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Terrorists and Traitors Next Door

Two recent stories that grossly were underreported by the MSM:

Former Member of U.S. Navy Indicted for Terrorism and Espionage

[A] federal grand jury sitting in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has returned a two-count indictment charging Hassan Abujihaad, formerly known as Paul R. Hall . . . of . . . Phoenix, Arizona, with material support of terrorism and disclosing previously classified information relating to the national defense....

Read the whole thing.

It's the kind of story that helps put various issues - War on Terror, Patriot Act, NSA surveillance, etc. - into their rightful perspectives.

Unless, of course, you're brain dead.

ITT Corp. to Pay $100 Million Fine for Exporting Military Secrets

ITT Corporation, the leading manufacturer of military night vision equipment for the U.S. Armed Forces, has admitted sending classified materials overseas and will pay a $100 million penalty....

Sheesh. Who's running that company, Ward Churchill?

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Sheesh. Who's running th... (Below threshold)

Sheesh. Who's running that company, Ward Churchill?

Don't know who's running it, but apparently ITT has a lot of shady history, including buddying up to the Nazis and helping (the CIA) overthrow Allende in Chile.

Why does the government still do business with these people? Why is there an option in their plea to spend half the fine on research and development?

Ahhh, the military-industrial complex. Is there anything it can't do?

Outsourcing to cut both lab... (Below threshold)

Outsourcing to cut both labor and material costs was a huge lure to ITT to have components produced in China. However it is strange that night vision googles fall under some classified military materials rules, while the electronic components for many American missiles which are also produced in China do not.

Allowing China to produce the electronic portions of American missiles could allow for the Chinese military to slip in "kill switch" components that could disable these weapons during a conflict. Likely these weapons have specific codes now known to the Chinese military that could render them useless in any conflict that China does not approve of and will supply the technology needed to defeat these weapons to any ally state in a conflict.

The most serious example of this could be rendering American Navy ships vulnerable to the Chinese Silkworm antiship cruise missiles. China has provided antiship missiles to Iran for example, and one of these did heavy damage to an Israeli ship during the recent conflict in Lebanon, and none of Israel's modern defenses were able to detect or stop this missile until the damage was done. Outsourcing to China may have done significant damage to the U.S. military in the event of any real conflict such as military action against Iran if needed.

It gets even better on Abuj... (Below threshold)

It gets even better on Abujihaad, I couldn't get anyone's attention on this when it happened, but here it is:


Lone Nut My Ass:

Remember the mall bomber from right before Christmas, just another, "lone nut":

Rockford Register Star

ROCKFORD -- The man accused of wanting to kill holiday shoppers at CherryVale Mall has been linked to a man who allegedly supplied classified military information to London-based terrorists.

And authorities have used some statements made by alleged bomb-plotter Derrick Shareef to build their case against Hassan Abujihaad, who they say was the source of the leaked information.

According to a U.S. Justice Department affidavit,Abujihaad, who was arrested Wednesday, and Shareef were roommates in Arizona in 2004. (emphasis added)

Lone nut, right, and in WWII every spy or saboteur was a lone nut too, right? Every member of the French Underground were treated by the Germans as deranged followers of the Brie and Chardonnay club too! What fools we have become.

Someone at ITT should be go... (Below threshold)

Someone at ITT should be going to jail.

Not to mention the generally foolish idea of having any advanced military equipment manufactured outside the US. Military conflicts are now won or lost based the level of technology and the speed and quantity of manufacturing capability. Something we forgot because of the cold war, ironically.

Like when Rome disappeared when they outsourced their military to the Barbarians on a large scale, we will eventually disappear when we've outsourced the manufacture of our military equipment.

LifeTrek, interesting point... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

LifeTrek, interesting point, in that to the media and generally unsavvy law enforcement, members of a terrorist cell structure will appear to be "lone nuts" rather than part of organized attempts.

When I learned of Standard ... (Below threshold)

When I learned of Standard Oil's and DuPont's partnership with I.G.Farben in producing Zyklon-B to exterminate the untermenschen of Europe, it was at about the time I read that Kissinger was having the US government threaten a New Hampshire company lest it sell its teeny weeny ball bearings to the USSR (which it did). This increased the accuracy of soviet ICBMs by 70%.

Of course, Bushbots are silent as he continues the post-1975 de-industrialization scheme of the US, in the name of The Stockholders and Global Economy. Or as Jack Kemp put it: the New Paradigm.

As per ITT, the multinational businessmen and (their political lackies) are emulating the ancient royal houses of Europe. They transend national laws and boundaries and abide by their own private rules, sending letters down occasionally.

As for the indicted terrorists: Is their a comprehensive resource for indictments to conviction of persons under the Patriot Act?

So it's all Bush's fault ag... (Below threshold)

So it's all Bush's fault again, huh BryanD? Maybe you should read deeper:
"Count two of the information charges that between April 2000 and October 2004, ITT Corporation left out material facts from Arms Exports Required Reports. The omission of these material facts made the reports misleading. ITT Corporation was aware that it was violating its export licenses for night vision goggles but failed to take significant corrective action to stop the ongoing violations until shortly before it informed the Department of State about the violations."

Last I checked, Bush wasn't in office in April 2000 when the company started its shenanigans. But, hey, I realize you're one of those principled lefties who won't let truth stand in the way of a good slander.

I wonder how many here at W... (Below threshold)

I wonder how many here at Wizbang will notice that it's just not the politics of firing attorneys at DOJ, but also the Gonzalez & Co.'s conniving prosecutions of traitorous companies like ITT. Not only was this a criminal violation by a corporation, but there are no indictments of any of the corporate officers for this treasonous crime against the US, and worse, the lives of our troops.

A piddling $100 mil fine that can be mitigated by 50% is how BushCo deals w/ corporate treason. Afterall, who could complain that US jobs were outsourced so the ITT CEOs could have multi-million bonuses & golden parachutes, derived from enhanced profit margins accrued through cheap labor & betrayal of US military secrets?

There should be a corporate death penalty for this sort of crime: nationalization.

More corporate criminals ha... (Below threshold)

More corporate criminals have been arrested, tried, convicted and jailed by the Bush administration than any other. The problem is that there are so many left over criminals from the 90's it will take 50 years to ferret them all out and the statutes will have expired on most. Now with the democrat led congress protecting criminals and terrorists (democrats best friends and chief money suppliers) it has become impossible to jail a criminal.

Gonzales should not be fired for firing the worthless attorneys. He should be fired for failure to jail 'half of the democrats' in congress as traitors and terrorism enablers. They are already convicted by they're own words and actions, just arrest them and fill the slammer. GITMO seems to work really good on traitors and terrorists and would be a perfect destination for the dhimmi traitors.

Crapbag, you should be jail... (Below threshold)

Crapbag, you should be jailed for defiling the concept of an American citizen.

Mr. Javitz ~ A pleasure to ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Javitz ~ A pleasure to see you back.

A couple of thoughts:... (Below threshold)

A couple of thoughts:

*) The New York Times has printed a number of extremely sensitive secrets in the last year. No fine, no indictments.

*) ITAR (one of the laws involved, there are others) is incredibly complex. You need a LOT of lawyers to stay on the right side of this, and other export laws. While the case described here is more blatant, if you read the law a bit, merely exchanging email that contains any technical information with a foreign national, is considered a violation. So, next time you help someone on line with their Windows problem, be very careful.






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