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Webb Aide Arrested with Handgun in DC

This is an interesting report:

An aide to U.S. Sen. Jim Webb was arrested Monday after a loaded handgun allegedly was found in his possession, authorities said.

Capitol police said the aide was arrested during a security check upon entering the Russell Senate Office building at about 10:50 a.m. The gun was detected by an X-ray machine

It was determined that the man did not have a license to carry the gun in D.C., according to Capitol police. It is illegal to carry handguns in D.C.

The aide was charged with carrying a pistol without a license, unregistered firearm and unregistered ammunition.

Who doesn't know that you can't carry a handgun in DC, especially when entering a federal building? Evidently this guy doesn't. Maybe he was just implementing that recent Supreme Court ruling.

Update: The Webb aide has been identified as Philip Thompson. Kevin found more on Thompson here, including the following:

Phillip, the quieter and more introspective member of the trio, had quit his job as the editor of the Marine Corps Times and had taken a significant pay cut in order to work in Jim's campaign. He soon became an unexpected but equally colorful personality once he was certain of his audience. Phillip's main responsibility was to stay out of the limelight while constantly keeping an eye on Jim, getting him from point A to point B, and moving him out of harm's way if necessary. Phillip also helped with scheduling, printed out maps, stayed in contact with various members of the campaign staff and did some of the driving as well. Phillip is precise in all that he does, possesses an amazing memory along with an impressive array of accomplishments, and has a very funny sense of humor. If you don't take the time to get to know Phillip, it's your loss.


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Comments (25)

Ooopsie..... (Below threshold)


Unregistered ammunition!?</... (Below threshold)

Unregistered ammunition!?

File this story under: Do as I say; not as I do.

No, no, no! They a... (Below threshold)
Ragnar Danneskjold:

No, no, no!

They are DEMOCRATS in charge now, dontcha know?

Mere laws and rules simply don't apply to them.

This may be just an oh-no-n... (Below threshold)

This may be just an oh-no-never-mind. IIRC, Members ARE allowed guns, etc. and so the stuff may have been Webb's that both simply forgot the aide had it on him instead of it being on the Member.

I'd never heard that Congre... (Below threshold)

I'd never heard that Congressmen and Senators could carry firearms in DC, but that's certainly something that wouldn't be generally touted. Typical.

FWIW, Webb purports to be a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and a holder of a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit. This may complicate his efforts at fulfilling his campaign promises regarding introducing pro-gun legislation.

Geez the rich part of this ... (Below threshold)

Geez the rich part of this posting:

"Phillip is precise in all that he does, possesses an amazing memory along with an impressive array of accomplishments..."

Not too precise to know that even if the DC gun ban has been lifted that one cannont enter a federal facility without first taking off your belt. Sheesh.

Latest is that the gun belo... (Below threshold)

Latest is that the gun belonged to Webb and was fully loaded with two spare clips also fully loaded. (The aide carried it in while Webb 'parked' his car???) Quite a bit of firepower. Hey, that's exactly what I carry. 15 round clip in the gun, two spare clips with 12 and 15 rounds, 9MM, CWP legal and up to date. Nothing matters for this guy, he's guilty. If Webb doesn't have a DC carry permit he is also guilty. All felonies in the commie land of DC. Went from one of the finest gentlemen (Allen) of any party to ever serve in congress to an idiot, wow.
We'll never find out the truth. This is a democrat rat you know. Aren't you people in VA that voted for the idiot so proud of your vote. ROFL

Yep, just like Monica Goodw... (Below threshold)

Yep, just like Monica Goodwin invoking the 5th so she doesn't have to testify under oath. You know, the 5th keeps a person from saying anything to incriminate yourself in when a crime may have been committed.
Wonder what she has to hide?

Not to be too disrespectful... (Below threshold)

Not to be too disrespectful, but Mike, what the hell are you talking about?

..one of the finest gentlem... (Below threshold)

..one of the finest gentlemen... to spit chew on the floor of the Senate.

A real renaissance man.

So much for Bush's March 20... (Below threshold)

So much for Bush's March 20th promise:
Today I'm also announcing the following steps my administration is taking to correct the record and demonstrate our willingness to work with the Congress. First, the Attorney General and his key staff will testify before the relevant congressional committees to explain how the decision was made and for what reasons.
Now one of the key staff members is claiming the 5th and will refuse to testify.

Webb's aid may have "lead c... (Below threshold)

Webb's aid may have "lead credits".

You know like Al has got "carbon credits".

Mike:You seem to b... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:


You seem to be a bit off topic. Perhaps, Lorie, you or someone else can open up a "Moonbat Open Thread" where the moonbats can rant and the rest of us can stay on topic.

As for Webb's aide, as long as he is not a Repubican, he will be given a Sandy Berger slap on the wrist. If he is a Republican, he'll do hard time.

"Now one of the key staff m... (Below threshold)

"Now one of the key staff members is claiming the 5th and will refuse to testify."
Posted by: Mike

Of course, she saw what happened to Libby when he testified.

Of course, she saw what ... (Below threshold)

Of course, she saw what happened to Libby when he testified.

Yeah! Damn that American justice system, with its independent (Republican) prosecutor, open rules of evidence, guaranteed defense, impartial judge, jury of citizens, and requirements that verdicts be unanimous! I mean, how could we possibly abide by such a system?!

Brian, get a brain. The per... (Below threshold)

Brian, get a brain. The persocutor is not and never has been a republican. Dumb ass democrat all the way. That is if your talking about Fitzfong, and a jury that comes out (reminds me of the OJ joke) and says he should have never been on trial but we convicted him anyway. With OJ they said he was guilty as hell but we turned him loose. Juries today are as biased and racist and anyone on the street and they no longer have the brains to check it at the door.

BarneyG2000, you keep riding the lying democrat horse and you'll get hurt. The lie about spitting on the floor is years old and never happened.

I see the congressional leadership of today as having the same mental capacity as a pre-school class drawn from the slums. No upbringing and no hope of ever being a normal American, and that's giving Crazy Harry and Botox Peeeloshi a break. They're actually worse than that and all of you just may live long enough to regret your stupidity. Me, I hope they keep the comedy coming. All sorts of people are now asking, what the hell is going on in congress? The correct answer is 'nothing'. They are now incapapble of serving the American people. Too bad the hero's stopped the plane over Pa, we could have had a totally new congress with the fear of god in them. With luck it won't be long until one succeeds in slipping the radar and hitting congress while in session.

SPIN IT WINGNUTS. The truth... (Below threshold)

SPIN IT WINGNUTS. The truth will come out, and you will deny it all the way to your grave. The President said they would all testify in front of the Senate Committee, so why is she taking the 5th. Libby was in a court of law, not a Senate Committee, so the comparison your try to make is BS.

You only take the 5th when you are involved in a crime, not for doing your job. Spin in any way you want, but the shit is already hitting the fan, and both the Republican and Democratic members of the Committee is pissed off.

So suck on that wingnuts.

Mike, you sound like Joe Mc... (Below threshold)

Mike, you sound like Joe McCarthy.

A very juvenile Joe McCarth... (Below threshold)

A very juvenile Joe McCarthy.

You only take the 5th when ... (Below threshold)

You only take the 5th when you feel threatened. You can feel threatened because you committed a crime, or you can feel threatened because you fear a witch hunt.

Hint... witches aren't real. I'm sure the girls in Salem were confident in their innocence. But nice of you to assume guilt and declare it.

This AG thing strikes me as yet another non-scandal anyway. Like Gannon and several other similar scandals where the moonbats get all orgasmic and it's not that anything is being spun, it's that most of us are genuinely baffled as to what the huge problem is.

What is the huge problem? The president gets to hire and fire attorney generals. Clinton fired them all and started over. I'm pretty sure he didn't justify *any* of those firings.

Gannon was an insult to the holy calling and dignity of journalism... which only matters if you think it's even *possible* to be a fake journalist. Let the orgasms begin... Ohhh Ohhh, he wasn't *real*, he couldn't even *write*, and he was asking soft questions and some obscure publication printed his stuff and no one read it anyway... Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh. Oh, he's gay! I feel a climax coming on!

And we spin? What is a "fake" journalist? Is that like being a "fake" doctor?

What is so fabulously scandalous about the AG firings?

Can you quit with the heavy breathing long enough to explain it? Personally, if my AG got fired for not investigating voter fraud aggressively enough (and he did get fired) then I'm all for it. He made some dumb statement about the AG needing "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" which is silly. That's what the *judge* needs and the *jury* needs. So who's he making excuses for? If there wasn't anything he could take action on it ought to be easy enough to show that he followed up aggressively on what was there and determined that there really was no case. CYA. But he's excused because he didn't have "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" before he even started?

And so we're left here in my State with a bad case of a lack of faith in the voting process. But who cares about us, huh?

Mike:The Presi... (Below threshold)


The President said they would all testify in front of the Senate Committee, so why is she taking the 5th.

Maybe you should ask her.

Oh wait, I get it. You're pissed there is no evidence Bush turned the thumb screws tighter so she would comply.

And because that didn't happen and she invoked her constitutional right YOU can't get at the *truth* whatever that may be.

And BTW, don't let me see you crying about Frozen Cash Jefferson when he invokes the same fifth amendment rights.

If you ever watched these c... (Below threshold)

If you ever watched these committee hearings, they are a bore. All the represtentatives and senators on the respective committee start off with a very long accusatory statement with no questions whatsoever in it. The left bangs them down and the right builds them up. If I was called, I would refuse also. They will not get to play politics with my life. NO way. I do not blame the staffer, and I suggest all the rest do the same. Shut this farce down. ww

I guess we can consider thi... (Below threshold)

I guess we can consider this thread hijacked successfully, then?

Ohhh Ohhh, he wasn't *re... (Below threshold)

Ohhh Ohhh, he wasn't *real*, he couldn't even *write*, and he was asking soft questions and some obscure publication printed his stuff

Are you saying that you think it's OK for an administration to pad the press pool with partisan shills who are there expressly to ask softball questions and to make the opposition party look bad? I'm not talking about people who may or may not let their biases seep into their legitimate press jobs. I'm talking about people who are hired for the sole purpose of doing this intentionally.

I don't want to reopen the whole Gannon thing, but I'm just shocked that you would have this position.

What is so fabulously scandalous about the AG firings?

Here's one good explanation.

The scandal is Leahy and Sc... (Below threshold)

The scandal is Leahy and Schumer corrupting the democratic process and the separation of powers.






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