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What's up, doc?

I have absolutely no idea what to make of this story, but it certainly is something that is likely to happen again now that someone has thought of it...

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Don't turn that off.... (Below threshold)

Don't turn that off.

The Right to Keep and Bear ... (Below threshold)

The Right to Keep and Bear Witness.

Where do I send the bill?<b... (Below threshold)

Where do I send the bill?

As a parent whose child spe... (Below threshold)

As a parent whose child spent several months in the hospital, I think this is great. I was not able to be with her 24-7 and I sure would have liked to see what was going on.

I wish that the technology would have been affordable then, because I sure would have used it.

If child care and pet care ... (Below threshold)

If child care and pet care places can manage to cope with webcams, I sure do not see why hospitals should not be expected to do so. I think some are worrying that the files will prove neglect or something.

Imagine them in classrooms.... (Below threshold)

Imagine them in classrooms. As a former teacher, I would have loved it, because it would have provided objective evidence when the little darlings whined to their parents. But I bet some teachers--and their unions--would react poorly.

Can you say "HIPPA Violatio... (Below threshold)

Can you say "HIPPA Violation"?

Trauma rooms already have this TV camera to review care; it's not for public consumption. That being said, if a secure password protected link could be provided, I don't think anyone should have a problem with the concept of a Web Cam in the patient's private room to allow those with permission the ability to 'see' what's going on.

Here's lookin at you on your bedpan, from your neighbor's semiprivate webcam!

It isn't the first time and... (Below threshold)

It isn't the first time and it won't be the last of clashes between technology and individual rights.

You must not turn that off.... (Below threshold)

You must not turn that off.

I would rather have a manda... (Below threshold)

I would rather have a mandatory webcam in my kids' rooms at home. And why not one in the bathroom too? I'm sure there's lots of folks that want to know what really goes on behind the one bathroom's door while the teenager is locked inside for hours at a time...






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