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"They'll Just Have to Deal With It"

I love Betsy Newmark's description of the recess appointment of Sam Fox, who John Kerry blocked due to his contribution to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Apparently, it's fine for them to block his nominations for ideological or purely self-centered reasons, as in Senator Kerry's blocking of Sam Fox to be Ambassador to Belgium because he had donated to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth but he shouldn't dare defy them by exercising his prerogative for recess appointments. They exercised their prerogatives and now he's exercised his. They'll just have to deal with it. And Senator Kerry has been revealed once again for the balloon full of vindictive, yet self-satisfied hot air that he has always been.
Read the rest of her post about the benefits of being a lame duck here.

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I hope Kerry tries to make ... (Below threshold)

I hope Kerry tries to make a big deal of it. He's just tone deaf enough to try. Right when Democrats don't need to look like appeasers. I swear, Rove is controlling him.

He wouldn't have received t... (Below threshold)

He wouldn't have received the votes he needed. It wasn't just Kerry. (Though I am sure sweet for him)

The guy was sketchy - I find it hard to believe he didn't know where his $50K was going.

Guilty beyond a reasonable ... (Below threshold)

Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is the requirement. Is the fact that Nixon (not yet President) did not order him to Cambodia for a Christmas vacation enough to raise doubt of Hanoi John's sanity? The searing in his mind was his brain being fried by lie after lie. I don't have one of the magic hats hidden in a secret compartment in a brief case but I did sleep 365 nights in Vietnam.

So are You saying the presi... (Below threshold)

So are You saying the presidents of the future cant appoint someone who supports them?? What nonsensical meandering wilderness of reality do You ascribe to jp2?

Where His 50,000 grand goes is none of Yours or Senator flip floppers business!

Scrapiron, correction...it ... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron, correction...it should read "364 and a wakeup" lol

And to ol' horseface Kerry, my buddies and I served in the 2/506 PIR. The REAL "Band of Brothers" unit, you didn't so STFU.

So that's why Kerry was so ... (Below threshold)

So that's why Kerry was so jumpy; he was a two digit midget most of his tour.






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