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"The mice voted to bell the cat"

Well, the Arab Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is over, and they have actually produced something -- a "peace plan" for the Israeli/Palestine conflict.

And just how did they manage to work this modern-day miracle? By avoiding the one pitfall that has befallen all the previous plans -- inviting the Israelis to attend and actually have some input in their own future.

The nations attending the summit in Saudi Arabia all sat around, negotiated, weighed matters, and came up with a plan they can all live with. It addresses every single concern raised at the summit, and every single attendee agreed it was the best possible solution.

Of course, in Saudi Arabia, Jews are legally forbidden from setting foot. So it made it remarkably simple to craft a plan when one half of the disputing parties -- the half that has repulsed every single attempt to wipe them off the face of the earth by the negotiating parties -- isn't invited.

Now, the "peace proponents" are saying that Israel must accept the plans, without conditions or alterations or compromises, or face "consequences."

There's only one appropriate response in this situation, and it's one the "peace proponents" are eminently equipped to accept. If there's one thing more common than Arab/Muslim government hypocricy in that region, it's sand for them to go pound.

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Maybe that will make-up for... (Below threshold)

Maybe that will make-up for the Saudi King stabbing the Brush in the back?

And what are those conseque... (Below threshold)

And what are those consequences I wonder? Could'nt be more 9 year old brainwashed homiciders could it?

They all sat around, drank camel milk and weighed the matters at hand... like how can we kill all them Joos?

Did you notice the part whe... (Below threshold)

Did you notice the part where Sec. Rice encouraged support for the plan? Apparently we're behind it too.

Btw the word "consequences," which you claim the Arabs threatened, in quotes, is not in that story anywhere.

You do realize how stupid y... (Below threshold)

You do realize how stupid you look for not realizing that 'consequences' is in the equivalent of 'finger air quotes' like calling them 'peace proponents', and is not meant to denote a quotation from the link, right? You knew that? I'm not telling you something as obvious as the nose on your face that you missed? You're not really that slow are you?

Ok, so he's using 'finger a... (Below threshold)

Ok, so he's using 'finger air quotes' on consequences to what, denote that he is writing facetiously, as he is with "peace proponents?" Why? Does he mean that said consequences, which are not mentioned in any way in the article, are not really consequences in the way that the Arabs are not really peace proponents?

If that is what he means then I'm missing something so excuse me, but normally Jay is very good writer and that just struck me as "stupid."

sarchasm... (Below threshold)


ArghActually, I th... (Below threshold)


Actually, I think a plan like this is quite a Good Thing (TM), especially for Israel. Look at it this way. This little pan-Arab plan is not the end-all and be-all of an Arab-Israeli peace process, although protocol calls for all players to pretend it is. Rather, it's just one move in an extremely complicated, long-running game of multilateral diplomatic chess.

And why is it a Good Thing? Becuase it means taht a large number of quarreling players have finally agreed on something and presented it to the other side. Which is good for the general idea of "peace."

Given that Israel wasn't invited, it now has a number of options. A few off the top of my head:

* Reject the plan outright.
* Craft diplomatic messages that accept the idea of a plan to resolve the Israel-Palestine issue, but reject this particular plan.
* Send diplomatic signals that indicate confidence in the process.
* Identify key points of the proposal that may be points of contentions between the Arab stakeholders and use them as wedges to drive the partners apart.

And so forth. There are many, many moves left here. To act as if this is the endgame is to be unconscionably dense.


So perhaps if the left thin... (Below threshold)

So perhaps if the left thinks this is such a good deal, the republican can get together and prepare a plan for peace, prosperity and happiness which the democrats (who weren't invited to the planning session by the way) can then either accept in total without any changes or they will show that the democrats are truly against peace, prosperity and happiness.

How about puppies. We can also make the plan for puppies so the democrats will be against puppies if they don't accept it in total with no changes.

You know, we may be on to something here.

Actually the plan agrred to... (Below threshold)

Actually the plan agrred to in Riyadh is not new. It is called by some in the Mideast the "Thomas L. Friedman" plan. It has been around for 5 years, and is being basically re-adopted by Arab leaders. The summit failed to deal with the 2 thorniest issues in any settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians....they were left for some other summit.
P.S: always read the small print.

Pennywit pretty much covere... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Pennywit pretty much covered my thoughts on the matter.

Well, Jews actually aren't ... (Below threshold)

Well, Jews actually aren't 'legally forbidden' to enter the country. I've worked with Jews there. And at this summit, an actual Israeli journalist was present (admittedly after some stupidity from a visa clerk in the Saudi Consulate in NYC), quickly reversed by the Saudi Foreign Minister.

You can read the details on my blog as well as that reporter's take on the summit.

John Burgess, Thx ... (Below threshold)

John Burgess,

Thx for correcting the "no jews" bit. I would have fallen for it! (hate that!)

And nice blog except for the rectanguloid thing that obscures some lines of text.

Sounds an awful lot like tw... (Below threshold)

Sounds an awful lot like two jackals and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. Except the sheep didn't get to vote.

Hope the sheep is armed.

its a hopefull sign that... (Below threshold)

its a hopefull sign that mice voted to bell the CAT
but CAT is really BIG to be belled

Naw, it's a huge pride of w... (Below threshold)

Naw, it's a huge pride of wild and unruly felines wishing, and hoping, and dreaming they could bell Mighty Mouse.






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