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Mitt Romney Raised More Money than Rudy Giuliani

Drudge had the siren going for this one. I know Romney has the reputation as being a great fundraiser, but it's pretty amazing that Romney raised more money than any other Republican in the field, including Rudy:

Romney: $23 million in total receipts... raised $20.63 million in primary contributions...

Rudy Giuliani: $14 million PRIMARY money raised; $17 million in total receipts...

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I fully expected this. Romn... (Below threshold)

I fully expected this. Romney made some important early alliances with major big business contributors including billionaire Meg Whitman of Ebay and other big players. The Republican race will ultimately come down to a favorite of the big business community, a favorite of the conservative voters, and a popular choice, which will effectively limit the field down quickly to a single consensus candidate.

This puts both of them well... (Below threshold)

This puts both of them well above the previous "records" Its a good thing McCain Feingold is taking the money out of politics so all can be pure and light.

Rudy raised $10 million of the $14 million in primary funds in March, so I suspect that we will see a different ratio for Q2.

Romney started fundraising ... (Below threshold)

Romney started fundraising a full 5 weeks before Guiliani even started so I take this with a grain of salt, lets see the next quarter.

Hey, how about all that mon... (Below threshold)

Hey, how about all that money Hillary has raised! Unfortunately for her, all the money in the world doesn't make people forget the corrupt, sleazy scandal ridden Clinton years of power.

Romney has also asked all t... (Below threshold)

Romney has also asked all the Mormons to contribute to his fund.

Sorry Julie, but no.... (Below threshold)

Sorry Julie, but no.

Julie-He sure messed... (Below threshold)

He sure messed that up then. I and every other Mormon that I go to church with have not been asked for contributions. As well, more that half of the church members do not live in the U.S. so any contributions from them would be illegal. Better go check your sources.

Illegal? Have'nt You ever h... (Below threshold)

Illegal? Have'nt You ever heard of "moveon.org" There is no such thing as illegal foreign contributors!

Better headline:Romn... (Below threshold)

Better headline:
Romney almost ties Hillary in fundraising

Other sites are reporting Hillary's $26 million in fundraising for the first quarter. Most marvel at her presumed invincibility based on fundraising. This makes Romney at $23 million look like a serious opponent.

Among Democrats, Edwards comes in second at $14 million. (Obama has not reported his totals, but one expects that he will outdo Edwards and possibly come close to Hillary.)

So Giuliani matches Edwards? Not a good showing, I would think, considering that Edwards is not exactly considered to have a real chance for the nomination. But Giuliani is considered red hot in GOP circles. Something doesn't add up here.

Mitt on top? hmmmI a... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Mitt on top? hmmm
I am encouraged the the Republican Party is moving beyond the Christian Right/No flip-flop BS of the past..
As for religion..it is a personal matter..
As for flip/flop ...not every change by Mitt..or anyone else should be seen as done for political reasons...
By the way..I am sure you all caught the Sen. John M..Dukakis Moment in Iraq..
Tommy Thompson has the strongest background based on experience..
The longer Fred T. stays out..the farther behind he starts..
It is clear from this..the big Republican donors are waiting..
oh yeah...Mitt getting all his money from Mormons spin has already started...
Huck from ARK is the clearest real choice for the Christian right...Rudi has too much family values baggage.. and John M...well no one wants a crazy guy for Prez..

I agree this quarter means only a little..the real test for everyone will be the third quarter..

Watch for Hillery..who transferred like 10 mil fro a huge Senate chest..to use more..she has peaked..
Obama..has already crested..
Watch for Edwards..and more importantly Richardson..who like Thompson..has the best creds..to rise..

Mitt Romney will bring Reag... (Below threshold)

Mitt Romney will bring Reaganomics back to Washington.

Mitt Romney would lose badl... (Below threshold)
John S:

Mitt Romney would lose badly to Hillary. Giuliani is our only hope.

God, I hope he gets the nom... (Below threshold)

God, I hope he gets the nomination. What a sick irony. I thought we already proved that a Massachusetts flip-flopper can't win. Hill would trounce him.

Hillary cannot win more tha... (Below threshold)

Hillary cannot win more than 40% of the general vote. If she runs against a turnip, the turnip will win.

Her only hope is for another Ross Perot. If she can pull enough votes from whoever the Republican candidate is by getting a strong third candidate into the race, she can win easily.

Anything short of that and she is another Democrat loser in a long line of losers.

Romney: $23 million in t... (Below threshold)

Romney: $23 million in total receipts... Rudy Giuliani: $17 million in total receipts...

Not counting Mitt's own $3 million, the totals would read: Mitt ahead by 20 to 17, and he started, what? 5 weeks before Rudy?

Looks more like a neck-and-neck money race to me.

Justin,Interesting... (Below threshold)
SC Conservative:


Interesting that everyone is saying that Romney Started 5 weeks before rudy, yet all account report that a significant amount of Rudy's $17M war chest was donated in December. So much for the head start theory.

Fred Thompson isn't even tr... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Fred Thompson isn't even trying, but still mopping the floor with all of them. Giuliani is a far cry from "our only hope."

Justin, If you'... (Below threshold)

If you're going to minus the 3 (actually 2.5) million from romneys total, you have to minus as well the almost 3 million from Giuliani's total (raised for the general, can't be touched now, besides, it means that those donators who chose to donate to both general and primary could donate twice as much--skews the numbers a bit, don't you think). So really we are looking at 20.5 million to 14.somthin'. Just as significant a lead, if you ask me (or most reasonable people). And SC Conservative is right, rudy had his first official fundraiser in december. Something doesn't fit...






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