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Did one guy really make the "Big Sister" ad in six hours?

David All asked the question first:

I took a closer examination of the video today, and there's one scene which really jumps out at me which leads me to believe that there could, in fact, be more to the story.

Watch the video again and look for this scene. Look how perfectly edited the series of videos are in the video. Now look at the admittedly amateur video which the Lamont folks made using this same idea. No one noticed those scenes.

This is precision editing. Not some kid, in his apartment, on a Sunday, with some editing equipment.

Dan Riehl is speculating that De Vellis is taking the fall for David Geffen. Here's how Dan connects the dots:

Perhaps you recall Phillip's rationale for making the ad when he wrote an email as ParkRidge47.
A friend suggested the idea after reading a New York Times article about the Clinton's campaign bullying of donors and political operatives after the Geffen dustup.

I don't want to say more than that. I'd prefer to let it speak for itself.

As fellow Dean supporter Jean De Vellis Ph.D. appears to be Phillip's Father, if nothing else, it is interesting to note that he also seems to hold a rather senior position as Director of the Mental Retardation Research Center ... at the David Geffen School of Medicine.

Coincidence, perhaps? But it does give rise to some questions, did Phillip do a paid favor for his Father's boss? Did Geffen's people simply order the work? Or did De Vellis strike a blow for the little guy, as he now claims?

Very interesting.

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Heh. I suspected Geffen in... (Below threshold)

Heh. I suspected Geffen in a previous WizBang thread about this video. So did Rush Limbaugh.

The picture on her t-shirt ... (Below threshold)

The picture on her t-shirt is different as well.

That would require some pretty fancy editing

I'm a commercial editor and... (Below threshold)

I'm a commercial editor and actually it's very easy to execute this idea with a cheap program ($300) and a laptop. It can be done from any Starbucks. Blending the video images of Hilary into the background can be done using some very simple plug-ins in any desktop editing software program. Granted, you have to be skilled with the program (Unlike the Lamont hacks), but it's within reach of almost anyone. There are anout 10,000 video artists/indie filmmakers in Brooklyn alone who could have done this.

Who cares? It doesn't matte... (Below threshold)

Who cares? It doesn't matter. It was a funny interlude.

It matters to conservatives... (Below threshold)

It matters to conservatives that there appears to be a candidate (Obama) who has the integrity to want to rise above attacking his opponents. Since their cynical minds cannot concede that such a thing is possible, they assume he must be a hypocrite and begin looking under every slimy rock to find an angle to impeach his integrity, like finding out that he possibly sanctioned the making of the video while making public statements about his distaste for such activities. Such a conclusion is the only one that makes sense to the modern conservative mind.

Or maybe someone's afraid o... (Below threshold)

Or maybe someone's afraid of Hillary.

Investor's Business Daily has a nice article about YouTube impact on politics.

Frank, your comment demonst... (Below threshold)

Frank, your comment demonstrates nothing but your uter cluelessness to the working of the conservative mind.

Perhaps you should stick to commenting on things that you know something about. Perhaps the comparative quality of disposable diapers.

Frank,if you consi... (Below threshold)


if you consider this is a larger production that previously claimed and the fact that this production company his heavily integrated into the Obama Campaign, how much integrity is there to dump this onto one now umemployed individual?

The video wasn't that exper... (Below threshold)

The video wasn't that expertly done. I've seen gamers do recuts of video game clips that required far more talent. I think this is a case of people trying to gen up far more of a story than exists.

Honestly, when I saw the video I couldn't believe how so much controversy could be genned up over this. It wasn't an original idea, it wasn't even politically very harsh and I think there is far too much importance being placed on it than it deserves.

I do not see this as some ground breaking political ad. Whether you are fan of the left or the right side of the political spectrum do not think this YouTube video was anything more than what it was--a cheap recut of a famous Mac ad from 20+ years ago that could be done by any 20 something graphic artist with a laptop and cheap software. I say this as a tech geek who gets my news from Blogs and online sources and I despise the traditional media--if the online community really thinks this is some revolution in politics you need to get over yourselves.

I dunno, wavemaker. I thin... (Below threshold)

I dunno, wavemaker. I think we should let Frank talk. After all, in order to "begin looking under every slimy rock to find an angle to impeach his integrity," we Rethuglikkans are trying to blame what appeared to be a stealth Obama operation on... David Geffen.

Even though this serves to absolve Obama-- only a groupthink liberal would blame the actions of a wealthy, outspoken supporter (with a public grudge against Hillary) on the candidate himself-- our "cynical minds" probably don't see it that way.

Or, put another way, Such a conclusion is the only one that makes sense to the modern liberal mind.

Who'd want to hurt both Oba... (Below threshold)

Who'd want to hurt both Obama and Hillary?

Were the earbuds added by s... (Below threshold)

Were the earbuds added by someone else at some point?

The ear buds were added by ... (Below threshold)

The ear buds were added by Apple a few years ago when they also added the iPod.

Victor is completely correct, there's no story here. A lot of moderately talented people could have pulled this off in an afternoon with a basic laptop.

Kim - this is blockbuster. ... (Below threshold)

Kim - this is blockbuster. Keep digging, I'll be glued to the monitor all day waiting for updates.

Did one guy really make ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Did one guy really make the "Big Sister" ad in six hours?

As someone who writes commercials for a living, in a word, yes. Probably less than 6 hours, too--especially if the person is an experienced editor.

And yes that goes for the graphic on her t-shirt as well.

Way too much time spent on ... (Below threshold)

Way too much time spent on this, and by the here is further proof that the Dems are crumbling:


But BarneyMoron, they barel... (Below threshold)

But BarneyMoron, they barely made it and at the end of the day...it means nothing. The Senate will never approve it and then there is the veto. A big nothing that shows that the Dimos can barely keep it together.

Done on a Mac.Window... (Below threshold)

Done on a Mac.
Windows guys wouldn't understand.

Way too much time spent ... (Below threshold)

Way too much time spent on this, and by the here is further proof that the Dems are crumbling:

'by the here' Clearly. I mean Pelosi could have had a whole 2 votes go the other way and still pulled it off.... that's a huge margin... like twice as many as 1.

Fox News sponsoring a debate?
Democrat solution - cut-and-run

Troop surge showing progress ?
Democrat solution - cut-and-run

As Michael said, Pelosi has simply wasted time and money. The cut-and-run bill is not going to pass the Senate and the President has vowed to veto it.

Done on a Mac.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Done on a Mac.
Windows guys wouldn't understand.

LOL. George, you are SO right about that!

Phil is a talented guy. He... (Below threshold)
kitty o'shea:

Phil is a talented guy. He could help with the crappy layout of this blog.

I could do this on my Mac i... (Below threshold)

I could do this on my Mac in less than six hours...easy.

I have to agree with Faith+... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with Faith+1. I don't see a scandal here either way. Granted I'm a conservative and don't have the sensitivities of a liberal. All the scandals theories stated so far seem weak and lame. The only scandal I could see that have any legs would be hoping the candidates would mess up in their reaction to it.

I just feel the need to ech... (Below threshold)

I just feel the need to echo the chorus - David All and anyone else who claims this requires expert equipment and/or skills doesn't know what they are talking about.

In Hollywood, where hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, this stuff gets done ALL THE TIME on consumer-grade equipment with fairly inexpensive software. I know of at least a dozen films that were, in part, rendered on laptops or edited in Final Cut Pro.

Precision editing? What does that even mean? Has David All ever opened a video editing program? Even the cheap ones allow for "precision editing" down to the hundredth or thousandth of a second.

Windows guys would... (Below threshold)
Windows guys wouldn't understand.

Funny, this Windows guy does. Lord, how I hate holy warriors.

Done on a Mac.Win... (Below threshold)

Done on a Mac.
Windows guys wouldn't understand.

LOL. George, you are SO right about that!

Because Mac users are obviously completely clueless when it comes to the capabilities of the common PC, I will never buy a Mac.

I like to have a knowledgeable community behind me.

Sorry, I could put my face ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Sorry, I could put my face in Apple's video in about 4 hours, using a PC, and free software downloadable over the Internet. (Try that on a Mac.) The video was a clever joke, but there's no story here.

The important thing about t... (Below threshold)

The important thing about the ad is who did or didn't produce it. It's the fact that someone outside either campaign put up an ad that got national attention.

This is the wave of the future. There will be ads coming at the campaigns from every direction for the next two years. The candidates will have trouble controlling their message because the will have "help" from the outside.

Boy, you PC Billy Boy Disci... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Boy, you PC Billy Boy Disciples sure get your collective spreadsheeting-making, "what's the path again?", driver-hunting panties in a bunch when soemthing can likely be credited to being done on a Mac! LOL

Geez, all I can say is "Lighten up, Francis."

For you guys:

Pssssst, Macs never get viruses, either. ;-p~~~~

(Relax, I'm just bustin' y'alls chops....)

First this is the MOST bori... (Below threshold)

First this is the MOST boring non-story I've seen in months. If I copy Gone with the Wind or Casablanca, all it means is that I stole a classic. -- Same with the Apple ad. The original meant something... This is a media driven nothingness.

Having said that, I got a chuckle out of this line: "This is precision editing"

OBVIOUSLY the person who wrote that has never cut video on even a lowly iMac. National Geographic cuts HDTV feeds on a stock Mac. HELLO?!?!?

This kid works for a company called "Blue State VIDEO." He has a Mac at his house and people are stunned he can cut video? Please....

Wake up, the 21st century is here.

Funny, this Window... (Below threshold)
Funny, this Windows guy does. Lord, how I hate holy warriors.

Pot meet Kettle. Kettle, meet Pot.

Pot meet Kettle. K... (Below threshold)
Pot meet Kettle. Kettle, meet Pot.

Wow. I don't think you know what "holy warrior" means or the pot/kettle saying.

Whatever. It's a non-issue.

Kim,You need to ke... (Below threshold)


You need to keep up with the technology. A $400 PC with a good video capture card, Linux and Cinerella and a little futz time could do this quite easily. We now live in a time that a good digital sound studio can be had for about $5k. And about half of that would be for putting the sound isolation board up in the garage. Another $2k for good mics and the balance for a mixer and PC with software. Adding video capabilty is but a bit more.

So yes, a 13yo could do it.






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