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Tune in Sunday Night

I will be on the Andrea Shea King show on AM580-WBDO this Sunday night at 9:30 EDT. The program is broadcast across Central Florida, or you can click on "Listen Live" to hear the show, which begins at 9:00, on your computer. One of the topics Sunday night will be Rosie O'Donnell's recent rants on The View.

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Lori...thank you for your v... (Below threshold)

Lori...thank you for your vigilance and for your forebearance....I am a grandmother of an Airforce cadet...he loves his country. He is from NC, as are you...Obviously, I'm in Texas. He has asked me..."why do people not want to defend our country and our way of life?"

I don't know what to tell him.

There are people that I know that act as if they hate this country...some I believe come from just pure bile at the thought of GWB...(he is one, I must say, that I admire and respect...as does my grandson)

At any rate...I thank you...for your common sense approach to the events happening in our country...it seems that you are "one of us"...those of us out here just trying to do the right thing for the right reason.

To tell you the truth...there are some on this Wizbang site that are hateful (like the left...and I'm not talking about the trolls...I'm talking about the contributors)...but Lorie...you seem to have grounded truth in your writing and your analysis...I always forward to your responses and I always read DJ Drummond..both of you seem to be well rounded, intelligent and thinking people.

There are those of us out here who crave your kind of wisdom. Don't blow it like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and other (forgive me) loud mouth conservatives do. Keep your sane, loving, mothering and caring voice. It speaks to so many.

There are millions of Ameri... (Below threshold)

There are millions of Americans who will defend our country to the death. The anti-American Americans get the headlines.






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