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The rise of the Western street

For years now, the Islamists have been making inroads into Western society, finding our weak points and using them to drive us apart, to find the flaws in our cultural and social armor and prying at them, trying to carve out a place where they can begin to establish their own Islamist "state within a state" that, they hope, will eventually subsume the greater secular culture.

But while the governments desperately try to reconcile laws and policies that are predicated on a flawed assumption -- that those seeking to use the legal system to address their grievances actually believe in and wish to see democracy and freedom prosper, and are not intending to use the system to attack the system -- the people themselves are starting to wake up, and see the dangers.

Recently, in Germany, a Muslim woman sought a divorce based on the grounds of physical abuse -- something that no civilized people should have a problem with. But the husband argued that under the Koran, husbands were entitled to beat their wives. Therefore, since the woman was a Muslim and had willingly married a Muslim, she should have "expected" that and it was not valid grounds for divorce. And the judge agreed.

That victory is costing the Islamists in Germany dearly. While the judge's decision currently stands, the German people -- who aren't exactly renowned for their passive nature and willingness to surrender -- were outraged by the decision. The Germans feel they spent far, far too long as vassals of foreign powers, and are looking to re-establish their "rightful" place as a nation to be respected and reckoned with. (Witness how well they handled being humiliated and dominated after World War I.) I don't expect that many elements of Shariah law will survive long, and Germany's "refugee" program itself -- another lasting legacy of World War II, and a favorite tool of the Islamists to enter Germany -- might be in for some serious revisions.

A while ago, the "Flying Imams" caused a major stir on an airline flight, worrying the flight crew and many passengers. Well, they're doing the American thing -- they're taking it to court. And with the Council on American-Islamic Relations' backing, they're also filing suit against "John Doe" and "Jane Doe" passengers who had the nerve to express their concerns -- most certainly an attempt to silence future observers.

Well, this brought one of the more obscure, often considered mythical beasts to the forefront -- the moderate Muslim. The American Islamic Forum for Democracy announced that it would be glad to pay the legal bills of any of these defendants. Combine this with at least one law firm offering to defend them pro bono, and we see that there are, indeed, believers in democracy and freedom and "working within the system" are ready, willing, and able to put their money where their mouth is and do what they can to defend our system -- and, by extension, all of us.

Now, in Minnesota, the Islamists are pushing -- and pushing hard -- for the "system" to extend recognition and legal standing to Shariah law. Muslim cashiers at Target are refusing to even handle products containing pork, insisting that the forbidden product be handled by infidels only -- other cashiers or the customers themselves. Muslim students are demanding special concessions for their daily required prayers, including special rooms and wash basins so they may cleanse their feet first. And at the Minneapolis airport, Muslim cabbies are insisting on their right to enforce Shariah law on their passengers, keeping out alcohol and "unclean" animals -- all policies being pushed under the guise of "religious freedom."

But people are starting to wake up, and realize that these rights are not absolute. They are not a magic ticket, one that people can wave and get whatever they want. There are other rights and considerations that must be taken into account.

The cashiers are refusing to fulfill the fundamental responsibilities of their job, conditions that should have been obvious when they applied there. (Target hardly advertises itself as a "Halal" institution.) The schools are constrained in what they can do by the Constitution's Establishment clause and "equal protection," meaning that they cannot grant more privileges to one faith over others -- and sooner or later, another of those faiths will start demanding its own "equal" treatment. And the cabbies are considered a public accomodation, and simply are not allowed to discriminate on religious grounds.

These movements -- and others -- have won victories so far, but they've been victories based on force, on intimidation, on playing on the public's conscience and guilt, not based purely on law. They've won by default, because not enough people have stood up to the bullying.

It might be too late for France. Spain has already shown its willingness to back down in the face of terrorism. Portions of England are thoroughly dominated by Muslims. (Google up "Londonistan" sometime. It's not a pretty sight.) But Germany, as seen above, is waking. And here in the United States, we are showing signs of fighting back.

I don't fear that, if we're not careful, the Islamists will eventually dominate the United States. I am certain that I will never live under Shariah law. But I know that the struggle will be an unpleasant one, a bloody one, and I fear the death toll it will eventually claim before we finally defeat it.

And I sigh heavily at the thought that we will have to once again rescue France.

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Dr. Jasser, the mythical be... (Below threshold)

Dr. Jasser, the mythical beast in Phoenix, is a hero.

And I sigh heavily at th... (Below threshold)

And I sigh heavily at the thought that we will have to once again rescue France.

I seriously wonder if we will. They've engendered far too much bad will in America.

Struck silly at the thought... (Below threshold)

Struck silly at the thought you can reason anything, or believe.

Unfortnately for the Muslim... (Below threshold)

Unfortnately for the Muslims, the death toll will be predominantly on their side. Non-Muslims don't take kindly to being killed and are very efficient at killing in self-defense.

As a Jewish woman, would it... (Below threshold)

As a Jewish woman, would it be okay for a Muslim cab driver to refuse to let me into his cab? How about if my children were devout and wanted to pray 3 times a day in school? How about kosher meals in all restaurants so I could eat anywhere I chose. Is it okay to beat my children because the bible says not to spare the rod or spoil the child? My mother used to say how lucky I was to grow up in a society that would let me be all I wanted to be.

Here's a big picture questi... (Below threshold)

Here's a big picture question,

Rescue France:


As a Jewish woman,... (Below threshold)
As a Jewish woman, would it be okay for a Muslim cab driver to refuse to let me into his cab?

Heh. Good question.

Glenn, I'm both francophone... (Below threshold)

Glenn, I'm both francophone and francophile. The French have a history rife with ferment and error; often their purpose has been to set a bad example. Would you not have them around to be so instructive?

I love Paris in the Morning... (Below threshold)

I love Paris in the Morning,
Burning car smell in the Air.
I love Paris.
Why, oh why, do I love Paris?
Because our war smokes there.

Sorry - I only see pockets ... (Below threshold)

Sorry - I only see pockets of understanding of this dire situation in our country. What will change our national conception of political correctness? What will change the mushy liberal mindset of judges that think they are saving our constitution with such broad interpretations that they will turn our country over to the Islamists? Nope - I'm afraid I dont see us standing up against an Islamist takeover until they start sawing off the heads of us "infidels" - gc Oh, and screw France.

Some people won't get it 't... (Below threshold)

Some people won't get it 'til they come to saw their neighbor's heads off, but some got it when they chose to knock two huge symbols out of our horizon.

Some got it Bamiyan.

Another interesting read al... (Below threshold)

Another interesting read along these lines is the article "Reading, Writing and Ramadan" in last week's Weekly Standard on the efforts by Muslim groups to make the atmosphere in the British education system more "Islam friendly".

Speaking of France, apparently Andrew Roberts, a conservative British historian, has told President Bush that, in dealing with the global war on terror, if insurgents could be appeased, France would have been all over it.

What happens when the Musli... (Below threshold)

What happens when the Muslims want their own room (in our schools)so they can pray? Then the lunch room menu in schools will change to their ideals. Far fetched? There was an article in the paper several weeks ago that this was starting to happen in the UK.

The one way to stop it, is no religious activities in any of our schools, including college, unless the college is for that stated purpose.

It may not be fair, but one easy way to fix one problem. If the Muslims want to saw off a neighbor's head, I'm sure a lot of neighbors might greet them with a bullet.

Somehow the Muslims need to learn they are not living in the 13th century. However, they can be sent back there, and they can take France with them.

My responses really were fr... (Below threshold)

My responses really were framed more by the geopolitical and historical frameworks in which my pairings acted. It hasn't much to do with the personal characteristics of the actors.

The French can also be quit... (Below threshold)

The French can also be quite uncivil domestically. Some of that history was written by the uncivil.

I saw this at <a href="http... (Below threshold)

I saw this at HotAir:

The violence began when a French employee at a natural gas liquefaction plant being constructed by Yemen LNG in the coastal city of Balhaf threw a copy of the Koran, Islam's holy book, on the ground, a move that angered Yemeni workers at the plant site,


The enraged Yemenis reacted by attacking the French employee and setting fire to a helicopter and a large number of vehicles inside the plant site, the officials said.


The Yemenis also tried to attack expatriate workers in their camp inside the plant site but were pushed back by Yemeni troops who intervened with tanks and armored vehicles to contain the violence and restore calm.

> And I sigh heavily at the... (Below threshold)

> And I sigh heavily at the thought that we will have to once again rescue France.

Hey, at least we're good at that.

I don't think we will rescu... (Below threshold)

I don't think we will rescue France again. They made their bed, so it's their problem. It's too late for them anyway.

Renault Brulee & Citroen Flambee, a daily dessert for the Frogs.

"I am certain that I will n... (Below threshold)

"I am certain that I will never live under Shariah law. " This is what I keep telling my freinds who don't seem to worry about this propblem. I (I am 53) will probally never have to fear this problem, living in Colorado. And I have no children (Sorry Mr Steyn), so I don't fear it from that standpoint. But I keep telling my freinds, it's thier grand kids who are going to have to deal with this, unless we wake up now.

I just want to concur about... (Below threshold)

I just want to concur about France. Save them again? No. "The chickens have come home to roost" or "let them eat cake".

Trackbacked by The Thunder ... (Below threshold)

Trackbacked by The Thunder Run - Web Reconnaissance for 03/26/2007
A short recon of what's out there that might draw your attention.

America will remain safe. W... (Below threshold)
John S:

America will remain safe. When the Islamic fanatics recreate their 8th century paradise in Europe, they no longer will possess the technology to cross the Atlantic. In fact they will fear falling off the edge of the world. In a few generations their children won't even be aware there's a New World to the West.

I'd rather let France go in... (Below threshold)

I'd rather let France go in the tank, wonderful object lesson for all the other folks we have helped out over the years. I love France but sometimes a country becomes just too high maintainence.

There'll be no rescue of Fr... (Below threshold)

There'll be no rescue of France. Twice is enough. Since France has nukes, the most likely outcome is that we'll obliterate them when Islamic French nukes attack someone else.

is this whole web site full... (Below threshold)

is this whole web site full of paranoid idiots? ANSWER: yes

So, is it paranoid to point... (Below threshold)

So, is it paranoid to point out that feminism and liberalism used to care about women?

And now they don't.

And I should also point out... (Below threshold)

And I should also point out that *last* time, the fact that the women involved were voluntarily part of a patriarchal religion didn't make any difference at all to those fighting against domestic violence and unequal laws.

<a href="http://thumbsnap.c... (Below threshold)






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