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Who Owns Your Favorite Candidate's Name?

William Beutler has a report about the purchase of candidate names on the internet. Not only are the candidates buying up various versions of their own names, but many of the opponents of candidates are bidding for them as well. He has some interesting examples.

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It's never surprising in po... (Below threshold)

It's never surprising in politics at all the back room grabbing. I am surprised at how little the Left values the impact of bloggers on the web, yet sees the power of the web in their own arena. hmm.

I am surprised at how li... (Below threshold)

I am surprised at how little the Left values the impact of bloggers on the web, yet sees the power of the web in their own arena.

What are you talking about?

Scavenging variations of a ... (Below threshold)

Scavenging variations of a brand name is an old tactic to grab eyeballs often used by lesser competitors of a given company or product. Corporations buy up variations of their names to keep their would-be clients who hapened to miss a keystroke from seeing something potentially damaging (there used to be a porn site linked to a mis-spelling of Britney Spears' name) or from having their property mis-represented by opposng forces in the market (try going to www.drudge.com sometime)






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