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Remembering Michael Kelly


Lucianne posted the picture above today in memory of Michael Kelly who was killed on April 3, 2003 in Iraq. Peggy Noonan referred to Kelly's death as a "sin against the order of the world." Noonan quoted a friend of Kelly's:

"She said, "He was brave. And he was a warrior. He would take on anything if he believed it was right."

You mean he was willing to pay a price for where he stood? I asked.

"Yes. He refused to be part of the conventional wisdom. He was never part of the pack." She paused. "That's what drove people crazy, that they couldn't classify him. But he was willing not to be liked."

Kelly took independent stands, but he was liked and more important, respected. If you are not familiar with Michael Kelly's work, consider checking out Things Worth Fighting For: Collected Writings.


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Comments (4)

Old, forgotten, far off thi... (Below threshold)

Old, forgotten, far off things, and battles long ago.

Oh no! I used to read his c... (Below threshold)

Oh no! I used to read his column back in 2002-2003.

Godspeed, Michael Kelly.

Two of my favorite persons ... (Below threshold)

Two of my favorite persons to read & follow were Michael Kelly and Barbara Olson. I will never forget them - may they rest in peace.

Rest in peace Sir, and may ... (Below threshold)
Richard Romano:

Rest in peace Sir, and may your family experience comfort and peace.

We may not agree with his reporting, but his life has immense value, God bless him.






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