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Vilsack to endorse Clinton

Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and his wife are set to endorse Hillary Clinton in a surprising move. More at Wizbang Politics.


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Comments (6)

Oh wow, what's that worth h... (Below threshold)

Oh wow, what's that worth his dozens of supporters will follow him into the Shillary camp?

For the dimmer bulbs amongs... (Below threshold)

For the dimmer bulbs amongst us, let us consider the potential effects of a Vilsack endorsement upon the 2008 caucuses. Now, I know the prospect of math scares some of you, but be of brave heart, mmmkay?

In 2004, an estimated 100,000 people participated in the Democratic caucuses. The Iowa Democratic Party won't release the actual number, so we have to go with the estimates from the not-unfriendly-to-Democrats media. John Kerry won with 37.6%, which roughly translates to 37,600 supporters. His margin of victory over Edwards would have been less than 6000 votes.

In his last election, Vilsack drew over 540,000 votes for Governor. That's more than FOURTEEN TIMES Kerry's total, and over NINETY times the margin of victory.

So, yeah, Vilsack's endorsement is a big deal in Iowa.

Your math may be correct Ji... (Below threshold)

Your math may be correct Jim but it falls under the old saying "all politics are local."

Support for Vilsack for Gov, by his own constituents in State, is a far different matter when speaking about an endorsement for President.

Added to that is the "Shillary factor" who isn't the most popular candidate away from both coasts.

Vilsack was always a creatu... (Below threshold)

Vilsack was always a creature of Iowa being early. Now that it has become less important in the primary process, so has become he.

Ok, that seals the deal.. I... (Below threshold)

Ok, that seals the deal.. Im voting for Savage!

Tom Ballsack, Vilsic, say w... (Below threshold)

Tom Ballsack, Vilsic, say what?

Who gives a shit.






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