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Right Wing News Gets a New Look

Be sure to check out Right Wing News today. If you wait until tomorrow, it might be too late.

Be sure to read the whole thing. I found the part about the British sailors of special interest, but Thaddeus P. Fluffington was my favorite.

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Well worth a look. Pretty ... (Below threshold)

Well worth a look. Pretty darn funny too.

Hehehe. And a Happy April F... (Below threshold)

Hehehe. And a Happy April Fool's to you all.

It's a good thing today is ... (Below threshold)

It's a good thing today is April Fools Day! LOL.

I stopped into work today, ... (Below threshold)

I stopped into work today, and while waiting for some problems to be resolved I went to RWN, at first I thought it got hacked, but then I figured someone uploaded the wrong index page. Didn't look too closely at it, just moved along and posted a comment that something wasn't right. I was more interested in my work finishing up so I could get out of the place.

There's a lot of this kind ... (Below threshold)

There's a lot of this kind of stuff going on today.

What a dumb ass I am. It to... (Below threshold)

What a dumb ass I am. It took me a second look at the guest bloggers before I realized it. Third time today I fell for one. Thankfully the days about over.






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