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Happy Birthday Apologies and Some Good Links

I owe a couple of apologies to one of my favorite people in the whole world. I was so stunned to realize I turned 41 today that I forgot to wish a happy birthday to a great friend who shares the date. Mary Katharine Ham and I turned another year older today.

My second apology is to MK for not already linking her excellent column about one of my favorite subjects. If you have not already, please read Mary Katharine's column at The Examiner about Rudy Giuliani and social conservatives. After reading her column, be sure to check out her blog post updating the column with the latest on Rudy's recent statement on public funding of abortion. Mary Katharine and I share not only a birthday, but pretty much the same opinion of Rudy and I agree with her take on this one.

My mom took me and the family out for a birthday dinner and I thought I would be home with plenty of time to spare, but a little after-dinner shopping caused me to just miss Mary Katharine's appearance on the Paula Zahn show on CNN tonight. I will check to see if anyone posted it on the net and will post a link here if they did. I have been lobbying for a while now to get Barbara Walters to put Star Parker in Star Jones' old seat on The View, but Mary Katharine would be great, too. Ratings are king and if either of those ladies were in that seat doing battle with Rosie the ratings would be off the charts.


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Happy birthdy, Lori!... (Below threshold)

Happy birthdy, Lori!

Happy birthday!... You beat... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Happy birthday!... You beat me to 41 by two days. :)

Rudy knows that if he appea... (Below threshold)

Rudy knows that if he appeals to moderates--who are predominantly pro-choice--then he doesn't need to care about the right-wing religious conservative wacko vote. What are they going to do... vote for Hillary?

Happy Birthday to you - and... (Below threshold)
Jason Jones:

Happy Birthday to you - and to me too! How about that? There's some cool people we share a birthday with - the others are actor Gregory Peck and Spencer Tracy...

I've talked to too many pro... (Below threshold)

I've talked to too many pro-choice people who are utterly convinced that pro-life people want women to die to totally reject the "spin" that Giuliani's campaign is putting on this comments.

I know a lady (was going to say "people" but I only personally know one lady) who has had at least one abortion in a military hospital, and I think she had two.

I pointed this out to an "oh my god pro-lifers hate women and want them to die" person who I knew was a smart and thoughtful lady and she was utterly shocked. Apparently all her friends and associates are very clear that "no abortions" means "NO abortions". No matter what. With bunches of horror stories to back it all up. I give her some leeway because she's a newly naturalized citizen of the US, and she did seem to realize as soon as I said so that what she'd been hearing was over the top.

I don't *hear* that sort of pro-choice stupidity because I don't listen to pro-choice rantings. But if Giuliani's campaign wants to spin this as if he was talking about those cases where a pregnancy has to be ended for the life of the mother or rape or incest, it at least doesn't seem entirely outrageous to *me* that he might be thinking of people like that lady I know who really truly thought that "no federal funding of abortions" meant that a sailor with a tubal pregnancy would not and could not receive care at a military hospital.

If I hadn't met someone who thought so, I wouldn't believe it.

>I was so stunned to realiz... (Below threshold)

>I was so stunned to realize I turned 41 today...

heh.. You're in the club.... Almost all of the political bloggers I read where born within a 12 month window.... most with 6 months.

Correlation or causation?

Happy belated birthday wish... (Below threshold)

Happy belated birthday wishes.
I beat you to 41 by 10 years and 2 days ;p

Mine falls on Easter Sunday this year, only the second time thats happened that I can remember.

I hope you had a great day.

Happy Belated Birthday Lori... (Below threshold)

Happy Belated Birthday Lorie! You just missed Easter this year, I hit Father's Day this year.






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