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Glenn Beck Says What others in the Media Are afraid to say

Check out this segment of the Glenn Beck Show where he discusses the flying imams and how they fit into the agenda of Radical Islam:

Hat tip: LGF

Glenn asserts that radical Islamists are trying to intimidate the airlines and convince Americans to not notice those things that are a danger to us, and he's right. Take a look at this intimidation:

Six Muslim men removed from a plane last fall after being accused of suspicious behavior are suing the airline and threatening to sue the passengers who complained -- a move some fear could discourage travelers from speaking up when they see something unusual.

The civil rights lawsuit, filed earlier this month, has so alarmed some lawyers that they are offering to defend the unnamed "John Doe" passengers free of charge. They say it is vital that the flying public be able to report suspicious behavior without fear of being dragged into court.

Silence through intimidation is what radical Islam is all about.


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Comments (16)

Afraid this will indeed fal... (Below threshold)

Afraid this will indeed fall on deaf ears, especially on the politically correct left, since all they seem to think the biggest threat to this country is Bush and Cheney.

Frightening.... (Below threshold)


As I'd heard it, one of the... (Below threshold)

As I'd heard it, one of the groups (I think there may be more than one) offering to pay for legal defense of the John Does were Muslim. Or they'd offered to pay and someone else had offered to represent pro-bono.

We talk about how there aren't enough Muslims willing to speak out against the radicals but I wonder how many do but are ignored.

Please consider adding a li... (Below threshold)

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Screw the Imams, they are t... (Below threshold)

Screw the Imams, they are terrorists in waiting and should be treated that way. The idiots on the left will wake up when another fleet of Aircraft is hijacked and crashed into tall building. At least some of them or their relatives will be killed. It would wake me up, but I doubt that the terrorists supporters in congress and their followers will, After all they are helping the terrorists at every turn. Hear today of some more mass slaughter of civilians by the Religion (joke) of peace in Iraq. How many people have the democrats in congress killed this week by proxy? Hundreds and still counting. How can any sane person can support the terrorists supporters in congress when the result is so plain. I guess since the democrats are responsible for millions of people being slaughthered in Southeast Asie, killing comes easy. Murderers say the first is the hardest, the rest comes easy. Some Lousy democrat even proposed making it legal for the terrorists to sue anyone that reports their terrorist activities. Now that's what I call protecting the American public.

Steve.. Got Savage... (Below threshold)


Got Savage??

Good Man!

"intimidate"... is what the... (Below threshold)

"intimidate"... is what they are trying to do to force people and the government into silence and ignoring their actions.
Consider it another trial run by terrorists against the airlines and passengers.
The sooner they are required to go through rigorous examination and interogation prior to boarding the safer our airlines will be and I mean anyone ID'ed as a Muslim. Screw the whiners that say it's 'bigotry' or "racial profiling", I care not one whit for their hurt feelings and belive safety is better than another 9/11.


Right on General!... (Below threshold)

Right on General!

But but but...Abu Gharib...... (Below threshold)

But but but...Abu Gharib...Club Gitmo...we deserved 9/11...or better yet--Bush and Cheney planned 9/11.

Blithering Idiot Moonbat Lefty

oh where oh where is Barney... (Below threshold)

oh where oh where is BarneyMoron's kneejerk idiotic comment in support of the Imams?

It may have escaped your no... (Below threshold)

It may have escaped your notice, but we have the most litigious society on earth. People can, and do, sue for all number of reasons, good or bad. This is part of exercising one's rights to legal process in America. The simple bringing of a lawsuit is hardly, despite all of your hysteria, a silencing. I am afraid that this "outrage" is nothing more than reactionary nonsense. Silencing? come on. what happened to all the bad asses on the right? you are all afraid of a theoretical, potential lawsuit that the plaintiffs will probably lose anyway? it is very important that you all try to bring your lives back from the maw of perpetual fear of everything.

slingshot, your words descr... (Below threshold)

slingshot, your words describe a head in the sand point of view, a rather narrow minded head in the sand point of view and it is possible you are aware of this even as you type it.

Slingshot: "It may have esc... (Below threshold)

Slingshot: "It may have escaped your notice, but we have the most litigious society on earth. People can, and do, sue for all number of reasons, good or bad. This is part of exercising one's rights to legal process in America."

And many of those lawsuits have real effects on many American's behavior and lives you blithering idiot. That is what this is all about. It has nothing to do with the right or the left - it is about freedom to anonymously report suspicious behavior without concern for having your assets seized or your name and address and that of your family provided to murderous radicals. Should plaintiff win such spurious lawsuit, there would be a chilling effect to say the least on those considering reporting suspicious behavior and net-net, another way for Americans to defend themselves and others would effectively be removed.

Slingsnot makes perfect sen... (Below threshold)

Slingsnot makes perfect sense, because, folks, he would NEVER speak out.. those concerned about the law suits are the people that WOULD act on such situations! When he asks where all those Heavy hitters, the "Righties" are?.. that's because he KNOWS they WILL RESPOND!.. and him?.. slink in his seat..book covering his face..and deny.

You ever notice whenever mu... (Below threshold)

You ever notice whenever muslums do speak out its only to bitch and complain.They never speak out against terrorism, wonder why? It's because they quietly sit back and support it.
Glenn Beck is right, these barbaric, goat herding, dirt farmers want to kill us and our way of life. So instead of feeling sorry for these savages we should be supporting more racial profiling, and alternative questioning techniques.

Glenn; GOD, guns, guts, an... (Below threshold)
Dennis Adair:

Glenn; GOD, guns, guts, and Glenn Beck can still save this wonderful country of ours. You have won a new viewing audience in my family, and friends. Please keep up your efforts to educate us, and keep us informed. Thank You, Sincerly, Dennis Adair, Jeddo, Mi.






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