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Not a Fair Fight

I rarely ever catch Reliable Sources, but happened to see a few minutes of it yesterday. I stopped and watched because I saw Mary Katharine Ham in the little Brady Bunch box, along with Arianna Huffington, Howard Kurtz and Joan Walsh. I called my girls into the room to see Mary Katharine, but Arianna was talking at the time. My ten-year-old's first comment was "Where is she from?" I told her that was good question and I was not referring to her country of origin.

Mary Katharine was pitted against three liberals, including Howard Kurtz, but held her own. Next time they might need to bring in a couple more liberals to go up against Mary Katharine because three was not enough. When Arianna tried to say there is no difference between the left and right when it comes to crazies hurling invective on the internet, Mary Katharine did not let it stand. Newsbusters has a partial transcript.

I disagree just a little bit. I think it is easy to say that this is a problem of both sides without realizing that there -- despite Arianna's obvious comportment and elegance on TV, that there are some serious monkeys hanging from the rafters over on the left side of the blogosphere.

And Michelle Malkin has been getting the C-word and the W-word in her in-box for years. And the same folks who wish for Cheney to be assassinated online are saying, you know, that Condi is a -- is brown sugar or, you know, a house slave.

So I think that they -- there really is a problem on the left side of the blogosphere with some of...

Follow the link for the rest of the transcript, including my favorite line about the attacks on conservative bloggers going "politely unnoticed."


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Comments (19)

Oh, but for the gift of gaw... (Below threshold)

Oh, but for the gift of gawd, to see ourselves as others see us.

This is one post, but far from the first from this individual, that stands even remote reason on its head.

To even cite the hate-spewing Malkin is beyond belief.

This post is beyond delusional.

Another point missed. I be... (Below threshold)

Another point missed. I believe one might remember the personal threats and threats against family that were received at Protein Wisdom. That was a lefty FEMALE nutcase attacking a male from the "right."

I think it's the hypocrisy ... (Below threshold)

I think it's the hypocrisy factor.

The "right" is supposed to be racist, sexist, homophobic haters, according to the left.

The "left" is supposed to be accepting and tolerant and whatever... just saw a left blogger say so explicitly the other day, quoted on Blackfive, and we've all seen those sorts of claims.

So, the right are "haters" and the left isn't... and that's why when Malkin gets e-mail that is full of vile racist sexist ejaculate it stands out so very strongly.

And even here there are a couple "right" people who will make a remark about gays but the "left" is almost more likely to do it. Or call someone fat or bring in classist remarks or some similar personal insult.

Heh, would that Steigen could see himself as others see him. People don't have opposing opinions... they are delusional. Malkin shouldn't be quoted because... why? Do her politics matter to the fact that she gets the "C word" and "W word" and an ongoing onslaught of Filippina prostitute references from the "non-haters?"

Steigen, your comment could be stuck on any comment thread and no one would have even a slight clue, other than mentioning Malkin, that it belonged in this one. And nothing *about* Malkin other than that it offends you that someone would even breathe her name. So don't address substance, simply attack the person.

It's what we expect, just like the homo insults, and just like the sexist and racist attacks so common from the "party of peace."

I thought I was up on all t... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

I thought I was up on all the latest curses and slurs, but I guess I've fallen out of step. The W-word?

I think that "w" word is sy... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I think that "w" word is synonymous with hooker.

So is the word 'whore' now ... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

So is the word 'whore' now verboten, or was Mary just being a little overcautious?

Wog.I believe.... (Below threshold)


I believe.

For those ignorant of gramm... (Below threshold)

For those ignorant of grammar from across the pond:

Wog's the offensive British term for non-whites.

"The "right" is supposed... (Below threshold)

"The "right" is supposed to be racist, sexist, homophobic haters, according to the left."

As Baby Jane said to her sister as the sister lamented that she would not be treated the way Jane treated her if she were not a cripple, "But you are Blanche."

When you have a hate-spewing bwitch (sorry for the typo) like Coulter or the hate-mouthed slime, Malkin, to be lamenting the hate of the left is beyond preposterous. These two alone outweigh any amount of venom that any fair-minded person could lay at the feet of the entire left.

Get real. God said, "Let there be light," and the first right-wing protoplasm that crawled on its knuckles on the face of the Earth said, "and let there be hate."

Yes, Steigen, it is the con... (Below threshold)

Yes, Steigen, it is the conservatives who INVENTED hate.

It's just the left who PERFECTED it.

MikeSC, you would be hard p... (Below threshold)

MikeSC, you would be hard put to list prominent folks of the left who have an on-record list of blatant hate-spewers as your crowd on the right.

Apart from the bwitch (damn typos) Coulter and Malkin, Hannity, and LimPbaugh there are a gaggle of prominent hate-spewing right wingnuts. For any prominent case on the left that you might cite I could list five from the right.

And then Steigen said, let ... (Below threshold)

And then Steigen said, let there be reciprocal hate.

Because it feels good to hate and *I* am justified, and you are not. The sweetness of it is like honey on the tongue. It's like dew on the grass. It fills us with power to know that we only hate those who deserve to be called slime.

All of the hate with none of the guilt. Praise to the party of peace and tolerance, of love and acceptance. Bitch or Slime, we only speak the truth.


We should be clear that "ha... (Below threshold)

We should be clear that "hate spew" means "anything that makes me feel bad or I don't like or I find upsetting or distasteful."

It's not a different point of view, it's a "hate spew."

Sometimes it can simply be the *knowledge* that you disagree with them, that you disapprove. It makes them feel bad and that means it's hate. How hateful! How mean!

I think it is pretty easy t... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I think it is pretty easy to identify most hateful comments. Hint: encouraging the assassination of the President and VP, or anyone for that matter, qualifies. Look at Deb Frisch's comments to Jeff Goldstein. No question there. Some crude comments (on both sides of the aisle) are made in an attempt at humor, with some being lame and some actually being funny. Others, especially those threatening or endorsing violence, are not even a close call.

WE are talking about "comme... (Below threshold)

WE are talking about "comments" and typing/calling NAMES here correct?

LEFT or RIGHT ideology...WHO cares!????

sticks and stones people......
ANYONE on the web could CALL me anything they want, I could give a rats a**....
Should I cry? I can send back a name or two if I choose, but the bottom line is "WORDS"
Guns, bats, fists can do actual damage....WORDS...not so much

Now if it is all about the desire of being civil, then sure I understand the desire, but lets not CRY like a severe PAIN is being inflicted of someone, left or right uses BAD words.

MikeSC, you would be har... (Below threshold)

MikeSC, you would be hard put to list prominent folks of the left who have an on-record list of blatant hate-spewers as your crowd on the right.

Elizabeth Edwards. Maher. Franken. Moore. Rhodes. Olbermann. Matthews. Milbank. Dean. Clinton. John Edwards. Kerry. Kennedy.

I could go on all day, if you'd like.

Apart from the bwitch (damn typos) Coulter and Malkin, Hannity, and LimPbaugh there are a gaggle of prominent hate-spewing right wingnuts. For any prominent case on the left that you might cite I could list five from the right.

I guarantee you could not.

You didn't see movies made about the assassination of Bill Clinton. Didn't see books written about it. Didn't see T-shirts about it.

Conservatives have maturity, something the progressives have lacked for years. The left is fond of demanding rights for themselves and then taking them from everybody should they ever gain control.
...You didn't see speech codes on college campuses until the "Free speech" brigade gained control of campuses...

Oh get off it Lorie.<... (Below threshold)
ryan the filthy centrist:

Oh get off it Lorie.

Partisan bickering and hate speech are a major problem--FOR ALL SIDES. Ham is just playing the same game that Michael Moore, Malkin, Franken, and Coulter started...by telling her audience what they want to here.

Coming on here and basically saying, "My side is better than the other side" is childish and, IMO, just more of the same bullshit.

The rhetoric of certain folks on the right is, to me, just as disturbing, bigoted, and hate-filled as certain folks on the left. I don't really see how claiming the moral high ground for your party gets anybody anywhere.

Yes, this bullshit hate-speech occurs, and it occurs on both sides of our political spectrum. I find Ann Coulter just as obnoxious as Michael Moore.

What has to be remembered, by both sides, is that there are plenty of people, both "liberal" and "conservative" who are intelligent, respectful, and thoughful.

Unfortunately, it's usually the brash, outspoken, rude, and often polemic members of each side who gete the most attention, and who then are used to characterize each "side".

And you, Lorie, are just playing right into all of this by continuing the little game. See if you can think outside of your political blinders every now and then.

ryan, why shouldn't people ... (Below threshold)

ryan, why shouldn't people talk about it? Why shouldn't we point out when someone like Steigen so much as says that it's quite all right to be vile to those he doesn't like?

Why not talk about it? True, getting into a "who's worse" back and forth is sort of pointless, but I've noticed some things that I think are quite interesting.

I don't view being rude or confrontational or cussing or constantly displaying a profound ignorance of how the world works (or saying so when someone does) to be hateful.

Some people do.

Had a lady go off on me once because I answered her with the word, "Bull." She had a meltdown, not because people treated her badly, but because she received it that way. It didn't fit with her self image or expectations to find that she wasn't received with the gratitude she felt was her due. She expected genteel acceptance of her opinions.

Is Michelle Malkin hateful? No. She's rude. She has some very unpopular opinions. She's critical of people and says so. She's confrontational.

I recalled an incident, googled it and quite by accident the top hit was MM. It was about the Professor who invited her students to vandalize an anti-abortion display. The newspaper reports included this quote. ""Any violence perpetrated against that silly display was minor compared to how I felt when I saw it. Some of my students felt the same way, just outraged," Jacobsen said."

Why are her feelings justification for promoting vandalism?

Yet this is something I've noticed again and again. I saw a list of attacks sent to the woman who (apparently) released Gore's energy use rates at his home. She got death threats and harassment and time after time the attacks were racist, sexist, classist, elitist slurs. Now who is likely to be defending Gore? Can we assume that the most likely thing is that these people view themselves as liberals or progressives?

How many times have we heard about a campus protest that forced recruiters to leave or shut down a debate? How often have we *ever* heard that the shut down was done by conservative students?

What about an anti-abortion display is "hateful"? What about discussing Gore's energy use is "hateful?" What about military recruiters at a job fair is "hateful?"

What about any of those things justifies vandalism or violence or death threats? Someone was made to feel bad?

I made the suggestion on my blog a while ago that it was because, when your self image is "kinder and gentler" no one learns to fight fair.

hey synova,ryan... (Below threshold)
ryan the filthy centrist:

hey synova,

ryan, why shouldn't people talk about it? Why shouldn't we point out when someone like Steigen so much as says that it's quite all right to be vile to those he doesn't like?

i think it's great for people to talk about it. the more the better. i was getting on Lorie's case because she is complaining about the problem, but basically playing into it by claiming that her side is somehow morally superior.

i agree with you that there are plenty of examples of deplorable behavior from folks on the liberal side. that said, i have witnessed plenty of hate-filled, bigoted speech from folks who call themselves conservatives. especially when talking about homosexuals, immigrants from south of the border, and people from the middle east.

i've seen hatred and bigotry from both sides of the spectrum, and found it pretty damn disgusting and disturbing.

so i dont think it's a fair characterization to say that the left is all bad, while the right smells like roses. that's political myopia. conveniently, most people who have a hard time finding fault with conservatives and the right JUST HAPPEN to be conservatives themselves. interestingly, the same thing happens in reverse for liberals who see the right as the eptiome of all that is evil.

funny how that works, eh?

my opinion: you better hold your own side to the same standards that you hold the "other" side. self reflection and accountability is a good thing, as opposed to continually blaming the mythical other side for all of your problems. this applies to both liberals and conservatives.

so ya, it's great to talk about it all. i wish more people would actually talk about things instead of following the accepted polemic rhetoric. too many people follow the ann coulter/michael moore model of entertainment/politics, IMO.






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