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Coroner Says Anna Nicole Death Accidental Overdose

This is the latest on the death of Anna Nicole:

Anna Nicole Smith's death was due to an accidental overdose of a sleeping medication and at least eight other prescription drugs, authorities said Monday.

"We are convinced this was an accidental overdose," Florida's Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger said.

Tiger added that there was no evidence of illegal drugs being involved in the former Playboy Playmate's death, and there was nothing found on the computer of Smith's companion, Howard K. Stern, or anywhere else to indicate foul play.

Dr. Joshua Perper, the medical examiner for Broward County, Fla., said the cause of death was "combined drug intoxication" with the sleeping medication chloral hydrate as the major factor in combination with therapeutic levels of other drugs.

Smith was taking a lengthy list of other medications, including methadone for pain and Valium, Perper said.

A viral flu and infection in the buttocks were contributory causes.

Later in the piece it is reported that the drugs in her system were all prescribed to Anna Nicole Smith.

For those wondering how this affects them -- if you watch cable news expect to see wall-to-wall coverage unless something really huge breaks on the political front. This should give Greta at least a month's worth of programming.


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Comments (16)

Chloral hydrate? The old M... (Below threshold)

Chloral hydrate? The old Mickey Finn is a legally prescribed sleeping aid? I understand (Mickey Spillane, Rex Stout et al) that it's a nasty hangover you get on wakeup. You give people this in their drink when you want to roll them. Why not go rohypnol and cut out the middleman?

With all the modern pills - Valium on up through Ambien and so on - they have now, who would subject themselves to that? What kind of croaker writes that Rx? Not to mention that a nice Benadryl that you can buy OTC works quite well for sleepy-bye. More educated persons welcome to add their $0.02 of course.

I would hope that responsible parties (not that "responsible parties" has been the hallmark of poor Mrs. Smith's career or life) can be bothered to raise an eyebrow. I would be screaming malpractice if I were a loved one. Of course she was always a bit shy on those. Poor thing.

and JFK died of a bullet. L... (Below threshold)

and JFK died of a bullet. Large swathes of the mass media are getting behind Stern and declaring the case closed. Post internet that's not going to happen, mass media.

The Fox News crawl was sayi... (Below threshold)

The Fox News crawl was saying all weekend that the results of the paternity tests would ALSO be released today, so it'll be EVEN MORE of an Anna Nicole Smith day than it would have been otherwise.

Doesn't this fall into the ... (Below threshold)
Ragnar Danneskjold:

Doesn't this fall into the categore of "WHO CARES??"?

Yes Ragnar Danneskjold . I'... (Below threshold)

Yes Ragnar Danneskjold . I'm wondering why I even care enough to comment.

BFD (as in big friggin deal... (Below threshold)

BFD (as in big friggin deal)

/what a waste of blog disk space & bandwidth.

The funniest in non-news ha... (Below threshold)
Michael Evilcorn:

The funniest in non-news happened on Friday:

FOX NEWS ALERT: Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy results to be released on Monday

Good grief. I'd like to see a comprehensive list of Fox News Alerts for the week. Cavuto starts nearly every show with an Alert which is the dow jones average.

CNN headline: Coroner: A... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

CNN headline: Coroner: Anna Nicole Smith didn't suffer

Yes, but the rest of us who continue not to give a crap have.

"Overdose""Overdose"... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:


Lo siento, pero no me impor... (Below threshold)
Scott in CA:

Lo siento, pero no me importa.

Methadone is the only opioi... (Below threshold)

Methadone is the only opioid with a significant risk for sudden cardiac death due to the prolongation of the QT interval and potential interaction with other drugs that do the same. It is also a major drug of abuse at this time.

Chloral Hydrate has been around for quite a while, and is dangerous on its own, not to mention when combined with other sedatives.

Bad doctoring to combine all these. Interesting to know if one practitioner prescribed these, several, or if they were obtained illegally without prescription.

And Wall to Wall Anna Nicol... (Below threshold)

And Wall to Wall Anna Nicole coverage is going to help in our fight against Islamic extremists because . . .
I'm so sick of the wall to wall coverage.

Quick, the media is distrac... (Below threshold)
John S:

Quick, the media is distracted. How about we send 500 ICBMs into Iran while none of the MSM idiots are paying attention?

A viral flu and in... (Below threshold)
A viral flu and infection in the buttocks were contributory causes.

She had an infection in her ass? How do you get an infection in your ass?

Bad doctoring to c... (Below threshold)
Bad doctoring to combine all these. Interesting to know if one practitioner prescribed these, several, or if they were obtained illegally without prescription.

I've heard of cases where idiot doctors prescribe medication without first checking what else the patient is on, and possible interaction effects. This is especially true if the patient is under the care of more than one physician.

The moral of this story is, don't check your brain at the door when you see your doctor for an appointment. Think about what he's telling you to do.

She had an infecti... (Below threshold)
She had an infection in her ass? How do you get an infection in your ass?

Herr Doktor Medical Examiner said she had been injecting herself with stuff like Human Growth Hormone.






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