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Bread Lines & Soup Kitchens

Unemployment Rates

March 1997 - 4.5 - Whites
March 2007 - 3.8 - Whites

March 1997 - 10.7 - Blacks
March 2007 - 8.3 - Blacks

March 1997 - 8.6 - Latinos
March 2007 - 5.1 - Latinos

Wage Growth - Lower-Tiered Workers

March 2001 - $14.42 - avg. hourly wages
March 2007 - $17.22 - avg. hourly wages

19.4% - Nominal wage growth - 3/01 - 3/07
15.5% - Total consumer inflation rate - 3/01 - 3/07

Net Job Growth: March 2006 - March 2007

1,963,000 - Net payroll job growth (163,000/month)
2,574,000 - Net overall job growth (214,000/month)

Private vs. Public Sectors - Net W-2 Job Growth

Regarding that net gain of 1,963,000 payroll jobs over the past year:

Private Sectors - 85%
Government - 15%

Go figure.

* * *

Source: Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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Comments (19)

Is 15% more or less than th... (Below threshold)

Is 15% more or less than the government's share of the economy?

That's what I missed from y... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

That's what I missed from your PoliPundit days.

Good stuff, Jayson.... (Below threshold)

Good stuff, Jayson.

I blame Bush. He should get... (Below threshold)

I blame Bush. He should get just what he deserves for what he's done to this economy.

Factual proof that Bush hat... (Below threshold)

Factual proof that Bush hates white people.
Look how much less percentage wise that he reduced unemployment rates for whites vs blacks and hispanics.
What a racist bastid.

Hey hey STOP!!! You are put... (Below threshold)

Hey hey STOP!!! You are putting out facts. Don't you know that your facts will cause all the whinners here run and hide. That like putting a cross in the face of the devil.

So, the unemployment rates ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

So, the unemployment rates in 1997 for blacks, Latinos and even whites were significantly higher. Who was president in 1997? Oh yeah, the president who supposedly brought us the best economy in the history of the world. Facts are stubborn things. Good stuff Jayson.

Nice Jayson, but you forgot... (Below threshold)

Nice Jayson, but you forgot to post the numbers versus Herbert Hoover's. After all, "this is the worst economy since Herbert Hoover". LOLOLOL

Don't it always seem to go?... (Below threshold)

Don't it always seem to go?

Let's not forget the 'Liber... (Below threshold)

Let's not forget the 'Liberals' favorite meme from 2003/2004 - the 'Jobless Recovery'. Recall how they quickly attributed the decrease in the jobless rate to 'discouraged workers', who just quit looking for jobs.

When will 'Liberals' discover that economic cycles have phases?

NPR: Jobless Recovery Talk of the Nation, August 4, 2003

The state of the U.S. economy is currently being described as a "jobless recovery": the gross domestic product grows, but the economy continues to shed jobs. The nation's unemployment rate dropped to 6.2 percent. That's usually seen as good news -- but not when the drop is due to a rise in discouraged job seekers who are no longer receiving benefits or even looking for work.

Not how none of the usual trolls have ventured here. Hard data = troll repellent ?

Two weeks ago Fed Chairman ... (Below threshold)

Two weeks ago Fed Chairman Bernanke mentioned that the service sector comprised 80% of the US economy.

This week the economy of the EU surpassed that of the US. This despite the EU's strong trade unions, a less than 40 hour week, compulsary month-long vacation time off (usually at the very same time, as tourists in summer can attest), and a number of recovering/rehabiliting states being subsidized. Mind you, this is in real capital assets, not paper.

Jayson, diagnosis, please.

Ah, Jayson, you want us ... (Below threshold)

Ah, Jayson, you want us to ponder about "Bread Lines & Soup Kitchens" but YOU MISERABLY FAIL TO CONSIDER the most RELEVANT data!!! Any idea why, conservative??? WELL???? Cat got your tongue, Jayson????

Don't worry, I'll help you out:

Number of Americans with Income below Official Poverty Threshold, 1993: 39,265,000

Number below in 2000: 31,581,000

Decrease (1993-2000) 7.7 million (20 percent)

Number of Americans with Income below Official Poverty Threshold, 2005: 36,950,000

Increase (2000-2005) 5.4 million (17 percent)

source: http://www.census.gov/prod/2006pubs/p60-231.pdf

For you conservatives so love the poor, that you want to create more of them, right? It's a part of being a "compassionate conservative."

And next time, Jayson, before you write of "Bread Lines and Soup Kitchens," could you please consider data pertaining to those actually waiting in those lines? Is that too much to ask?

Ah, there's some troll-spew... (Below threshold)

Ah, there's some troll-spew now. Complete with hysterical use of bold and excessive punctuation.

Oh, and figures that stop two years before the ones under discussion. Yeah, let's compare the high-water mark of the dot-com bubble against a carefully chosen point of maximum shock value.

I rate your troll a 2/10. Try harder, and less screaming next time, OK?

Oh my gawd, <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)
cadrys, the Census Bureau r... (Below threshold)

cadrys, the Census Bureau reports on the poverty rate once a year for the previous year.

(see, for example, here: http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/poverty.html )

They haven't reported on 2006 yet (I suspect they'll do it around August). So data for 2005 is the most recent data available.

Steigen, your push poll is ... (Below threshold)

Steigen, your push poll is 'American Dreaming'.

"This week the economy of t... (Below threshold)

"This week the economy of the EU surpassed that of the US"

So? Measuring an economy is more than JUST the the size of the GDP.

Real GDP (2006): is 3.4% US vs. 2.8% EU

GDP per Capita(2006): $43500 (US) vs. $29300 (EU)

Inflation (2006): 2.42% (US) vs. 2.2% (EU)

Unemployment (2007): 4.4% (US) vs. 7.5% (EU)

Population below the poverty line: 11.4% (US) vs. 17.1% (EU)

"This week the economy o... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"This week the economy of the EU surpassed that of the US"

Wow. It takes over 20 of the world's most advanced nations to equal the US?

We're even stronger than I thought.

bryanD:Jayson, di... (Below threshold)

Jayson, diagnosis, please.

Diagnosis is that you're economically illiterate and most likely a liar to boot to actually post that the economy of the E.U. has surpassed that of the U.S.






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