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The Cute Knut

Another video of Knut, the polar bear cub that has won the hearts of people world wide (except animal rights activists):

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What an adorable animal! </... (Below threshold)

What an adorable animal!

Of course, after the greenies kill it, it will not matter.

Look those animal rights cr... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Look those animal rights crazies want to kill a little polarbear cub HEY ELSA and KIEKO HIDE HIDE HIDE the animal rights jerks want you all dead

Please don't bunch all "Gre... (Below threshold)

Please don't bunch all "Greenies" together. The rationale for not feeding an animal refused by its mother only applies if the animal is going to be released into the wild. In that case, it won't fend for itself properly and will lack the natural shyness toward humans that not only serves it's own best interests, but keeps it from imposing itself on people who might not want it around. And in the case of something as big and powerful as a polar bear, that's a big factor.

But I don't believe there was ever any intention to turn this animal loose so the argument is completely without foundation, and that's been made clear by probably 99% of animal-rights advocates, including me. If anything, acclimating this bear to humans will serve all concerned well as it gets larger but still is in a zoo.

I don't know about Polar Be... (Below threshold)

I don't know about Polar Bears, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife services have been very succesful raising abandoned predators and rehabilitating them into the wild. The Wolf re-introduction has been quite succesful. It might even work with a polar bear if done carefully. Wild instincts in wild animals might go dormant, but can be brought back out with the right environment and work.

Yeah, I can see why it shou... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I can see why it should immediately be killed.

Off topic, but where is tha... (Below threshold)

Off topic, but where is that music from? I recognize it but cannot place it, its driving me nuts.

The Dallas theme song... (Below threshold)

The Dallas theme song

He's so fine - The Chiffons

The Bare Necessities

When can we skin and mount ... (Below threshold)

When can we skin and mount it?






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