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UNSC Unanimously Votes to sanction Iran

Fox News just reported that the UN Security Council met today and unanimously voted to sanction Iran. Although it's hard to believe, the unanimous vote was expected:

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council planned a vote on Saturday to impose new sanctions against Iran but without the presence of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who had wanted to defend his country's refusal to suspend uranium enrichment.

The measures, aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear program, targets the country's arms exports, the state-owned Bank Sepah and the elite Revolutionary Guards.

Late on Friday, Ahmadinejad cancelled his appearance before the 15-member council because visas for his flight crew were delivered too late for his private plane to arrive in New York before the vote, Iran's U.N. ambassador Javad Zarif said. Washington disputes this.

Instead, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, who took a commercial flight, is trying to get to the council meeting in time to address suspicions that Iran is developing nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian atomic energy program.


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Comments (9)

Why, really, would Russia a... (Below threshold)

Why, really, would Russia and China want Iran to have the bomb? Why, really, would France and Germany?

These fucking idiot Iranian... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

These fucking idiot Iranians think they can lie right to the face of those questioning them. The Russians told them they owed millions for the reactor they built and the fuel it uses. The idiot Iranians said they were paid up. Try that with the phone company. With the kidnapping of John Bull's sailors. Iran is just one small mistake from experiencing some real changes.

Zelsdorf Ragshaft III, I'd ... (Below threshold)

Zelsdorf Ragshaft III, I'd say you're 100% correct. Almost time for Puff the Magic Dragon and a mushroom cloud.

All of the countries that have been helping the crazy Islamist (is there any other kind) will soon regret their actions. There is no brains and no loyalty in a terrorists.

kim, after the cru... (Below threshold)


after the crumbling of the USSR and Russia's public rapproachment with the West, the USA spent its "peace dividend" ringing Russia with USA military bases.

Potential Enemies Other Than Russia (viz. USA) is in the Kremlin's best interest.

The unanimous vote is a dip... (Below threshold)

The unanimous vote is a diplomatic triumph for the Bush administration.

This won't be how the MSM reports it, though, because Bush is a unilateralist "cowboy"...

Iran needs to be our person... (Below threshold)

Iran needs to be our personal bitch. I am really tired of these retro-6th century retards running things in the Middle East.

Ackonmydinnerjacket needs to realize he is but one nuke away from paradise, 72 virgins, and his buddy, the 12th Imam. Maybe we need to facilitate a get together.

What happened, bD, is that ... (Below threshold)

What happened, bD, is that we quit buying guns and buttered up the portfolio with dotcoms.

I haven't read it but Putin... (Below threshold)

I haven't read it but Putin has an op-ed in the Times, today. I'd read it, but I doubt it would change my insight into his soul.

Anyway, I'm hybritic enuff ... (Below threshold)

Anyway, I'm hybritic enuff to believe I posted his theme yesterday at the head of this thread.






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