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For Your Easter Eating Pleasure


If you need something fun to make for the kids this weekend or a fun dessert to serve with Easter dinner, try these easy cupcakes.

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Looks better than the Color... (Below threshold)

Looks better than the Colored Eggs I tried to put on mine last year.

My sister firmly believes t... (Below threshold)

My sister firmly believes that ONLY stale Peeps are worth eating. Me, I love them all!

Not just stale, they need t... (Below threshold)

Not just stale, they need to be left out of the wrapper at least a week so they're chewy.

A happy Easter weekend to y... (Below threshold)

A happy Easter weekend to you Lorie and your family, and all other readers here. I hope many today will be also be reflective of the immense sacrifice of Jesus, celebrated today and keep today holy, respectful and very prayerful.

If folks here like Easter candy, Walgreen's always has great deals on the Monday after Easter. About a 50% discount, then a 75% discount, then many items such as leftover baskets and chocolate bunnies for just 10cents. I'm allergic to nearly all this great stuff, but I buy plenty for my mother who loves the Peeps a great deal. Walgreen's has the best after holiday deals that I know of.

I tried this last week for ... (Below threshold)

I tried this last week for our youth group thanks to you posting this on your personal blog. I posted a picture, not as clear as the one you took. Thanks for the tip.(photo on home school blog)mcbenningschool.blogspot.com

Chocolate bunnies and ROBIN... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Chocolate bunnies and ROBIN EGGS candies

Mmmmmmmmm..... sugar buzz ... (Below threshold)

Mmmmmmmmm..... sugar buzz ;p

Aww, Peeps Cupcakes! Someth... (Below threshold)

Aww, Peeps Cupcakes! Something to eat along with the 10,000 devilled eggs that the dye has leaked thru the shell.

WILL HIJACK THREADFO... (Below threshold)


I'm a sucker for jelly bean... (Below threshold)

I'm a sucker for jelly beans, but peeps...yuck!






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