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Kerry's Fox Hypocrisy

Bruce Kesler is asking a few questions of John Kerry related to his opposition to Sam Fox's nomination for ambassador due to his contribution to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.


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Comments (16)

This is an example of how t... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

This is an example of how the left can never relent against the truth. They must attempt stifle it where ever it exists. For if people knew the truth, they would not only fling the bounders out of office, they might will hang them.

Zelsdorf's murderous though... (Below threshold)

Zelsdorf's murderous thoughts ( and he thinks the left is nuts????) aside, this demo wishes the windbag good riddance.

(Wouldn't it be nice if somehow Scotty could beam Kerry, McCain and Hillary up to somewhere where we never had to listen to their pandering again? They would be nice and safe and warm and could pander to one another all day long.)

It's time for fresh people with fresh ideas!!!

He is a disgrace. I thought... (Below threshold)

He is a disgrace. I thought so back in the 70's and I think that now. He is a parasite leeching onto whatever will sustain him. Even his personal life is like that. How he can look at himself in the mirror is beyond me. ww

Well, Bruce, when Kerry acc... (Below threshold)

Well, Bruce, when Kerry accelerated down the Bay Hap River, the rest of the boats rallied to the injured sailors in the water. Whether or not there was enemy there to engage is highly controverial. A few witnesses heard the distinct sound of the AK-47, and it would make some sense to lay an ambush at the site of a booby trap, however, most present deny enemy action. In either case, his action was cowardly.

Furthermore, compare that action with his action at the Silver Star fight, when he foolishly beached his boat. And compare both those actions with the actions several weeks later by the boats in a group ambushed in another river, one of which boats was commanded by his best friend in Nam. All the rest of the boats fled, and one ended up beached, and blasted in front of the enemy. And thus died Don, Kerry's best friend in Nam, after Kerry had ditched.

Otherwise, Bruce got it.</p... (Below threshold)

Otherwise, Bruce got it.

Message to Kerry campaign. Let's see ALL the pictures Kerry took in Nam.

Kerry is so phony it scares... (Below threshold)

Kerry is so phony it scares me. And I am fearless.
What is that piece of sh...doing wearing his ribbons on his work fatigues. Is that because he knew pictures would be taken when he was walking with the Senator who could not swim?

Just another example of how... (Below threshold)

Just another example of how Chicken Hawk Conservatives cry about how everyone that doesn't agree with them is un-American, or un-Patriotic. Get over it, your glory days are over. What went around came around, and it bit you in the ass.

It was what John Kerry did ... (Below threshold)
C. J. Collins:

It was what John Kerry did after his service that turned most Vietnam Vets like myself against him. He publicly defamed all of us with his outrageous and unsubstantiated allegations of wide spread inhuman actions by those of us who did our duty proudly and honorably. Thanks to the Swift Boat Vets and supporters like Mr. Fox the public was made aware of this aspect of Mr. Kerry's public record.

How can a Viet Nam vet up... (Below threshold)
Harold C Aultman:

How can a Viet Nam vet uphold Kerry after he accused American soldiers of war crimes against children??? When asked why he didnot report these 'crimes' at the time of their happening-he had no answer. When told that it was a crime not to report these crimes-he was caught by surprize.Seems his Jane Fonda days of lying had caught him.

Kerry's continued ability t... (Below threshold)

Kerry's continued ability to simply refuse to answer questions about his service (and afterward) and ability to pretend he released all his records when he's only released some, relies on repeating over and over again that the Swiftboat Vets have no credibility. Since they can be pronounced discredited they never have to be answered.

But the fact is that the Swiftboat Vets and the POW's who joined them have a great deal of credibility. Simply comparing service, time spent in Viet Nam and time spent, even years, as prisoners there, they have credibility. If they *don't* then Kerry can't claim any either. (Nor can Murtha, though that's another issue.)

Those men had one thing in common, and that was an entirely understandable animosity toward John Kerry for what he did to defame and slander them when he got home. I watched the interviews with those vets about John Kerry and the interviewer would *try* to get them to say he was a coward and they refused to do it. Anyone, they said, who worked on swift boats *had* to be respected for his bravery. What they *would* say is that he was a self-promoter and did not display effective leadership and while they were willing enough to live and let live the idea that he might be president and in charge of those sorts of things made their blood run cold.

People who insist that the Swiftboat Vets and the highly decorated POWs who joined them are not *credible* and that they are *known* to be lying, never actually looked at what they said, or listened to what they refused to say, or tried to imagine how honest men of integrity could feel about someone who called them the most vile names, excused those who tortured them in NVN prisons, and was active, even slandering them in congressional hearings, in the anti-war movement, throwing his medals away in a grand gesture and NOW was claiming to value his service and his "brothers."

Kerry is a phoney in class ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Lewy:

Kerry is a phoney in class with those who perpetrate Stolen Valor. No action taken by Kerry was worthy of the Bronze Star, let alone the Silver Star. Take it from one who served in Vietnam with the Marines, John Kerry is a John F. Kennedy type hero. i.e. none at all.

Of course i'll hear all ... (Below threshold)

Of course i'll hear all kinds of vitriolic rhetoric for this simple question and observation. Would Mr Kerry and his sympathetic democratic cadre be as equally enthusiastic of the politics of destruction had Bush's nominee been a republican Irish Catholic as opposed to a republican Jew? I think the history and precedent of this obvious unspoken truism is deafening to say the least!

All, repeat all, wizbags ne... (Below threshold)

All, repeat all, wizbags need to take several steps back and think about who put our brave kids into harms way both in 'Nam and now the Middle East. And more importantly why as well. Well Nam is over and while the pain is not, I see lots of stuff for sale here with labels "MADE IN VIETNAM". will we ever see that after another defeat this time in Iraq? Where is the McMinara
to cry this time/ And what will you do to end this madness.

I've never in my life seen ... (Below threshold)

I've never in my life seen something that said "made in Vietnam." You just made that up, didn't you.

I have been an English tutor for Vietnamese immigrants in California and here in Albuquerque we've got a fairly large Vietnamese community (and some of the best food anywhere) and when I ask if these people have gone back to visit I get these looks of incomprehension that I don't believe have anything to do with the language barrier.

Why don't you try to tell them that there is an up-side to our abandonment of south vietnam, E.H. Would you dare?

I'll see your Halliburton a... (Below threshold)

I'll see your Halliburton and raise you a Perini.

Sore loser John Kerry if th... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Sore loser John Kerry if this is his response for losing the election in 2004 then he should be barred from running even for janitor he shows very poor sportsmanship






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