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A shocking crime story

Here's a safety tip: if you're going to try to steal copper wiring to sell to a recycling center, make damned sure it's not live.

Otherwise, you might end up like these two guys.

This is especially embarassing for me. The would-be thieves were from New Hampshire, but they got their comeuppance in Massachusetts.

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Darwinism in action. Look ... (Below threshold)

Darwinism in action. Look at it this way, those 2 potential voters are now eliminated from NH's voting rolls.

MA needs to stop killing our NH residents!

The cumulative IQ of New Ha... (Below threshold)

The cumulative IQ of New Hampshire just got a little bit higher.

I take it these nuts were n... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I take it these nuts were not electrical engineers.

Doesn't electricity take the path of least resistance, therefore proving stupidity is a good conductor.

Live Free or Die...of elect... (Below threshold)

Live Free or Die...of electrocution.

See, evil capitalism KILLED... (Below threshold)

See, evil capitalism KILLED THESE POOR MEN. They had been exploited by the ChenyHalliburtonBigOil cartel. They hadn't the opportunity that the Chimp had to go to Yale and dodge Vietnam cuz of his daddy. More education funding would have kept them from electrocution. Katrina and the govt poor response deeply scarred them.If only..., IF ONLY the capitalist conservative power brokers had CARED..............

I think a Darwin Award has ... (Below threshold)

I think a Darwin Award has already been given out to someone else who died in exactly the same way.

metprof,I agree with... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I agree with you.
You make perfect sense. If you are posting on KOS, Dem underground, or the Huffington.
Poor guys, if only we had a copper subsidy.
It is a Karl Rove plot, to make it harder for thieves to make a living.

Can't be a Karl Rove plot. ... (Below threshold)

Can't be a Karl Rove plot. Nobody in the administration remembers anything. Hell, Sampson said 122 times he couldn't recall. The whole justice dept. has fuzzy memory, same as the White House, so if you can't remember, how could it be a KKarl plot?

I wouldn't remember anythin... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't remember anything either for the scum oozing out of the dimmer senators pores? ww

Mike , "I don't remember" i... (Below threshold)

Mike , "I don't remember" is a learned action from the Slick Willie administration. They said it thousands of times when questioned under oath. Don't blame those today that see it as a 100% sure out when being questioned by idiots. If it works, why change? By the way your BDS is showing and most of the reservations in the rubber room motel are gone. Better check in quick. Algore-abge just made his reservation. Now to find a wimp to go pick him up. Anyone got a butterfly net and a coat with many straps?

I have read this is not unc... (Below threshold)

I have read this is not uncommon in Russia. Cable-stealing is rampant to the point of really messing up the grid, and occasional electrocutions are part of it.

Sorry folks, I forgot about... (Below threshold)

Sorry folks, I forgot about Rove's involvement in these elctrocutions. I DID hear that Waxman is soon starting hearings on what Rove knew, and when he knew it. He'll be hiring outside attorneys due to the increased workload.

Of course another possibili... (Below threshold)

Of course another possibility is that these fine americans were really trying to steal electricity, not the copper. They could have been stealing power to store in their garages for use in their air conditioners as the globe heats up. Just a thought.

You might say that that had... (Below threshold)

You might say that that had to be a "hair razeing experance". Picture this: Waxman on a platter with an apple in his mouth after doing the dumb crook thing.

This happened down here a f... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

This happened down here a few months ago; I work as a guard,and we were sent there after the incident. They had discontinued security when the plant sold, so the local ghetto swarmed in and stripped the place bare. They even, no shit, stole parts of the roof; the building looked like a total loss to me.

What really blew my mind is that buddies of the guy - the other looters - showed up a week later wanting to put a cross on the property, and got downright indignant when we wouldn't let them in. Another pair showed up asking if they could go in and get their wheelbarrow, wire cutters, and pipe cutters they'd left on the site when they fled (the night the guy got fried). These people just don't get it.

The real shame is that the ... (Below threshold)

The real shame is that the families of the deceased criminal trespassers will probably be successful in a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of the property and any other possible defendants with insurance.

shocking... (Below threshold)


Worlds dumbist crooks tries... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Worlds dumbist crooks tries to rob store with switchblade store owner has 45 automatic

My God.................<br ... (Below threshold)

My God.................
so terrible

Oh, not so terrible; they'v... (Below threshold)

Oh, not so terrible; they've insight into background microwave polarity now, that neither you nor I do.






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