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Senate Votes for Surrender Timeline

I said yesterday that I didn't think it would pass, but pass it did with thanks to Chuck Hagel who proved once again that he's a Republican in name only. Ace wonders if he's going to run for president on a third party ticket to be Perot-like spoiler.

The Senate voted Tuesday to set a goal of withdrawing U.S. combat troops from Iraq by March 2008, joining the House in voting to set a deadline to end the war and setting the stage for a showdown with President Bush over the future of American involvement in the troubled country.

Thanks to a switch in their votes from just two weeks ago, Nebraska Sens. Chuck Hagel (R) and Ben Nelson (D), provided the margin of victory as Senate Democrats beat back a GOP attempt to strip the withdrawal language from a $122 billion emergency funding bill, which is designed to cover the cost of combat operations in Iraq and Afgahnistan for the rest of this year.


Hagel, in an impassioned floor speech prior to the vote, criticized Bush for a "flawed and failing policy in Iraq," and said he was no longer ready to believe that the United States was winning its fight against insurgents.

"Iraq is more dangerous today than at any time in the last four years," Hagel said. "The president's strategy is taking America deeper and deeper into this quagmore with no exit strategy."

Is no one is telling him that the surge is working? If he's being kept informed, is he completely ignoring the information? I have a feeling it's the latter.

Cross posted at Right Wing News where I'm guest posting today.


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Comments (13)

3/27/07 BAGHDAD Two truck b... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

3/27/07 BAGHDAD Two truck bombs shattered markets in Tal Afar on Tuesday, killing at least 63 people and wounding dozens in the second assault in four days on a predominantly Shiite Muslim city hit by a resurgence in violence a year after it was held up as a symbol of U.S. success.

Iraqi police reported at least 109 people killed or found dead nationwide.

Dang, Kim, I wish you'd provide for all of us the link to the planet on which the "Surge" is working.

Stupid foolish Americans......

This only seems like a midd... (Below threshold)

This only seems like a middle game quandary!

Politically speaking:
1) If Bush thinks he could have won the war in timely fashion ANYWAY (unlikely), this is BAD for him (R), because the Dems will be percieved as the Fire lit under W's ass.

2) If Bush was only hoping to show enough progress for the American voter to tolerate what amounts to a jumping-off point to Iran (my theory of the entire war), this is GOOD for him (R) because it makes the Dems co-owners of the policy. And the timeline is NOT set in stone! ANY NOTABLE progress will enable a bi-partisan extention of same. Republican pick-up.

If Bush was a Prince, he'd arrange for certain "RINO"s to exhibit their bi-partisanship, and over-ride his veto.

Make the Dems co-signers; good news for Wizbangers!

A pork laden time clock is ... (Below threshold)

A pork laden time clock is not good news for ANYONE.

The only Veto getting whacked, was Vito on the Sopranos....

The terrorist are simply vo... (Below threshold)

The terrorist are simply voting for the democrats with bombs and death. The dhimmi's have invited it and the terrorist will follow through, just hang on a little longer and we'll assure you win. The deaths in Iraq are just more blood on the democrats and their supporters hands. Sleep tight knowing you are the direct cause of thousands of deaths in Iraq on top of the millions in Southeast Asia.
Hagel has been a mental retard for years. He's so stupid he thinks the dhimmi's will vote for him for president knowing he's a traitor to all Americans. Even the dhimmi's aren't that stupid, but they will continue to play him for the fool he is. Can't blame them for that.

Civil Behavior, you exhibit... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Civil Behavior, you exhibit the combined wisdom of a brick. The surge is not suceeding because all of the insurgents have not given up yet, although the surge is yet to be fully deployed? Logic tells me you on the left cannot be that stupid but you constantly defy logic. By your standards the Untied States is in a civil war. Several of our major cities experience factons at war with each other beyond control of the government. You learned from you favorite source, the Nazis, that if you lie often enough, people begin to believe the lie. You are liars and you are good at it. Shame. You have a cold civil war right here. Keep it up and it will go hot.

Well Cybil, judging by the ... (Below threshold)

Well Cybil, judging by the amount of crap surging out in Your 1st post...I'd say the planet is Earth!

Chuck Hagel is running for ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Chuck Hagel is running for President on the Republican ticket, or rather is is campaigning to be the Republican nominee. Any bets. The lefts ideal Republican is also up for re-election in the senate. His political career should be just about finished. Opinions have consequeses.

Now, we'll just have the ex... (Below threshold)

Now, we'll just have the executive line item out all the pork, and the timeline; well at least we'll have a prominent signing statement.

The possibility that Hagel ... (Below threshold)

The possibility that Hagel could ever be a "spoiler" 3rd-party candidate is predicated on the ludicrous notion that anybody who ever flirted with the idea of voting Republican would vote for Hagel.

They won't.


One should tell civil behav... (Below threshold)
Richard Romano:

One should tell civil behavior that AP is not reporting all the news--are you visiting Centcom along with the headlines by the AP? If you are, you will have a more balanced approach.

The terrorists are taking a beating--arrested in droves and killed in droves; it takes time to get rid of slime, as most American metropolises testify.

The left loves defeat--who cares about the scores of murdered Iraqi civilians; you didn't care when we withdrew from Vietnam, and you don't care now. You cowards--you are not going to win.

Does anyone know of a move ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know of a move in Nebraska to dump this idiot Hagel? I haven't seen any blogs or articles about anyone planning to run a real Republican against this surrender monkey.

Looks like the hen house se... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Looks like the hen house senate is over brimming with all those eggs laid by the chickens

Just in time for Easter..eh... (Below threshold)

Just in time for Easter..eh spurwing?






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