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Time flies...

Wow, has it really been three years since I wrote my first piece for Wizbang?

Yeah, it has.

Three years since Jay Tea, occasional commenter and frequent winner of caption contests (admittedly, when the competition was considerably less fierce), was transmogrified into Jay Tea, commentator.

Three years, 2600+ pieces.

Seems just like yesterday I was observing posting #2000, but even that was nigh on a year ago.

I find myself occasionally stuck for material, or readily distracted with other pursuits, or just not in the mood to put up the three pieces a day that is my informal quota, but I never -- never -- entertained the notion of quitting. It took most of my life for technology and society to catch up with me, to develop the perfect medium for me to express my thoughts and indulge my interests, and I ain't hanging it up any time soon.

May the wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments commence.

To all the commenters, to all the lurking readers, to my fellow authors here past and present, to the numerous other bloggers I've had the privilege of coming to know, and especially to Kevin who gave me my break here, my profoundest thanks. It's been a hell of a ride so far, and it might get a little slow every now and then, it ain't stopping any time soon.

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Let me be the first to offe... (Below threshold)

Let me be the first to offer my congratulations, Jay. You've carried Wizbang through it's transitions, and I still click over daily to see what you've written (usually to see that, yes, you beat me to another story.)

Congratulations, Jay, you a... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, Jay, you always have a great read. And, you twist the right people, in my book, LOL!

But...I will not be throwing my underwear up to you, if that's what the rendering of garments comment meant....

Keep up the great work. :)

Kudos on the anniversary! I... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Kudos on the anniversary! I second Tom B.'s sentiment: Keep up the great work. :-)

Agree with those above. Wou... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Agree with those above. Would appreciate knowing how you find the time in your life to be so prolific.

Some news reports even tell... (Below threshold)
do you need a name?:

Some news reports even tell how people learn their news from comedy reports. The Daily show is a prime example, for me, I learn a great deal of history and political insite from JT and his work. To learn of the man behind the words to know the mind behind the thought and to meet the soul behind the duck, is a gift to those wise enough to appreciate it. From Peter David with the malard in the background to the duck among his peers by the water, Such is the exploration of our world though the eyes of the JT and his fowl friend

We know him as Mr Duckkie, JT's sidekick. Never forget to duck the duck

Congrats, and I am looking ... (Below threshold)

Congrats, and I am looking forward to the next 2600+ pieces. Wizbang has been a part of my day for quite some time now and your posts are a major draw in my need to read.

And well done too!... (Below threshold)
Robert the original:

And well done too!

Congrats and happy blogover... (Below threshold)

Congrats and happy blogoversary.

Congrats Jay!!I li... (Below threshold)

Congrats Jay!!

I like your STYLE ............
It is especially enjoyable, when you hold mASSachusetts so close to your heart. lmao

Keep up the great work!!!

Congratulations, Jay!... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, Jay!

You might have added a "thank you" to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for all the material they've provided you over time.

I bet even old Teddy K. will raise a glass in your honor . . . or somebody's . . .

Congratulations! Your writ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! Your writing has been great. I appreciate it.

You know, for claiming to b... (Below threshold)

You know, for claiming to be an agnostic, you sure do make a lot of Christian references.

Congrats and all that jazz.






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