. As we all know, the lack of gun control (outside of aiming) and low taxes make Texans dangerous idiots. That and many of us prefer to drink Shiner, instead of the fancy, highfalutin Budweiser like her.

Since Kevin's The Man, I wo... (Below threshold)

Since Kevin's The Man, I wouldn't DREAM of suspecting Payola involved in this "mention". Here's an antidote (warning! Good girl ahead!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz8brF_EL_4&mode=related&search=

Well, she's not fat... yet.... (Below threshold)

Well, she's not fat... yet.

Oh, Amy Diamond is cute, is... (Below threshold)

Oh, Amy Diamond is cute, isn't she? I hope she can manage to transition from little girl to adult without self-destructing the way that seems so common.

OK, bD, that does it. I'm ... (Below threshold)

OK, bD, that does it. I'm gonna have to find some way to tolerate your mind if your ear can take me there. Thank you.

"Holy shit!""There w... (Below threshold)

"Holy shit!"
"There were blanks in that gun!"
"I didn't even point the gun at him!"
"Holy shit!"
"There WERE blanks in that gun! "
"Maybe he had a heart attack..."
"Holy shit!"

Sorry, couldn't resist... great drunken college movie : )

Can't wait til she gets to ... (Below threshold)

Can't wait til she gets to Arkansas and hears a few HOG Calls!

Can't believe she missed th... (Below threshold)

Can't believe she missed the opportunity in Texas, but feel sure about the time she rolls into Cali or Vermont she'll be screamin' ChimpyMcBushCoHitlerBurton! to pamper the locals.

"Mr. Blutarsky.....zero poi... (Below threshold)

"Mr. Blutarsky.....zero point zero..."

Is that "smiley face" on a ... (Below threshold)

Is that "smiley face" on a PLEDGE PIN?

Hey, what do you expect fro... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Hey, what do you expect from somebody who was educated by the BBC? I'm sure she hates Jews, too.

Well, lets see...big mouth,... (Below threshold)

Well, lets see...big mouth, check
fat ass, check
cankles, check
I think she'll get along fabulously with Natalie Maines

kim, Parsed the hell... (Below threshold)

Parsed the hell out of your Thank You note:)
Your welcome.

If I see a pierced nose or tattoo on A.D., I'm going to jump off my roof. It's only about nine feet and I'll aim for the grass, so you can take me at my word!
A.D. seems pretty squared away, though. She mentions in an interview that she doesn't hang posters of "idols" and such. That's a good sign. Plus, (except for the manufactured "US export" artists) Sweden is promoting a inward-directed music culture linking school and regional choirs to regular primetime TV and the quality is astonishing. The fact that lip-synching and karaoke performances are reviled there, insures that the cream floats to the top.

>Are you really calling her... (Below threshold)

>Are you really calling her fat? Sheesh, I hope you don't have daughters.

You really do have problems with first grade math, don't you.

That was my fault. I had t... (Below threshold)

That was my fault. I had that last line in the first version of the piece I did, then munged it up when I posted. I added it back once I noticed I'd f**ked it up...

What a PIG.........Now if t... (Below threshold)

What a PIG.........Now if that microphone was something ELSE, maybe she wouldn't be such a bitch.

When did the British perfec... (Below threshold)
the Brain:

When did the British perfect cloning technology, and why did they pick Brittney Spears as their first subject?

I'm familiar with her music... (Below threshold)

I'm familiar with her music. She's a fantastic singer with an excellent voice. Her subject matter is really hit and miss though.

The SXSW festival in Texas is a huge venue for new and somewhat established musicians, so its no surprise she'd be there.

As far as her opinions on Texas, well, let's just say she made a huge mistake in opening her mouth on that one. If she's trying to break into the U.S. market, criticizing part of our country won't really help her sales.

Backwards? Not so much. I'm sure the differences between London and Texas are immense.

Hey, in backward Germany a ... (Below threshold)

Hey, in backward Germany a judge allows a man to beat his wife.

Well, this IS Austin after ... (Below threshold)

Well, this IS Austin after all. This is the city that has bumperstickers that say "Keep Austin Weird". Even the rest of Texas thinks they are a little nuts.

That said, it's perfectly fine for US to say that. She, on the other hand, should shut the F&%K up.






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