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U of Florida Faculty Votes to Deny Jeb Bush an Honorary degree

It's because of politics.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) - University of Florida President Bernie Machen said Friday he was "tremendously disappointed" with the school's Faculty Senate vote to deny former Gov. Jeb Bush an honorary degree.

The Senate voted 38-28 Thursday against giving the honorary degree to Bush, who left office in January.

"Jeb Bush has been a great friend of the University of Florida," said Machen, adding that the Senate's action is "unheard of."

Some faculty expressed concern about Bush's record in higher education.

"I really don't feel this is a person who has been a supporter of UF," Kathleen Price, associate dean of library and technology at the school's Levin College of Law, told The Gainesville Sun after the vote.

Bush's approval of three new medical schools during his tenure has diluted resources, Price told the newspaper.

Bush has also been criticized for his "One Florida" proposal, an initiative that ended race-based admissions programs at state universities.

That's a big reason why the faculty wouldn't invite him.

The faculty's vote is unprecedented:

University officials said they could not recall any precedent for the Senate rejecting the nominees put forth by the Faculty Senate's Honorary Degrees, Distinguished Alumnus Awards and Memorials Committee. The committee determines whether nominees deserve consideration according to standards that include "eminent distinction in scholarship or high distinction in public service."

"The committee endorsed him," Machen said. "It is unheard of that a faculty committee would look at candidates, make recommendations and then (those candidates) be overturned by the Senate."

Jeb Bush dared to disagree with liberal academia.

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So-called liberal academia ... (Below threshold)

So-called liberal academia and the perversion of rhetoric promulgated by the Soros's Apprentices are responsible for the poverty of so-called progressive ideas. They no longer justify themselves as an institution, and may be responsible for the near term destruction of the Democratic Party. Though some may not think that evil, we've thrived with two healthy parties. I don't think I'm making this up; just pointing it out.

But I bet they would give o... (Below threshold)

But I bet they would give one to Bin Laden!

Jeb Bush is soon to be invo... (Below threshold)

Jeb Bush is soon to be involved in the NOLA-Army Corps of Engineers scandal involving defective flood pumps. Denial of an honorary degree is pre-empting embarrassment to the university.

One thing I can say in defe... (Below threshold)

One thing I can say in defense of UF, they haven't given out any honorary degrees to Hollywoood dipshits or other lefty performing artists. Scanning their list of recipients, I barely recognize any of them.

Ominous prediction, bryanD. What's your basis?

Jeb Bush dared to disagr... (Below threshold)

Jeb Bush dared to disagree with liberal academia.

Let that be a lesson to the rest of ya.

"Jeb Bush is soon to be inv... (Below threshold)

"Jeb Bush is soon to be involved in the NOLA-Army Corps of Engineers scandal involving defective flood pumps"

A lie. Next?

"U of Florida Faculty Votes... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

"U of Florida Faculty Votes to Deny Jeb Bush an Honorary degree."

Ho hum... They have already given out their allotment of honorary degrees to actors, rock stars, and terrorists.

The disdain of liberal academia is an honor in itself.

wavemaker and Michael: ... (Below threshold)

wavemaker and Michael:


Granted, Jeb is one degree removed (like Brother George to Ken Lay), but the Democrats run the committees on the Hill now.

Army COE are a federal entity and within the jurisdiction of Congress.

Of course, politics will drive the hearings, but politics drives the world as we know it. Please say you're not shocked.

Practice your handicapping skills as to timing.

Pathetic.... (Below threshold)


Bryan, you are aware that y... (Below threshold)

Bryan, you are aware that your citation that "proves" your claim that the man is a FORMER partner of Bush.

Are you arguing that anybody you have ever done business with --- even if you end the business relationship --- if they commit a crime, you're somehow responsible for it?

That sounds logical.

I was speaking of UF, but n... (Below threshold)

I was speaking of UF, but now that I read BryanD's latest, the "Pathetic" moniker goes to Bryan, too.

It's pathetic that you're so angry about the Bushes that you obviously spend all your time dredging up non-scandals, imagining all sorts of perverse things that don't exist in the real world the rest of us inhabit.

Poor pathetic bastard.

Mitchell, come on, doood! T... (Below threshold)

Mitchell, come on, doood! The thesis is The U of F denied Jeb the swag because of "politics"! I'm just giving you the backstory. This delusion that everybody's out to get a family after electing them to 3 presidential terms, 3 terms as state governors, 2 in the US house, etc, etc. And all "for NO REASON" and because their "keeping us safe"? Tell it to the marines! (And I'll say, "BUSHBOT!")

bryanD,You gotta rem... (Below threshold)

You gotta remember he is a "former partner", doesn't say that he doesn't own or have stock in the company, does it? But hell, former partner works for the wingnuts, it should work for everyone else, NOT.

For the last six years, the repug's have been in power, now their not, and they can't handle all the oversight hearings, that THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE, but didn't.

So put up with their crying, because it all goes back to blaming CLINTON. They haven't wised up to anything else, so lets go back to Ronnie and Bush Senior. Iran/Contra, big tax increase, etc. But according to them, Ronnie cut taxes, I say BS. Can't deduct interest on auto loans, credit card interest, etc. Nice tax cut. Remember Bush #41, Know new taxes? I sure do, and most American's do. So you repug's better have the same surgery that Tony is having, cranium/ rectal surgery.

The school faculty instead ... (Below threshold)

The school faculty instead wants to confer a degree on Abu Jamal. There's a guy liberals admire.

Mike, I happen to ... (Below threshold)


I happen to be a registered Republican, so it's amusing to me to find myself agreeing (mostly) with anti-"repugs" like yourself and others in typewriter wars with the Bush Insurgents here.

Some 'bots seem honestly lost in a world turning too quickly, others seem to be furious that their closely-held assumptions of righteousness are the vehicle of their intellectual castration.

To join a personality cult to a shiftless, aged rich kid (without being first granted land, gold, and slavic virgins) might only be understood when W is gone and their next Big Crush is revealed.

Or will they move on to "Second Life" then? To forget.

Why, bD, you're as freaked ... (Below threshold)

Why, bD, you're as freaked as Sully, and as silly.

Mike,Repugs is all... (Below threshold)


Repugs is all you Marxists have to say bottom line Nancy Pelosi needs to start video taping these next two years for her memoirs because she will not I repeat will not be Madame Speaker come 2008.It's already predicted that Republicans will get Congress back.Now put whatever CNN spin on it Democrats are finished!

Dina C,Congratulat... (Below threshold)

Dina C,

Congratulations for having the most phantasmagoric website I have ever seen in 12 years of surfing the web!

Must log off now. My eyes...

Thanx for the testamonial p... (Below threshold)

Thanx for the testamonial parasite!

Now.. bug off!

Well, I'll hug and I'll bug... (Below threshold)

Well, I'll hug and I'll bug, and I'll show your house around.

BizzyBlog provides an excel... (Below threshold)

BizzyBlog provides an excellent analysis on how Florida benefited under Jeb Bush: Jeb Bush Denied University of Florida Honorary Degree; He Really Deserves a Statue from Taxpayers and Parents

Fred/Jeb '08.=======... (Below threshold)

Fred/Jeb '08.

I have to ask: why are you ... (Below threshold)

I have to ask: why are you so insulted that Bush was denied a liberal academia honor? why should you care, given your disdain of "liberal academia," that they affronted him in this way?

Good point, wot, but noneth... (Below threshold)

Good point, wot, but nonetheless, why ignore deliberate insults, by idiots.

I knew a coupla linguists t... (Below threshold)

I knew a coupla linguists there, though, who are not idiots, but may well be mistaken. I don't know, we never talked politics.

They'd bang the stele, I'd ... (Below threshold)

They'd bang the stele, I'd rattle the Cretambourine, and we'd all rear up.

Got my B-ball Gator Jones.<... (Below threshold)

Got my B-ball Gator Jones.






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