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The Rove Hoax

Hilarious, but kinda scary, too. The best part was including The Land of the Lost, which I loved as a kid, in the prank. Those sleestaks were so campy.

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Now that's funny.... (Below threshold)

Now that's funny.

The left is ssooooo eager t... (Below threshold)

The left is ssooooo eager to pounce they turn off the thinking process. Well, something like a thinking process. ww

Elsewhere I routinely descr... (Below threshold)

Elsewhere I routinely describe liberals as incomprehensibly stupid. I think I can do that here safely as well.

And you know what? You can'... (Below threshold)

And you know what? You can't just drop by over there are let them know how stupid they are.

No challenge is permitted.

No veering off the prescribed course is allowed. They have large area rugs at Kos and Wonkette under which one would find a slew of these blunders.

The brooms are in the corner.

I got myself banned from Crooks and Liars for playing devil's advocate.

While there is freedon to be stupid on liberal blogs, there is no freedom of thought. That's only permitted on conservative (OK, and libertarian) blogs.

The guys who perpetrated th... (Below threshold)

The guys who perpetrated this hoax have admitted they did it for marketing. Can't they be sued for using someones image for their own gain without prior consent? Celebrities have sued for others using their image without consent in other media, but I'm not sure if the same rules apply for the net or not.

Not that Rove would or should sue..or that he didn't know about this beforehand... I'm just curious.

Didn't Bill Laimbeer (forme... (Below threshold)

Didn't Bill Laimbeer (former Detroit Psitons' thug) play a Sleestak in an episode or two?

The sweet irony of this is ... (Below threshold)

The sweet irony of this is that liberals used to make fun of conservatives as a bunch of loony John Birch Society conspiracy kooks. But left to their own devices, and with a Republican in the White House, they have managed to come up with insane conspiracy theories that eclipse anything ever promoted by the far right.

So, what is the big deal? ... (Below threshold)

So, what is the big deal? The photo is fake, but using private email accounts by WH personnel is not.

"Multiple congressional investigations have uncovered evidence that White House appointees regularly communicate using email accounts provided by the Republican Party. As CREW has argued, such activity violates the Presidential Records Act, which requires the White House to preserve such records." TP, 3/26/07

Waxman wrote to the WH asking that all personnel save their emails on their personnel accounts.

Just shows you how the moon... (Below threshold)

Just shows you how the moonbats on the left are a bunch of sponges and soak up anything that sounds juicy to them...

And Barney, I think Clinton had a similar White Houes email problem, so why are you all hot and bothered over speculation and rumors of Bush using private accounts? People like you that further the rumor are irresponsible and obviously biased.

Dave, calling BarneyG2000 (... (Below threshold)

Dave, calling BarneyG2000 (a rabid leftie) biased is like saying the sun came up somewhere in the world this morning. Tell us something we don't know. I did spew my morning coffee when I read the comment though.
I have noticed that those in control of congress have nothing but rumors to operate on. I pity the next president no matter who it is. The power of the office of the president granted by the constitution is being totally destroyed in a dhimmi game of gotcha. They aren't even smart enough to know this will hang around like a black cloud. The impeachment charges will probably be filed before they take office.

Sorry Dave, this is not a h... (Below threshold)

Sorry Dave, this is not a hoax or a rumor. Here is part of the Waxman letter:


"In those letters, I cited multiple examples of the use of political RNC e-mail accounts by White House officials conducting official government business. [n one example I cited, an associate of convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff was advised by a White House official not to send communications through the official White House e-mail system because "to put this stuff in writing in their e- mail system ... might actually limit what they do to help us."'

Don't you love when Jack Abramoff's name comes up?

...and remember, part of th... (Below threshold)

...and remember, part of the whole leftists hate for the White House is because of those big piles of military contracts snapped up by Halliburton (the only company around that can actually do most of the things required by those contracts, but that's not relly important), because Cheney used to work for them before he got his current job.

But when a Democrat uses her position on a major committe on military spending to ACTUALLY steer billions of dollars in military contracts to companies run by her husband, that's just a coincidence or something...

Fake but true- eh, Barney?<... (Below threshold)

Fake but true- eh, Barney?

Or is it really "Dan"?

Rove was assailed for the c... (Below threshold)

Rove was assailed for the content of the photo- not for anything else.

A fauxto.

But nuance escapes the liberal mind.

Considering that 90% or mor... (Below threshold)

Considering that 90% or more of the Leftist positions are based on lies and meme made out of thin air this one is just as valid as any of their other positions.

Curious, isn't it, cirby, t... (Below threshold)

Curious, isn't it, cirby, that George Soros just put 2% of his fortune in Halliburton stock.

So..uh..Barney, if these EV... (Below threshold)

So..uh..Barney, if these EVIL bastards hid their e-mails and the White House doesn't archive them anywhere, how exactly is Waxman using them as evidence? And where is the full text of the e-mail, as there has obviously been some selective editing in the quote you used.

brainy, I provided the link... (Below threshold)

brainy, I provided the link to the Waxman letter. The emails were released as part of the document dump from WH and Justice. Footnotes are also included in the letter.

Hey, in related news;... (Below threshold)

Hey, in related news;

Orin Hatch is a big fat liar:
On Carol Lam,
"She was a former law professor, no prosecutorial experience, and the former campaign manager in Southern California for Clinton" Orin Hatch MTP

Here are Carol's credential:
CAREER: Assistant U.S. attorney in San Diego, 1986-2000; San Diego Superior Court judge, 2000-02; U.S. attorney in San Diego, 2002-February 2007; legal counsel for San Diego-based Qualcomm Inc., February 2007-present


It's 10,000 times more funn... (Below threshold)

It's 10,000 times more funnier than any libtard troll that infests the threads here.

It's 10,000 times more f... (Below threshold)

It's 10,000 times more funnier than any libtard troll that infests the threads here.

So is your command of the English language. More funnier? What are you, 12?

mantis takes time out from ... (Below threshold)

mantis takes time out from being skeptical to be grammar police. Did you miss the 'that'?

Did you miss the 'that'?... (Below threshold)

Did you miss the 'that'?


I'm skeptical of your corre... (Below threshold)

I'm skeptical of your corrections if they are going to be selective.

I'm not trying to be the gr... (Below threshold)

I'm not trying to be the grammar police; it's just when Steve comes in rambling about "libtard trolls" and uses phrases like "more funnier," I find that humorous. My ten year-old nephew talks like that.






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