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Duncan Hunter Speaks to Conservatives

Duncan Hunter released a video in which he speaks directly to conservatives, particularly bloggers, and asks for their help.


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Comments (9)

The voices are being raised... (Below threshold)

The voices are being raised. This guy, Fred T, and others; there has been inadequate vocalization of this administration's legitimacy and the political movement that put it there.

this man has no chance in h... (Below threshold)

this man has no chance in hell of being president!
is he delusional, stupid or both?

Did Dean have any chance of... (Below threshold)

Did Dean have any chance of being President?

On the border issue, Hunter... (Below threshold)

On the border issue, Hunter can kill the big 3 establishment candidates on the R side of the isle. And Malkin's VDARE commonsense on the issue will make it very uncomfortable for the RW (sic) bloggers who will want to circle the wagons around the failure of Bush policy.

Another reason the bipartisan establishment MUST keep the GWOT in the forefront. Even bad news there is preferable to US sovereignty being reasserted. Since the media pretends it can't cover too many stories at once, if it bleeds, it leads.

"this man has no chance in ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"this man has no chance in hell of being president!
is he delusional, stupid or both?"

This can always be said of virtually any Republican candidate, since they never have slavish, big media sycophants running cover for them. We keep trying nonetheless.

Ah lets just elect old Hil ... (Below threshold)

Ah lets just elect old Hil and be done with it. Lets see now I believe your heart transplant is set for 2022. You are 932th in line. Just think, it is not going to "cost" you a thing. (but your life) Yea for socialism.

jhow66, you are wrong on th... (Below threshold)

jhow66, you are wrong on the number. The average american will not be 932nd in line. They will be told to make a reservation at the undertakers office. Haven't you noticed a rapid rise in cremations lately? Dhimmi's have tried to project republicans as Nazi's for years to cover their own desire to continue Hitler's super human (as long as they're liberal) development. (What party harbors the Nazi's, Communist, Socialist and KKK in America? it starts with a 'D') Anyone with a medical condition will become expendable.

I see BDS has progressed to total insanity for some of the commentors on here.

Mullah Cimoc say him amerik... (Below threshold)
Mullah Cimoc:

Mullah Cimoc say him ameriki so hypocrite.

him so wicked and cruel for watch zionist media control tv show and get so stupid every day.

him say him christian but never read him bible.

him christ him teach forgiving. so many usa ameriki people say i am christian but not christian-just fake it for lie and love money and the torture. also the new refrigerator and 7-11 cheese nachos.

for this all ameriki society destroy and the ameriki child girl she taking shot for destroy the reproduction organs. and usa government this forcing.

I say a Hunter-Thompson tic... (Below threshold)

I say a Hunter-Thompson ticket is likely to attract a lot of hallucinating lefties that think they're voting for a Gonzo Presidency.






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