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Fox Tonight

Tonight, two of my favorites are on Fox. A new episode of "24" airs at 9 p.m. EDT. I have been disappointed this season. I don't know if there is not enough action or if too many of the storylines are recycled from previous seasons or what, but I just have not enjoyed this one as much. Hopefully I will get a pleasant surprise tonight and Chloe will somehow get into a scenario where she has to tell some terrorist off and then shoot him. They never can miss when they give Chloe a smart line and a gun. Anything they have her do will beat her continually harassing Morris over whether or not he is drinking. I really hope that is behind us now.

In contrast to this season of "24," I have yet to be disappointed by Prison Break. I am a sucker for Michael Schofield and last week we saw the bad guy ex-Secret Service agent try to kill himself, then when he failed due to a jammed gun he decided to do the right thing and come forward to save Sarah from a crappy plea agreement -- just in the nick of time. Or does he? We will find out tonight for sure. This show just keeps getting more and more interesting. Tonight is the season finale, beginning at 8 p.m. EDT.

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I'm with you Lori. 24 has k... (Below threshold)

I'm with you Lori. 24 has kind of fizzled this season. Not to say it has jumped the shark but it clearly seems to have succumbed to the pressures of MoveOn and CAIR. The jihadists are all just victims or Russian controlled henchmen.

Having not seen all of the previous seasons I can't say that I am disappointed because they have been apparently recycling past plotlines. If that is the case then the past plotlines must have been pretty weak.

Still, it is mindless fun even if it is pretty PC.

Lorie, once again we agree.... (Below threshold)

Lorie, once again we agree. I think there are too many story lines and not enough Jack. The hardest thing to accept is Wayne Palmer as president--that just doesn't work for me.

More Chloe and Morris--that would make me happy!

I agree with you, Lorie. S... (Below threshold)

I agree with you, Lorie. Something just wasn't quite right about it. It seems like a "jump the shark" moment when Wayne, Palmer's young and reckless brother who's girlfriend killed herself, all of the sudden turns into the international statesman.

I think the terrorist plot has potential, and I thought the take down of the Russian consulate was great.

But there is some rough spots through it all. If we get the VP trying to invoke the 25th Amendment with a clearly functioning Prez, it's just too much.

Watch the previous seasons,... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Watch the previous seasons, in order, on DVD. You won't be disappointed. The ways that these plots are recycled will not take away from the excellent quality of the first few seasons of 24.

I'm Tivoing 24 so I can wat... (Below threshold)

I'm Tivoing 24 so I can watch the OSU Florida game tonight.

Lorie, perhaps while you're... (Below threshold)

Lorie, perhaps while you're watching 24 you could use your laptop to email Bauer and ask him whether someone who spreads lying Drudge smears has enough integrity left to go on blogging and have her audience ever again take her posts seriously.

Hey Dalleceneri lap this...... (Below threshold)

Hey Dalleceneri lap this.......er I mean laptop this.

My bad.

I have been watching off an... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I have been watching off and on while helping my daughter finish a project due tomorrow. We had printer problems. Ugh.

This episode was okay. I loved the part when the VP got taped. The chopped off arm was predictable -- although I thought that was a bit extreme. Wouldn't the hand have been enough?

My biggest complaint is a repeat one -- why does everything have to be in the dark? Geez, turn the lights on. I spend half the show trying to figure out what the heck is going on because I can't see it. I have never been in a government building with such mood lighting. It annoyed me on X-files and it annoys me on CSI, too. Turn on the lights!

I really dislike this President Palmer.

Please 24 writers, let Chloe kick some butt this season. Next episode, please. There is at least a chance. In the preview it showed Jack getting shot. That might rile Chloe.

I have been disappointed... (Below threshold)

I have been disappointed this season.

Glad to hear it. I had heard so much about "24" that I decided to watch it this season for the first time. I was so thoroughly underwhelmed that I stopped after about the fourth hour. Nice to know that even veteran watchers think this season doesn't measure up.

All of the seasons of "24" ... (Below threshold)

All of the seasons of "24" are the same. Jack detects threat. Jack must save the world from threat. Jack must violate CTU protocols and go underground to save the world from the threat - at least until he's proven right and reinstated. Meanwhile, the President must deal with a threat from within.

"24" is an action soap opera.

(and I'm watching every minute of it).

this season of 24 is the wo... (Below threshold)

this season of 24 is the worst yet, the sad thing is the main plot line(6 tactical nukes) had so much potential, sigh.

they need to get back to a strong and good president, the political side of this season has been absolutely idiotic and has completely jumped the shark.

I watched "24" last season,... (Below threshold)

I watched "24" last season, and really enjoyed it. I chose not to watch it this season, mostly because of the much-hyped storyline's hyper-focus on action instead of personality.

Last season was so good because of Gregory Itzen's Nixon-esque President and whether or not he'd get away with David Palmer's murder (and Jean Smart was great, too). So much of last season rang true, and what I had read about (and briefly watched) this season seemed to be about whether or not Jack could stop the suitcase nukes: after the first one went off during episode one, was there any reason to watch? After all, the gig was up!

In addition, there are far to many competing terrorists, too many nefarious CTU/Homeland Security psychos, to care about any of them. My theory is that there are so many because the writers were hamstrung over where to take Jack Bauer's story this season, and there extra people are "filler".

I miss the British TV tradition of bringing a show in for a predetermined number of seasons. It meant the show stayed fresh, and didn't keep going beyond it's reasonable dramatic (or comedic) run. Our system means that we get great (and not so great shows that "jump the shark", yet go on for several seasons more simply because it's a cash cow for the network (in addition to "24", a "Shout Out" goes to ER, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Without a Trace, Everybody Loves Raymond, and even "Prison Break", which judging by last night's finale appears to be morphing into some sci-fi, X-Files spin-off -- not priomising).

I agree with Mark L. 24 is ... (Below threshold)

I agree with Mark L. 24 is a soap opera, and has been since the start (remember Teri Bauer's amnesia, Kim's fiance' has a secret lovechild). In spite of all that I love 24. It's one of only 3 shows I feel I can't miss (the other two are The Shield, and The Sopranos). I tailor my schedule to watch them, buy them on DVD when they come out and watch them again, my cell phone even has the same ringtone as the office phones they have at CTU (that's kind of sad, I know).

The first few episodes of this season were very dramatic, and at times even heart wrenching (speaking here about Jack's acceptance of his eminent death because his death would be meaningful). After the detonation however things have kinda fizzled out. Most of the new characters are good, including those who do what they believe is right without apology even when it is unpopular or even wrong(Thomas Lennox[Peter MacNicol] and Mike Doyle[Rick Schroeder] come to mind).

Something just isn't coming together though. Maybe it's overload. Nuclear detonations, former FLOTUS stabs former POTUS, Whitehouse Aides try to assasinate the current POTUS, long lost brother and father are everything liberals have nightmares (or wet dreams) about, Kumar takes up Jihad, and a VP who wants Nuclear war in the middle east more than Brittney Spears wants her hair back. I mean come on this is one freakin' day we're talkin' about here. The first "Day" was a tight show with two basic story lines that were joined together by the addition of a third. It seems that the writers have tried to keep things interesting by adding to the number of stories that they have going at once rather than improving the stories themselves, leaving a finished product that's just complicated and muddled (kind of like this comment). Don't get me wrong though, I'll still be watching on Monday night.






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