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"Maybe if we ignore them, they'll just go away"

Ever since the modern nation of Israel was founded, its Muslim neighbors have wanted it destroyed. They've launched war after war after war, and each time got their asses handed back to them. They've fought through proxy terrorist groups, and managed to turn the UN General Assembly into an echo chamber -- to the point where they actually managed them to pass a resolution equating Zionism with racism.

And yet Israel stubbornly refuses to play along and just die.

So the latest "peace proposal" is just the latest tactic. The Muslim world cooked up its little plan, and Israel is told that it must accept it, as is, a fait accompli, or "face the consequences."

As Meryl Yourish points out, prior agreements have worked out so darned well for Israel, so why shouldn't they buy into this one?

Just to ram home the point that this is a "take it or leave it, but you better take it" situation, the Muslim nations are discussing the plan (which is pretty much a recipe for the slow destruction of Israel, a step up from the traditional quick death they usually plan) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the plan was first hatched.

That's Saudi Arabia, which by law forbids Jews from entrance. No matter what the circumstances.

So to answer Dr. Khaled Batarfi's question, "Peace in the Middle East? Why Not!": because the Jews ain't quite ready to quietly lie down and die as you'd like them to. The only reason the Makkah deal between Fatah and Hamas worked was because it made the right appeal to them: "why don't you stop killing each other and go back to killing Jews?"

The traditional cause in the Middle East has been "peace and stability." Well, "peace" hasn't worked out so well, as it usually means that wars end without a solid resolution and just set the stage for another, more brutal and bloody conflict. And "stability" means locking in the dictatorships, the theocracies, kleptocracies, the monarchies, and other forms of thugocracies
that currently hold sway over nearly the entire region.

President Bush had the right idea. Screw "peace and stability." That whole area needs some serious shaking up, and getting rid of one of the bigger thugs was a decent first step.

Or, as Jack Nicholson might say, "this region needs an enema!"

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Yes, Carter and Clinton got... (Below threshold)

Yes, Carter and Clinton got us no peace with promised stability. Ahhh for the day. We could go back to our asset bubbles unmolested.

But kicking the can down the road ain't a foreign policy just like a thieving NSC Director isn't really a security advisor. And just look at that repulsive Zbigniew Brezinski. Lord.

We've tried it that way for decades, and we got 9/11, and the advent of nukes in Iran, Korea, Pakistan, with others in the wings.

No thanks!

One sad irony in the creati... (Below threshold)

One sad irony in the creation of the State of Israel is that it functionally moved all of the Middle East's Jews into the ghetto. In 1947, there were 100,000 Jews in Baghdad.

Read Caroline Glick for insight into Israel's survival.

"this region needs an en... (Below threshold)

"this region needs an enema!"

No, the needed enema is one for the thought process in this post whereby the Israelis have never done anything to warrant the resistance of the Arabs, let alone the Palestinians.

Hyperbole alert! Please av... (Below threshold)

Hyperbole alert! Please avoid the use of 'never' in referring to the Middle East?

And how about thinking on your own, instead of trotting out propaganda?

Resistance? Its called murd... (Below threshold)

Resistance? Its called murder!

And Yes they have done 1 main thing to incite the arab violence.. they were born Jewish!

Thx for the links to Yassers political spin machine..

Now sell Your bull somewhere else.

<a href="http://news.yahoo.... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Here's a recent photo of the latest Head Toady of the United Nations respectfully laying a wreath on the grave Yasser Arafat, one of history's most notorious mass-murdering terrorists.

Anyone want to guess when Ban Ki-Moon will travel to Israel and do the same for the thousands of innocent victims of such vermin?

"And how about thinking ... (Below threshold)

"And how about thinking on your own, instead of trotting out propaganda"

And this from someone who thinks on their own...always making some unlinked citation with direction to "go read" blah blah blah, posted with hybris by a pseudo professoress who, on her own merits, never reflects anything apart form wingnut talking points.

There is the reek of a sock... (Below threshold)

There is the reek of a sock puppet in this thread.

Hybris cometh before a spal... (Below threshold)

Hybris cometh before a spall.

actually, it's a "y" next t... (Below threshold)

actually, it's a "y" next to the "u" kry for someone who isn't a touch typist.

Yo, Dalleceneri. I'll gve ... (Below threshold)

Yo, Dalleceneri. I'll gve you two possibles and see how you react:

#1) The Palestinians lay down their arms and stop all future offensive actions toward or at the Israelis. What happens?

#2) The Israelis lay down their arms and refuse all actions in the future to defend themsleves? What happens?

Finished with the quiz? Here are the answers.

#1) The war is over. Period.

#2) The Israelis as a nation and as a people cease to exist within 6 months - all are dead.

Now, that is how I see it. Do you see any alternative conclusions?

*Over run by TROLLS!*.. Now... (Below threshold)

*Over run by TROLLS!*.. Now I know how Minnesota feels with their Islam problem!.. Why doesn't someone just ax these ass *oles!.. DU and Kos closed?

The libs just cannot face t... (Below threshold)

The libs just cannot face the fact that islam and western civilization are NOT compatible until islam reforms. Islam gets their way through fear and intimidation and the PC pussies back down every time.

Not everyone will back down and tolerate the religion of intolerance.

The libs & queers will be the first under the knife, but they cant' see it.

No, they'll be the first to... (Below threshold)

No, they'll be the first to submit. They already have.

Speaking of "socks", anyone... (Below threshold)

Speaking of "socks", anyone heard from old you know "who" lately? Naa couldn't be.

So is this a thread about a... (Below threshold)

So is this a thread about a posting or a thread about the posters?

Just curious.

If its about the posting, then I think that the real solution is to stick a few hundred thousand heads in the sand. Literally instead of figuratively. Anyone looking to obliterate a race is eligible.

It was Saddam's solution; a... (Below threshold)

It was Saddam's solution; a classic.






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