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President Bush Has Been Too Nice To The Democrats

In my Townhall column today I say it is time for President Bush to stop being Mister Nice Guy. Democrats need to be called out for their reckless words and actions and be held accountable for the consequences.

One thing Republicans should have learned over the past six years is the importance of having a President who is a master communicator. Unfortunately they have had to learn it by having a President who is not one. Not only is President Bush not a master orator, but he has just been too darn nice to Democrats who are playing politics at the nation's expense.

When Democrats in Congress recently voted to attach a deadline for withdrawal (and a ton of pork) to a bill to fund the troops in Iraq, President Bush called a press conference and did call Democrats out for trying to meddle in war policy. He also said, "the consequences of imposing such a specific and random date of withdrawal would be disastrous," Of those comments, some said he was attacking the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi told the President to "calm down."

He doesn't need to calm down, he needs to get fired up, and fast. It is time for the President to start calling things what they are. He is good at doing that when talking about terrorists and totalitarian dictators. When it comes to identifying the disgusting, hypocritical, and downright dangerous behavior of some Democrats, though, he generally holds his fire.

There are serious consequences to leading Democrats spending the past three years telling the world the U.S. President lied about the reason for sending troops into battle to risk life and limb. There are consequences to Democrat lawmakers playing politics with a bill funding the troops in Iraq by insisting on deadlines that would hamstring the commander-in-chief and the military decision makers in the field. There are consequences to the Speaker of the House, third in line for the Presidency, undermining the current administration by attempting to conduct foreign policy in an extremely sensitive region of the world in direct defiance of administration policy and in spite of administration admonitions.

The President tried a "new tone" by extending the hand of friendship to Democrats when he took office, but got no credit for it. Anytime Democrats attack the President, sometimes with words and accusations more vile than anything they ever use on even terrorists, he is the one who gets blamed for the discord and gets ridiculed for his past stated intent to be a "uniter, not a divider."

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Comments (21)

The President and the GOP h... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

The President and the GOP have been spineless castroti who deserve all that happens to them in the next election. Screw it. I'd vote for the hildabeast just get all the old farts out of office. They are mostly corrupt as the dems anyway.

All of DC could suffer a Tsunami and life would be much better (as long as Congress was in session).

Spineless money grubbing greedy bastards.

I don't understand why Bush... (Below threshold)

I don't understand why Bush and the republicans have been so nice. They just sit back and get smacked around on a daily basis, and they do nothing about it. Very frustrating to watch.

There are serious conseq... (Below threshold)

There are serious consequences to leading Democrats spending the past three years telling the world the U.S. President lied about the reason for sending troops into battle to risk life and limb. There are consequences to Democrat lawmakers playing politics with a bill funding the troops in Iraq by insisting on deadlines that would hamstring the commander-in-chief and the military decision makers in the field. There are consequences to the Speaker of the House, third in line for the Presidency, undermining the current administration by attempting to conduct foreign policy in an extremely sensitive region of the world in direct defiance of administration policy and in spite of administration admonitions.

Yes. We call those consequences "having the American people vote for you".

"There are serious conseque... (Below threshold)

"There are serious consequences to leading Democrats..."

Yeah - exactly what are the consequences you keep referring to? I mean, you sound real tough and all, but can you expand on your threat a bit?

the democrats have been try... (Below threshold)
kepa poalima:

the democrats have been trying to take out the president and the president's men, att. gen. gonzales is only the latest, they were successful on libby, others have been targeted. pres. bush should push the investigation and prosecution of sen. rockefeller for leaking and dealing with the enemy, giving away the president's plans on iraq to the syrians, rep. pelosi for unauthorized foreign diplomacy, sen. kerry and kennedy for the same, the n.y. times for leaking secrets that aided the enemy and endangered lives, the wilsons for lying to congress. there's a whole, long list of democrat criminals, sandy burglar among them. the democrats want to play hard ball, the president should play texas hard ball with them. he's the chief executive and alberto gonzales is his u.s. att. gen. he has about a year and a half remaining, he should go out swinging. going on the offensive could take out his political enemies, rally republicans for upcoming elections, america's enemies around the world would take notice. and that offensive should carry over to those foreign affairs. if i were in the president's shoes, you'd see one hell of a 'shock and awe' offensive over the next year and a half

Jp2, there is something rea... (Below threshold)

Jp2, there is something really wrong when you read Lorie's factual statement and take it as a threat.

It isn't all about politics or left vs right. Sometimes it is about the strategic goals of the country and the harm done by putting politics above the nation.

Which, it seems, is how you view things.

It shows a sad lack of strategic thinking.

Clinton constantly was play... (Below threshold)

Clinton constantly was playing the victim to Newt Gingrich's "attacks" and feigning the underdog was very effective. Bush prefers to ignore all that but there is a price to be paid for it and that price is low poll ratings and having your enemies pile up on you politically.

You're quite right. Bush does need to slam the opposition far more frequently and in more direct terms. He needs to toss around phrase like "Logan Act" and "of dubious legality."

It is rare that this administration assails anyone by name. Yet that's the game and if only one side plays, the other loses.

Bush is laboring under the ... (Below threshold)

Bush is laboring under the handicap of believing that he is representing all of us, so he must be above the partisan tussle. Wait until he's out of office. I've a feeling that Bush unshackeled may be a sight to behold. He'll certainly be able to come off with a lot of 'I told you so's', but he probably won't.

I also think, not sure at all on this one, that since there is no obvious replacement from this center of power, that whomever Bush fastens on for his replacement will get the benefit of Bush explaining a lot of the last 8 years. In fact, I believe the American people will get a chance to understand the fundamental probity of this administration, especially compared to all the jackals criticizing it.

Bush = Israel. And I mean t... (Below threshold)

Bush = Israel. And I mean that as a compliment.

The problem is with the cit... (Below threshold)

The problem is with the citizens. A large part of which are uninformed. They hear a soundbite or watch 22 minutes of news and are sure they got the picture. Then they answer poll questions which the dimmers take as a representative sample of the "will" of the people. So off base. If someone is informed and disagrees with me on idological lines or interprets ALL the facts differently then I, I am fine with that. That in essense is the difference between the parties. But to disagree just to disagree, and to smear just to score a point for your side is not just childish, but unkind and unhelpful to the countries political debate. We are being viewed by the whole world, we should act accordingly. GW should do more to defend his positions. No doubt about that. He has to stop this self loathing our citizens are seeming to embrace. Fighting for what is right is not a handicap. It will eventually be viewed as the right thing to do. If a reasoned person reviews what devestating problems GW had to face since he took office, his grade would be pretty good. He has had a presidency like no other. The problems just kept coming at him/us. GW has said many times that his first priority is to protect the American people, he swore to do that. Well, he is and we are blaming him for it.( we in the general sense). ww

I think the biggest problem... (Below threshold)

I think the biggest problem is that we have a President who has a huge set of balls, and he means what he says. Some people can't handle that, especially the left wingers.

Granted there is questions about Iraq that should be answered honestly, however he took the war back to the Muslim Frantic's. I just don't feel he has taken it as far as it should be taken. Almost every Muslim country, is in some way, helping the terrorists. He needs to explain to those country's that the BS is over, clean up your mess, or we just might clean your country up. We don't need boots on the ground to do that, air strikes and missiles would work just fine.

We are in a war like no other war we (Americans) have ever seen. Yes, mistakes have been made. Mistakes are made in everyday life, so what else is new? We cannot quit on this war, and after 9-11, the President said it would be a long war, hell it may take twenty years or more to win it. Americans have a choice, especially the women, do you want to live under Muslim laws in America, or do you want the status quo? Speaking for myself, I prefer to live the way I am right now, and I will never live under Muslim law.

I'm not sure about the size... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure about the size of the Presidential cojones but he certainly seems to lack the intellect to grasp the complexities of the world today, which is, as he continues to prove, is a dangerous combination. Big balls + little brain = trouble every time.

Bush started the "long war" spiel only after the ridiculous prewar predictions of Rumsfeld and Cheney, et.al. were proven to have no basis in reality whatsoever. This crew has been dead wrong on virtually every prediction, every strategic move so far. What is objectively better today in the Middle East, Iraq in particular, compared to 2003? Wishful claims about what our presence there might be preventing don't count.

This truly is a war unlike any other we've seen. We are allegedly at war with "terrorism", an ideology that knows no borders and occupies no territory, yet we have chosen to fight it by destabilizing an area of the world that has immense strategic importance, enabling a civil war and creating an open wound, into which we continue to pour salt in the form of American lives and resources.

I'd like to know how this makes sense. This administration has no strategy other than "stay the course". They are frozen into the current path, becausat this point any step to either side may be a diastrous one. They're running out of moves and they know it and are merely trying to run the clock down to '09, when they can hand it over to the next crew, a no-win situation if ever there was one.

Do I really need to explain... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Do I really need to explain that stating there are serious consequences is not a threat. My kids know that serious consequences to not doing well in school means bad grades and not getting into a good college, not that they are going to be beaten or kicked out of the house.

One serious consequence to Democrats telling the world Bush lied about WMD when they know it isn't true is that the world thinks Bush is so evil that he would lie about WMD, and use the lives of thousands of U.S. patriots, to line the pockets of Halliburton. If that were true it would be evil, but Dems know it isn't. The sane ones don't really believe that, but they are using the lie for political advantage. The consequences can be seen in the skewed perception the world has of the US. Dems want to blame Bush solely for low opinion in the world, but when the world has been told by leading U.S. politicians for years now that Bush is evil enough to send men and women to die just to make his big oil buddies rich, they own a big chunk of the blame for that world opinion of the US and they will reap the consequences of it. Unfortunately, so will all the rest of us too.

"his pride won't let him do... (Below threshold)

"his pride won't let him do things to make you think he's right."

GW has ALWAYS said from the... (Below threshold)

GW has ALWAYS said from the beginning that the war on terror will be like no other war and it will be a very long war. He said it from the well of the congress shortly after 9/11. Thems the facts.

Lorie, your comment is spot on. ww

<a href="http://www.washing... (Below threshold)


"Earlier this month, The New York Times and The Washington Post reported what seemed to be big news. In February 2002, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) had concluded that a captured Al Qaeda commander named Ibn Al Shaykh Al Libi was probably lying when he told debriefers that Saddam Hussein had provided chemical and biological weapons training to the terrorist group. Still, the newspapers reported that, even after this, the Bush administration used Libi's claims to sell the war. Colin Powell touted Libi's statements as evidence of a Saddam-Al Qaeda link in his February 2003 presentation to the United Nations; President Bush did the same in an October 2002 address to the nation...." The New Republic 11/05

Whether it's this item or the forged documents attempting to substantiate the Niger yellowcake obfuscation or any number of other cleverly packaged subterfuges, it seems pretty clear that the reasons marketed to Congress and the American public for the urgent invasion of Iraq were deliberately manipulated and cherry picked for maximum fear effect. The world sees this, no doubt better than many Americans and as a result their perception is not "skewed" but accurate. The real "serious consequences" will be from allowing this debacle to continue. It's unbelievably jingoistic and self-serving to suggest that the world's perception of Bush comes from the Democrats. Sheesh! That's a stretch, even for you.

As I've suggested before, maybe it isn't that Bush is too nice or not skilled enough in getting his message across; maybe the US and most of the world gets it just fine and have just plain had enough.

g, the best intelligence av... (Below threshold)

g, the best intelligence available said that Saddam was a growing threat, and it was bipartisan belief that started the war.

I suspect that the conserva... (Below threshold)

I suspect that the conservative base's frustration over the unwillingness of Bush and the GOP Congress to fight back against outrageous Democratic behavior and lying is a huge factor in Giuliani's success so far. Giuliani was a vicious infighter as Mayor and US Attorney and I know that I would like to someone like that start smacking down traitors like Pelosi and Murtha.

Interesting thought. Giuli... (Below threshold)

Interesting thought. Giuliani was an out of control prosecutor who seemed to sate himself with that, and move on.

I can't believe that the ri... (Below threshold)
marty arrowsmith:

I can't believe that the right wing is so blind and moronic to all evidence. It is amazing that so many apparently believe this crap, despite all solid evidence to the contrary. Ignorance is strength in your world.

Why do you morons on the right hate america so much??

Thank you, marty, your eloq... (Below threshold)

Thank you, marty, your eloquence has convinced me. I'll err no moron.






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